Russia And NATO Prepare For Possible War

Russia And NATO Prepare For Possible War
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Tensions continues to ramp up between Russia and the United States, as geopolitical manoeuvers unfold. The uneasy peace between the Eastern and Western superpowers seems to be deteriorating further, with both sides taking action which has resulted in distrust increasing further.

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Putin increases nuclear warhead haul

Just last week, the Russian supremo Vladimir Putin announced that Russia intended to expand its existing nuclear arsenal. This move would see the nation establishing forty new intercontinental ballistic missiles to add to its existing quota. Considering that Russia and the United States collectively have in the region of 15,000 nuclear warheads, one might not unreasonably wonder what is the point of Russia acquiring another forty. There is no doubt that should the United States or Russia ever fire a nuclear weapon at one another, the ultimate result would be unprecedented and unimaginable global devastation.

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Unfortunately, both Russia and the United States have engaged in actions in recent months which have resulted in the diplomatic situation between the two nations deteriorating. The latest increase in nuclear weapons announced by Russia seems to have led to a new phase of posturing and military manoeuvres, which is the latest in a phase of rising tensions that began with the Ukraine conflict back in 2013.

Geopolitical conflict

As has been reported previously by ValueWalk, the existing situation must be seen in the slightly geopolitical context. Russia and the US are historical rivals anyway, but the pairing of Russia with China in the new BRICS power bloc places pressure on the traditional US-led hierarchy. The old world order of the Anglo-American and EU / NATO-driven institutions is being challenged by the BRICS, and the powerful organization has already made it a stated goal to play a greater role in existing economic institutions, or if this is not achievable to set up a central bank of its own.

ValueWalk reported sometime ago that the BRICS nations have been scheming to create their own central bank, as the major political and business figures from the Eastern world continue to be frozen out of the existing global economic infrastructure. Whether this is a serious intention, or rather a bargaining chip in an ongoing debate and struggle, remains to be seen. But what is certain is that the existing tension between the United States and Russia should be seen as a symptom of this situation.

Russia’s replacement strategy

According to Adam Mount, a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, the announcement which has recently been made by Putin does not actually signifying a significant change in Russian nuclear policy. Mount suggests that Russia is fully compliant with the New START treaty, which limits strategic launches such as ICBMs.

Russia’s existing nuclear capability is indeed dating owing to its Soviet-Europe vintage. Russia must continue to take delivery of forty new weapons every year simply to replicate the existing capability. This is essentially the explanation for the extra warheads which have been ordered by the Russian president, and doesn’t really represent an increase in the nation’s nuclear capabilities.

Regardless of the realities of this announcement, it still presents an opportunity for NATO to ramp up the rhetoric against the nation. Indeed, NATO officials have already expressed concern over the announcement made by Putin, with The Guardian newspaper reporting concern within the military organization of the extent to which such weapons are being utilized in Russian military exercises.

NATO responds in kind

NATO has also taken explicitly aggressive steps of its own, by beefing up its Response Force. There are already thousands of soldiers and advanced military technology and weaponry stationed near Russia’s borders in response to the Ukrainian situation, and this fighting force has recently been further increased. It already consists of 13,000 troops, but according to reports that emerged this week, NATO may now increase this to as much as 40,000.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has specifically stated that the move isn’t intended to increase tensions, and NATO’s official policy is to seek neither confrontation nor a new arms race.

Naturally, Russia has been criticized for its policy in the Ukraine, but it is also notable that the United States and its allies have destabilized this relationship and region by directly supporting the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. The subsequent encircling of the nation with a large quotient of military force was only likely to ramp up tensions further.

And despite what has been stated about NATO’s intentions by the organization itself, it seems that the military alliance that it represents is absolutely prepared to implement a more aggressive nuclear weapons strategy. NATO considers this to be a response to Russian aggression rather than a pre-emptive policy, but this will only serve to diminish the diplomatic relations between the Western and Eastern superpowers.

Nuclear response reported

It was reported again by The World Socialist Website that NATO is even planning to respond to any attempt by Russia to counter the United States with an even more aggressive military strategy. This could even include nuclear weapons.

While this is an extremely alarming prospect, and the continuing tensions between Russia and the United States are worrying, it is also important to understand the historical context of this conflict. While no-one wants to believe that either side is capable of utilizing nuclear weapons, as ValueWalk as reported previously, this in fact came incredibly close to occurring during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

As the two big beasts in world geopolitics continue to saber rattle, one can only hope that ultimately a peaceful solution is sort to these inevitable tensions. In the iconic 1997 publication “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives”, Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined a shifting in the world order and power base which is unfolding before our very eyes now. Although Brzezinski is, not unreasonably, a reviled figure to many, it is notable that he didn’t predict that it would end with armed conflict between Russia, China, the United States and the Western world.

With both power blocs continuing to behave with intransigence, one can only hope that this verdict turns out to be accurate.

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  1. Had to come back after watching your (3 million) more with there tails between there legs as Russia is forcing your (3 million) into submission. Russia is NO joke. With our current President, America IS a freakin joke. Russia is calling the shots in Syria as well as in Ukraine. Russia still owns Crimea even after your (3million) has demanded Russia to hand Crimea back. Again, Russia is no joke!!! I would bet that when Russia attacks Turkey, That Nato and the U.S will do NOTHING military wise. Now, if we had a President with a set, the outcome would most likely turn bad, but for now, America has a vagina!

