Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind our Best and Worst Financial Decisions

As a follow up program to the successful national release of the documentary Thinking Money: The Psychology Behind our Best and Worst Financial Decisions, MPT created a community event and produced a new program to expand upon the lessons learned from the original documentary. Thinking Money: Practical Solutions features a panel of financial experts focusing on real life answers designed to help each of us make better financial decisions. This video presents the full Question & Answer session that took place after the program:

Question 1: A female audience member asks how those in poorer communities can find financial help.

Question 2: A female graduating law student with a heavy debt load and good credit asks what steps she should be taking in order to build capital for big purchases like houses and cars.

Question 3: A female insurance agent discusses the challenges and pitfalls of payday loans and the host asks about setting up emergency funds.

Question 4: A male law school graduate who is interested in starting a nonprofit organization wants to know how best to save for retirement when you are self-employed.

Question 5: A male financial coach asks for advice on the best way to teach young people how to save money when the latest gadgets and games seem more important.

Question 6: A female lawyer with children asks the panel where she can turn for in-person advice on helping with her finances.

Thinking Money: Practical Solutions – Full Q&A