  2. what job do u do ? no I cant spell called adhd, but I tell u what I best server tek there is I also know about 3 ph power and know how to install it ,
    don’t judge people in how they spell its like a blind man u not expeck him play a peanio but dose, god never gave any one right to judge but did say he would judge them the same as they judge others think about that next time u judge just base on some one spelling

  3. Russia reduced its army to 4 times and asks US not increase NATO strength in Europe. All that happened between the US and Russia is not our fault. We can be friends if America wants it.

  4. Sorry, either he’s a tyrant and dictator, which the reich always call him, or he’s a weakling. You can’t have it both ways.

  5. That´s right it is foolish to mess with Russia, but what if Putin doesn´t stop until he gets what he wants? This WW3 will be triggered by a dumb accident between the forces currently drilling at the borders and probing defenses. Once we are scorched in nuclear fire, the “who started” won´t matter at all.

  6. you are totally out of your mind and have no idea about what you just posted here, utter trash. Russia didnt invade Georgia except that former president Sakahsvili the criminal invaded and wanted to wipe out a small group of people and Russia intervened, next similar scenario in Ukraine. go get your facts nub head before making a post.

  7. Russia’s attempt to appear relevant could end western civilization. Mutual destruction would be the consequence after Putin reacts to getting his nose bloodied. The little Hitler sees opportunity in a weak president with no clue in foreign affairs.

  8. But before we go into this war, please let’s crosscheck our weapons over and over again lest they disappoint us .Abortive military missions have remained worrisomely unsumountable, while our opponent goes to space with cheeky ease. Even we, of all nations, have to hitchhike to space – a defining indicator of our hopelessness! I would prefer the path of peace and dialogue, as opposed to hate and ungodliness (deadly racism, homosexuality etc, etc). Take it or leave it!

  9. I agree this is just posing. But in case something really happens God help us all. Nuclear weaponry does not discriminate against anyone.

  10. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Parking 40,000 soliders along the border of any country is an extremely aggressive move. Why is NATO doing this? Who is making these decisions?? Start from literally the dawn of recorded history until today, 2015 and name ANYONE who has aggressed against Russia and not been utterly crushed. Alexander the “Great”, Napoleon, Hitler….. Anyone? [crickets…..]

    Has anyone else read WWII history and when Hitler invades Russia been like “aaahhhh, you dipshit! don’t do it!!” Perhaps Russia is the bulwark of the world, a siren song luring power-drunk conquers to smash themselves against her rocks.

    You might be able argue that the Mongols succeeded. But they’re technically Russian. The mongols and the Bolsheviks. The only people who can take down the Russians are the Russians themselves. Stay out of it.

  11. this is being immature of both the sides. war is not the answer. world has Islamic terrorism on hand to deal with. don’t worsen the state of the world.


  13. Don’t be a cry baby…wars is a part of human nature being territorial and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Its been going on since the beginning of humanity. Cry babies like you are the cause of the problem. Just imagine a million like you. God help us. Just hop along Toad and cry to mommy….Chicken stool

  14. The author of this article could not be more unfair. It is like the West and Russia are on an equal moral footing and it was the fault of both if tension is rising. The truth is, Russia by his agressive and belligerent behavior is doing everything it can to force NATO to take necessary measures to protect itself. And then Putin uses those legitimate defensive moves to justify his devious behavior. Russia is saying that NATO has deployed east in order to encircle it. Nothing farther than the truth. These countries are running scared of Russia, given that nation’s history of past agression and invasion and domination by force of its neighboring countries. People may believe it was not a good move for NATO to give membership to the Baltic States, by example. The truth is, if NATO had turned its back on these countries legitimate pursuit of national security, world war 3 would have been already a done deal. It is simple, if we look at things from an objective perspective, we can see that despite all its saber rattling and muscle flexing, Russia so far has attacked and invaded only non NATO States like Georgia and Ukraine. Given their size and weakness, the baltic States being left unprotected, would have been unvaded and submitted by military force already by Putin. At some point of that process, NATO and the west would have had no other choice but to take a stand, probably a military stand against Russia in order to protect international law and the post cold war order. So give me a break about NATO moving west is the cause of Russia’s behavior. The true root of Russia’s conduct is the fact that this nation is being lead by a dictactor who has amassed almost absolute power at home. there is no real multi sided debate in Russia. only the opinion of the dictator is allowed. And like all dictators, like Hitler, by example, before him, Putin thinks he can conquer the world by the use of duplicity and violence.

  15. Human stupidity in 21st century has no limits, people in average so arrogant and think that the whole world and earth or even

    just exists to serve their needs. at some point if earth just shake a
    little or something will come from the space, humans will feel so little
    and unprotected, because in reality we just some species that suppose
    to have higher IQ. But everything can

    change and no Obama, Putin or UN will save our glorious a-s-s.

  16. Human stupidity in 21st century has no limits, people in average so arrogant and think that the whole world and earth or even

    galaxy just exists to serve their needs. at some point if earth just shake a little or something will come from the space, humans will feel so little and unprotected, because in reality we just some species that suppose to have higher IQ. But everything can

    change and no Obama, Putin or UN will save our glorious asses.

  17. “An attack on one is an attack on all” in an alliance as that of Tri- Partate Pact WW1? Are you sure that EU countries will commit suicide for the USA’s arrogant foreign policy charades? Don’t bet on it.

  18. One thing more and I will stay out of the conversation at this point, is we have plenty of veterans we can use that have been in wars still ready and able to fight even if their not young and we stand ready to this day to still defend our country and the way we live and we have taught our children to do the same. Thank you to all veterans working today as well as the past keep the work going we need you still.

  19. Well, just think about it.
    We can’t defeat Vietnam.
    We can’t defeat Afghanistan, Iraq,…
    We still have our hands full in the Middle East and in Africa.
    Our defense budget is at 600 billion dollars.
    We are 18 trillion dollars in debt.
    Greece is about to default on IMF loan, and many NATO nations are on the brink of bankruptcy.
    Do you think we can take on anymore heavy load?????

    Now, how are we going to handle two monsters like China and Russia???? They are fresh!!! They don’t have the heavy burden we have!!!!

  20. The whole World does not want any Wars, instead of killing humans by wars, is better to enforce pregnancy on women once they have one child they have to be operated on so they can not produce anymore humans, in some countries the more poor they are the more humans they produce, All countries have to help each others thats the inteliegent way to go, start by using your brains

  21. no I not forgot and u are right we cut out milatery to point we can not go to war most every thing we have out dated they stull using the b 52. these things only part of it need man power to have such a war currely we have 128 miltarty bases open or partly open, most nuker silos has been closed down they have been for year, being sold to rich
    bush made first move when he decied to upgade the nuker rockets we do have, most them was move to subs,
    u got look at one fack to go to war u must refit steel milles and other fatorys most our steel is imported
    we not able to make the amout of ammo tanks and other things fast enouf we closed down most factorys makes or could make these things, oo theres one other thing where dose money come from who will finace the war, in ww2 was war bonds unless usa plans just to nuke the countrys and if so what happens to usa all we know well be gone,
    are we smart enouf think we to argent in our ways, we genartion never seen real war we to argent to understand the cost not only in lifes, money and way we live and work will all change. when usa is broad casting all over the internet what there ships can do I call this down right dum. who will defend the usa where is the people. the people sould be any one can fight but because laws we not alow wepons like armyhas or the training, we want war we will get invaided
    cal NY DC all military bases will be nuke we wont have power, or warter smart thing to do is to proteck these things now, train the people so these things can be protecked when and if a invasion comes

  22. WWI was a war fought for colonies. Germany didn’t have any, so they must take it away from England or France. Of course, Germany lost even more after WWI.

    WWII was a continuation of WWI. Hitler wanted to take back what was lost, and of course, add on more. He thought Russia was ripe for the picking. Of course, Russia was his downfall.

    The Africans, the Middle East people taking part during WWII were because they were forced to take part on the side of the colonial masters. They had no choice. Either way, they either die fighting for the colonial masters, or be killed by their colonial masters.

    Today, the Africans and the Middle East people are fighting for themselves and no one else. They are fighting with crude weapons like IEDs, which probably cost about $20.00 to make against multi-million dollar weapons, and they are winning.

    Russia and China need not to take part. Africans and the Middle East fighters will wore us down, all Russia and China have to do is come down and pick up the pieces. We have enough troubles with Africans and he Middle East people already.

    Just think about it.

  23. What you all are forgetting is Putin has been watching and waiting and the United States has been backing out of the wars letting who ever go ahead and do what ever they want. Putin realizes this and he believes the United States is not smart enough now to win a war. To anyone who continues to believe this is true Remember the first rule in war is never show your enemy your true strengths. If need be the United States can and will defend its self and their people with their lives.

  24. one miss if war stated chana would join Russia unlike usa or uk they have the army size could invade the usa
    most states done away with nation gard or had cut back to such the extent its worthless, let me remind that UN is putting lot presher on usa to make guns ileagle to own, we cant defend usa in a invasion we lose, our gratest assent is the people they must be arm to proteck the usa UN dose not think its needed, UN trying change laws we live by whos the biggest threat to us,
    also one must note Nkorea will also join Russia we plan to nuke all 3 country why ? they don’t fit in this new world order
    they want this world under one leader ship. will happen unless we stop it must not alow to happen we will destroy all we know as freedom we must get along but to have one king by force is wrong the people of usa can stop it, but they have to want to care to stop it, wich they don’t not real to them. all they see and want see what at there door no more no less. and all this other stuff they don’t give a rats ass about, they should care will effeck there kids and there kids, we must end this one world order and make laws so can never happen, I ask do u all want be under UN control ? u don’t vote U don’t have say this what u want do nothing, it will happen, how stop it email all in govement we don’t want it

  25. I don’t worship anyone or anything.
    Religion is a crutch for a weak mind.
    Religion sells miracles and life after death.
    There is no miracle.
    There is no life after death.
    The bones we found from the past tell us we all die the same way.

  26. You people will lie your way for the U.S. downfall.
    You are NOT helping the U.S., but promoting its downfall.
    The U.S. can’t even defeat Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq,…
    How do you think you can defeat Russia and China?
    For every country we helped to train their soldiers, the soldiers we trained were defeated by the locals who supposedly were untrained guerrilla fighters.
    Yeah!!! “NATO consists of 28 countries, all are required to maintain a fighting force”. And NATO AND U.S. forces were all defeated by the locals in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. You oughta be ashamed of yourself for bringing this up!!!! And besides, Greece can’t even pay its own bill owed to IMF. And many NATO nations are on the same situation with Greece, including the U.S.

    Don’t flex our weaknesses. It only encourages our enemies.
    Just look at the Middle East.
    Look at ISIS.
    Are they afraid of us??? Heck!! no!!! They are recruiting our youth to fight for them!!!!

  27. west think they are going to kill russians but when the war will start they will know that all the people they kill around the world will join russian it will be pay back that they are waiting the opportinity to come the africa and arabs will attarck europe to take back their golds other things they stoled from them the south america other origin of america will take back their land from usa and canada while asians will take back australia and newzealand the game is over then the west that think the they vwise will become fools as the the bible said the first will be come the last

  28. Liberals are dumber than rocks. Clinton should have left Kosovo alone. The Clinton’s and now the Obama’s are aiding and abetting the take over of sovereign territories by Islamic extremists.

  29. Cane, so sorry you feel that way toward USA. I’m a naturalized Filipino- American and I have lived in the USA for 40+ years. You have no idea what you have until you live in third world countries. I’m proud to be an American and I feel that this nation is one of the best nation in the world if not the best.

  30. Both, think of the recent past consequences. Is there no elder to advise. Both!! Cool down. The other half is working for safe earth for humanity. Other half is plotting extermination of humanity from the face of the earth. Born to peace!! Not for war. Rethink again!!! safe earth for humanity. God save us!!

  31. The problem is that we have to know that war is money. Right now the US is loosing grip on the world stage to control the world economy. The challenges on the IMF and world bank are quite big such that when AIIB and the BRICS come in full force, then we will all see that the dollar will diminish. This is a fact and as such we see China allowing Russia to be among est the top 5 founders of the AIIB to simply challenge the US dollar dominance. It is sad that people still keep dreaming minus seeing the direction of things currently. It is very saddening that we still think 20 years backwards about the stamina of the dollar.

  32. It’s O.K. for NATO to carve out a piece of Serbian territory and create an independent Islamic country of Kosovo?!?!
    Are you an Ukra-troll?

  33. Crimea was for centuries winter-home for Russian czars and Russian royalties! It doesn’t make any sense to be part of Ukraine just because Nikita Khrushchev annexed the independent territory in the ’50s. Russian minority in Donetsk are doomed as they are fighting for independence – UkraNazi’s won’t stop until they are all dead or expelled!
    In Europe NATO supports only Islamic separatists like Bosnia’s and Kosovo Albanian Muslims!

  34. All irrelevant this started when putin decided to invade part of Ukraine he is trying to rebuild the Soviet union In a world that dosent want it the fact that a lot of countries ran and made close relations to the west should of shown this to him but he’s a blind arrogant dictator who just wants power at any cost! NATO need to put the fool out of his misery

  35. Ahaha, they still dream about yeltsin’s days when that total suck-up to the US was keeping Russia in check. You had your chance to take out Russia in the 90s when the military was in shambles, now it’s too late. You’re going to have to face the fact that you’re not the only superpower in the world now.

  36. Putin a mental maniac, Really !! With Obama’s drone war program killing thousands of Pakistani, Afghans and Yemeni i think Obama is the “mental maniac” here. I don’t even want to talk about the spying program, spying on millions of Americans. Please, stop being blind to the reality you live in.

  37. First and foremost, I believe these authors received fees for their post.
    Second, I read ONLY the title before I post my comment.
    Your comment shows there are many sensible voices out there who have conscience, and will not be manipulated by the wicked politicians. Congrats.

  38. If someone (Putin, Obama, Captain murica or Spiderman it doesn’t matter who exactly) will start nuckear war and nuke planet Earth, it will be the greatest fail for humanity in all universe. Milky way planets with water and fresh air will not be populated by humans ever again.
    The fate of mankind will be the role and part of active protoplasm for antigravity and quantum engines

  39. @Rusty I like your line of thinking, but only for a split second, if that. ( 1 ) A country doesn’t need to have the ability to leave it’s own country to not be a part of a world war. Take Africa for example, they were a British colony, so their Parliament declared war on Germany and the Germans sent Rommel and his tanks into Africa, where the British, Americans, Africans, Canadians, Australians or a total of 14 countries fought in the N. African Campaign. So just because another country can’t go to another country means nothing to another country that wants it’s resources. ( 2 ) The major powers have no trouble destroying them, The Africans had nearly 400,000 troops fighting, some flying for the RAF, and they beat Rommel all the way back to defeat, ( with the help of allies of course ) but then all countries had help in one fashion or another from other allies. So the major powers didn’t destroy them, but were destroyed. ( 3 ) Major problems at home, that would be correct. I guess one out of three isn’t so bad. right!

  40. At least Crimea was giving a voting chance by whoever. Iraq, Afghanistan were invaded and bombed the out. So much for democracy. GTFO. We are not in the 60’s anymore were a simple propaganda will do. See Guatemala 1954 and Iran 1953.

  41. When Europe breaks up which will most likely happen in the next decade .. The West will weaken and Russia will grow stronger.

  42. Wait a minute! Putin is a “maniac” but it is okay for NATO U.S.A to keep inching closer to Russian border? What would you say if the Russian were setting up troops on the Canadian and Mexican border, the problem is that the westerners do not want to share the piece of the pie. Get clue bro.

  43. Almost all of the South American countries declared war against the Axis powers of WWI and II. Africa was a British colony and was still under their rule when the German war started, so South Africa was constitutionally obligated to support Great Britain if they were attacked or they declared war on another country. The South Africa Parliament declared war also in 1939, they actually had pilots flying in the British Royal Air Force. So do you have any other countries that you would like to know why they never have fought in a world war ?

  44. A video gamer writes about WW3 in which the American Brzezinski Doctrine followers naively believe that Russia, China, and India would roll over and allow their countries to be pillaged by the US-London- EU Axis of theft?

  45. You’re stupid… 1st search the PPT n PPIT and later come back and comment on how Russia sucks so much kind of like hitler…lol

  46. No one is to young to die, just check the newspaper or the internet and see all of the senseless teens that die everyday from drug overdoses or the teens that are killed in DUI wrecks. But most of all we wouldn’t have a country if not for the young men and women that have given their lives in battle to build this country from the American revolution, WWI & II up to the Middle East wars. These young men and women are the one’s that are there to guarantee that your grandson can have a choice in life and not a set of rules that he has to follow or get punished for refusing to do so. Also he can worship as he pleases and not have to be tied down by a special head piece, nor carry a rug around with him all day. At 77 you don’t have much longer so get real and prepare your grandson to defend his rights at all cost, and never side with anyone like Putin, EVER!!!!

  47. Not quite so easy. Russia will see the missiles coming, and can launch on warning. They also have mobile missiles on land, and difficult to detect sub launched missiles. There is absolutely ZERO chance that either side could take out all of the other side’s nukes without sustaining a huge retaliatory counter attack.

  48. NATO needs to first and foremost take out Russia’s Nuclear missiles. If we are going up against these guys, do it right and take it all out, otherwise it will be used against the world sometime. I know it sounds cruel but it has to be done, this guy is an absolute Hitler himself and he needs to be totally taken out.

  49. The citizens in Crimea didn’t vote for Russia to come in and claim their country. The voting was conducted by the Russian KGB and their special forces troops, they controlled the ballot boxes and booths. Less than 30% of the citizens actually came out to vote, because they didn’t want Russia there and if they came out and voted to keep them out, they would either be silently killed or their families made to pay in some form or retaliation by Russia’s troops. Putin see’s that all of it’s satellite states of the former Soviet bloc have moved towards NATO and the EU, and they didn’t want Ukraine to fall away also. People also forget that Ukraine held a very large portion of Russia’s nuclear missiles after the Soviet break up, and they agreed to give the nuclear weapons up in exchange for protection from Russia and any other country that was a threat to them. So NATO and the U.S are just honoring their promise to protect them. Well actually they aren’t because Crimea is now in the hands of Russian troops, and Ukraine has been assaulted by Russian special forces masquerading as rebels, with modern sophisticated weapon systems that rebels couldn’t afford nor build. NATO allowing Russia to over take a country that they swore to protect would cause all countries under it’s protection to immediately withdraw their allegiance from the union. So yes this could come to blows before it all over or NATO and the U.S. will lose their credibility around the world. Also for all that think Russia and China could win the war without using nukes would be mistaken. Russian forces could easily be defeated by U.S. reserves and China has never fought a major war, as a fact the only major war that they fought had to receive help from the U.S. to survive. NATO consists of 28 countries, all are required to maintain a fighting force.

  50. Putin is extremely foolish. Russia would be severely beaten in a conventional war with NATO. And if it were to go nuclear, the entire world will lose. So either way, Mother Russia is toast.

  51. I rather side with Mexico n Brazil…
    Neutral, tons of resources, food, democracy and good weather…
    Governments are not as good but if this happens then they will get their S*** together ASAP

  52. I would hate to see it happen but if it does I am siding with the US, For all I know we can steer there ICBMs back on to them.

  53. Whether there will be war in Ukraine or South China Sea, or even WW III is pretty much to be determined by US and her allies
    in Europe or Asia. In any case, China or Russia will usher them the FRONT SEATS! US cannot continue with the double standards in world affairs. You can’t point finger at ‘A’ a terrorrist and then ‘B’ is not because it doesn’t serve the interest of US. You can’t keep a blind eye to Philippines’ and Vietnam’s stealthy activities in South China Sea and then DEMAND China to stop constructions in her OWN territories. China and Russia will never demand US to stop building in Hawaii. (They can if they want to cause trouble) By the way, ‘US ships took Chinese troops to reclaim the Spratlys or Nansa after they were occupied by Japan during WW II.’ Now, this really expose Carter and Russel,(also Abe, Aquino and many US generals) either they are history BLIND or they are LIARS in this case!

  54. Correct, someone close needs to kill him and put someone in office that will move Russia back into the cooperating and friendly country that it was before Putin came on the scene and screwed the country up, taking it back to the 1960’s bully bloc. A country that couldn’t even feed it’s citizens and had the worst economy in the world, it had risen to the 9th largest economy in the world and was escalating at a fast pace, now they are heading towards the bottom again, Thanks to Putin and his 60’s mentality.

  55. The sanctions have hurt Russia more than you think or know, and it’s the very reason why Putin is threatening the use of nuclear weapons to try and break the sanctions hold over his country. Also China may want to be part of BRICS, but when it comes down to actually pulling the string China will either back out or be on the U.S. side. It would make no financial sense for China to attack the U.S. when it holds almost a trillion dollars of U.S. debt, a debt that can’t be collected if they declare war on it’s financial client. China isn’t stupid enough to help a country that doesn’t owe them anything ( or vise versa ) and have nothing to gain versus helping to destroy a country that bought them out of poverty and made them the Banker and the U.S. the borrower. You people need to wake up, and understand that China and the U.S. have since the end of WWII rattle sabers over everything, but they need each other and it’s just like a disgruntle husband and wife relationship, they can’t live together and they can’t live apart, so they just argue. ( But they aren’t going to kill each other. )

  56. Big deal, We fly B-2’s near Russia, China, North Korea all of the time. The F-35 is junk. I do have a clue and I think you are wasted to think that this will turn into a serious conflict. You were around during the Cuban missile crisis. Lots of talk about nuking. Nukes were moved around, barks became louder. Nothing happened. Same thing is happening now. We have in the past moved a large number of destroyer ships to North Korea’s back yard as a show of force. We are doing nothing but playing chicken with each other. Russia knows what would happen if they launched nuclear weapons and we know what would happen if we launched any at Russia. We also have heavy weapons in other countries as a show of force. The only entertainment I like is watching elderly folks like yourself sit in front of windows in nursing homes while playing with lint stuck on the windows. Dementia or a depends change perhaps? Shouldn’t you be playing bingo with the others in your group?

  57. Russia can destroy NATO and NATO can destroy Russia. But who will be considered the winner? I said Russia wins. Why?
    Ok, here is why :
    NATO combined GDP is $35 Trillions , and this will be destroyed by Russia within days, while Russian combined GDP is $3.6 Trillions can also be destroyed by NATO.
    Who destroy the most wealth? RUSSIA!

  58. Jeff
    Heavy weapons deployment to Europe is no barking gesture. There are already B-2 stealth moving to Western Europe along with F-35s and F-22s. The White House is considering of sending nuclear warheads for conventional cruise missile launches for JASSM. I don’t think you have a clue on what’s happening there. Try Entertainment, might fit your wit with the Kardashians.

  59. Jeff
    What? Seriously? How much firepower do Russia has along their borders that made you so confidently sure they can wipe out 40,000 NATO forces? Russia could not even take Donetsk! Look how many Russian conscripts returning to Moscow in body bags. These Russians are inexperienced ill-equipped self-conceited fascists yet you are so overwhelmed of this weak trolls. Let me ask, are you homosexual? Most Liberals are, and I sense you prefer to lick Russian nuts than to fight them. lol So if they’re so unmoved of our presence there then NATO’s deployment of heavy weapons wouldn’t be an issue too then doofus!

    I find it odd though after calling yourself American why are you so freaked intimidated with Russia and China? You scared? See along the far East Asia America have numbers of allies that are willing to take on China. And please, China won’t even drop troops into Russia by any means necessary lol!… You are so gullible, an incompetent military analyst are the first to die in the battlefield. Give me a break, Russia even fear China’s incursion into Siberia if crisis arises in East Europe! There is actually this big hole of distrust between this two Communist allies, and Vietnam may likely to stand with US and its allies. India will stay neutral if war breaks out with the West and Russia. Man, you’re ready to break in fear over Russia’s over sensationalized military shadows dreaded of what is not there! lol Freak.

    And fact is China is still developing missile capabilities meant to shoot down satellites. They have yet no deployed missiles to do that. Presently only US SM-3 is capable of shooting down satellites.

    And why do you keep saying Russia will “wipe them out”….what are you a child? These small troop deployment is only in show of support ensuring that US is willing to risk its necks to protect our allies. And an attack on one is an attack on all military doctrine?! If Russia is to build up 50,000 troops along its borders will likely be match up by NATO’s quick response deployment, and it takes Russia days or weeks to move troops and heavy weapons, and this movement will be pretty obvious from the bird’s eye view satellite live feeds. So to say “Russia can easily wipe them out” is an amateur notion! What the heck are you pulling here, some childish game-play? A mature military analyst would quickly identify red flags over troop buildup inside Russia and NATO’s rapid response troops will likely match it. There is no such “Russia wiping out NATO forces”, but are only in your puny delusional imagination.

  60. Donald.
    Vaporized with what, your filthy saliva from big mouthing?

    Facts: Russia’s nuclear arsenal are mostly rusting away Soviet old ICBMs, with only 78 newer Topol-M single warhead ICBM, 130 Bulava and some 50 freshly designed ICBM. The rest must be scrapped to the boneyard rotting away metals. While half of US nuclear capabilities lies hidden beneath the Pacific Ocean. 14 Ohio Class ballistic missile nuclear submarine carrying updated Trident II SLBM. And every Trident II carries 7-10 nuclear warheads. Any moment a nuclear threat appears over Russia’s horizon 4000 submarine borne nuclear warheads will wipe out Russia of the face of the Earth. This does not include Minuteman III ICBMs from US. Who are you threatening of being vaporized? Watch how you find yours in a blink.

  61. Another thing, Russia and China both have nuclear weapons. No one wins in a nuclear war. Russia also has the largest nuclear bomb. Tsar Bomba. China doesn’t have near as many as we do or as many as Russia. Russia has more than enough to wipe out the whole world several times over. We have more than enough to do the same. Nato’s nuclear force is childs play compared to what Russia has. Again, it will NOT come down to a nuclear blow. All sides involved are only barking.

  62. They do have wars, but it can’t be “world wars” because:
    1: They have no ways to get to another continent.
    2: The major powers have no trouble destroying them.
    3: They have more pressing problems at home to worry about.

  63. @Rusty Wyse. Check your facts. South China Sea is different situation than that comrade Bloodimir Putler did in Crimea.The problem in Ukraine is CLEAN LAND GRABBING BY your lunatic president in Russia plain and simple.Why blame it on the U.S.? Does the U.S. and Bloodimir Puting conspired to invade Crimea?Has your brain gone NUTS?

  64. The last cold war Russia went bankrupt but i fear this time they will not go bankrupt because there is the BRICS and the AIIB. The US should know better that times are different so should be the approach to Russia. Sanctions have already shown us that they have failed because Russia proved us all wrong with other alternatives yet long time ago sanctions were a perfect weapon. This time no one listens to the US to implement sanctions against another country especially countries from Mideast, South America, Asia and Africa.

  65. LMAO, I don’t believe you or a hot second pal.
    Your ignorance is astounding!!!
    Ever heard of colloquial expressions.
    Ever heard of peace through strength.
    Have you ever looked at the reasons behind the wars that have been fought.
    Of course not.
    So go drown in your ideology.
    P.S., the soldiers you say are human beings are 3 times the person you are, and I can tell you most agree with me.

  66. Look pal, I retired from the service, so I know all that.
    And yes, you ARE a hypocrite.
    You’re a hypocrite because you attack people who have differing opinions.
    So, because I think that despots should be confronted I want soldiers to die.
    What an idiot you are.
    You deserve whatever comes your way.
    So why don’t you go burn a book on the court house steps, or burn a flag at a demonstration.
    And the truth is that your truth is ONLY your opinion.

  67. “Naturally, Russia has been criticized for its policy in the Ukraine, but it is also notable that the United States and its allies have destabilized this relationship
    and region by directly supporting the overthrow of the Ukrainian government”.

    Well, at least this writer wrote the truth.
    The U.S. stirred up revolt and street demonstration
    for “regime change”, and Crimea voted to re-join Russia.
    The problems in Ukraine were all created by the U.S.
    and propagandized against Russia.

    The same is happening in South China Sea, the U.S.
    stirred-up trouble against China, and blaming China
    for the problems in South China Sea. China and Russia
    together are NOT what you want to tango with.

  68. What? Seriously? I thought Nato only had 13,000 – 40,000 doofus. I commented on the (AMOUNT) of troops that Nato is positioning on the line idiot!!!! Russia would crush 40,000 troops. Of course if Nato sent in the majority of there total troop count, then Russia wouldn’t stand a chance unless Russia resorts to using nuclear weapons. Keep in mind that China is now a Russian ally! If it were to come down to a war with Nato and Russia, then China would most likely back Russia up. China is also the only country right now capable of shooting down our military satellites which would in turn blind our military as well as Nato. As far as the 230 U.S troops, don’t underestimate Russia. Russia could wipe them out as well. The 1 issue standing in Russia’s way of taking out our U.S troops there is knowing that Russia would see a response from our whole military. It’s the same as in South Korea. North Korea would completely destroy our 10’s of thousands of troops there, but it would be suicide for North Korea to do that and they know that. Our own troops there also know that it’s a suicide mission on there part as well. We have to sacrifice some souls in order for it to look good enough to the American people to go into a full on war. But this won’t happen between us and Russia nor Nato.

  69. Greggggggggg GOD almighty, go play your guitar in the desert and serenade the rattle snakes and the jackals. The soldiers are human beings. They have moms, dads, brothers and sisters. People who care about them. It is not like they are some sort of rocks or something. I am far from being a hypocrite. The truth is: USA have fought too many unwanted – unprovoked wars.

  70. No, China is NOT waiting in the shadow. China is part of the equation. Uncle Sam picked on both places, Ukraine AND the South China Sea at the same time. This time, Uncle Sam made the same mistake as Hitler did, fighting on both sides. As in Germany’s case, the German lost. Guess who will lose???

  71. Greg your grammar is terrible… can’t write ‘don’t it,’ write doesn’t it… See Greg, I read, write and speak three (3) different languages – meaning I investigate international news with better emphasis on the truth instead of drinking everything the war mongers want to feed us. Moreover, I maybe care more about the lives of the US Armed Forces more than you do. I was a kid when I lost my father, so I know how it feels when a child grows up without a father. Now, I am a father, so I know the grief of a father burying a beloved son. Greg – stop drinking and have a gregarious life. With Russian as an adversary, everyone will be dead.

  72. Fool. Then let’s talk about how many million Americans your country has murdered, and when I say Americans I’m not talking about the white Anglo Saxon trash of curse.

  73. Irresponsible, in what way? It was Russia that sent several submarines in nearby Sweden and Norway, stuff they use to do right before the Soviet Union collapsed. It is China who is building structures on the islands that they and several other nations claim as theirs. If anyone is fanning the flames and people need to know.

  74. Keeping large military forces facing each other on the border is going to cost all the involved rivals allot of money to maintain. Who will go bankrupt first? That’s how the Soviet Union was destroyed. It couldn’t provide its people with both guns and butter.

  75. Zvjezdan Svemirkovi?
    Annexing Crimea is a crime base on the Budapest Memorandum agreed upon by Russia to respect and uphold. And since the fall of Soviet Union every ex-Soviet state is now entitled to its own sovereignty independent from Russia’s influence and control. Don’t even make a mistake of reclaiming them or fall into criminal liabilities under International laws.

    What is wrong with Nuland helping Ukraine bring its economy to EU? Russia is selling GAZPROM natural gas to EU, what is so wrong of Ukraine doing the same? Or you Russian trolls still want Ukraine your vassal, fully dependent on your corrupt system! Ukraine is not your territory, its not your pet nor your property! Ukraine is its own sovereignty now and is entitled to whatever they want to achieve. Getting into EU’s open market is a privilege, why is Kremlin so against this?

    You Russian pigs are like parasites sticking to your prey sacking and consuming its health, and if it try to separate you bleed them out or cut of its flesh. Annexing Crimea you only portrayed to the world that you are like a parasite plaguing the whole Eastern Europe. Wonder why Finland and Sweden are inching to joining NATO right now? You stupid Russian trolls, you can’t hide the truth, the world sees what you really are, filthy covetous fascist people. Russophobia is real because of your greed pigs!

  76. 15,000 nukes, weather pattern and air stream east to west, lets do it, I give it 24 hours to make it around the planet. That would be enough time for California to forget about the drought and Fukushima.
    What will the climate change people say once it is a nuclear winter and they no longer exist.
    We can write that one on the Georgia stones in case some one comes and visits the 7th planet in this solar system. ” Change they believed in.”

    It is absolutely funny how nobody asks for the EPA for environmental Impact for this theatrical production. *sarcasm*

    At least it would be peaceful.

    Makes you wonder why the seed bank was complete and both Russian and China built Nuclear shelters for their people and they are completed. How many capitals are their in Europe, Not 40

    Leaves me to believe in the first strike psychopaths option.

  77. ???????? ?
    And that is exactly what’s happening. US is deploying 4,000 troops all throughout NATO member nations in Eastern Europe and contemplating on deploying heavy weapons. Do you think NATO won’t do a thing if in case Poland or any member of the alliance gets attacked by Russian troops? This whole 3 million NATO forces will rundown on your delinquent delusional fascist Russian troops. Ow, and US is already installing landbased AEGIS systems with anti-ballistic missiles including Patriot, SM-3 and THAAD. Btw, Poland already bought around $8billion worth of Patriot system and missiles. Hows that for your poor ill-advised bluffs?

  78. Doesn’t matter how far away it is…….remember a guy named Hitler?? You honestly believe that couldn’t happen again….Putin would LOVE to control Europe!!!

  79. Well if you read a lot online about what’s happening in the world….like I do…I pay attention to this kind of news, and this is the second time by two different sites now…that have mentioned this….I’m getting concerned. I keep all my sites I find interesting, and want to keep for reference, so for your just plain ignorance, and not paying attention to what’s going on around the world, I’ll show you the second link….and by the way, I’d pay more attention to alternative sites. You think mainstream is gonna tell you the truth?? Hardly ever. And for one more thing…if someone was going to stab me in the back, for instance….I think I’d rather be facing the attacker, and not have my back turned toward it…knowing that it’s coming. In other words…ALWAYS watch, and BE PREPARED!! Here….…great day, people like you make me mad!!!

  80. Deny
    “Russia is a country with 9 timezones”. Who is going to attack Russia.
    I have tried simulating your comment for a while now and find it rather amusing and delinquent.

    First of, NATO is a 27 nation member alliance with 3 million standing army including 3 members with nuclear weapons.

    An attack on one is an attack on all military doctrine. Meaning? Touch one of the smaller weaker ones and the rest will come down at you like opening a floodgate.

    Second, you need to wake up to reality boy, your information gathering is about 24 years behind.
    JSF F-35 today is in low production rate till 2018, and contrary to your poor Intel there are already 130 operating F-35 in three variants forms being tested and readying to enter service. Another 93 is set to roll out of production by the end of this year. While in contrast, Russia’s procurement plan of T-50 PAK FA was trimmed down from 200 to 55 planes then to 12 by 2020 but recent reports say the planned procurement may not even happen. Presently there are only 10 existing T-50 Pak-Fa today. 4 in India and 6 with Russia, to minus the one that caught fire with 2/3rds of the plane’s rear burned beyond repair. To compare F-35 to T-50 Pak-Fa… You’re a delusional freak! F-22 air-dominance fighter is the right comparison to T-50 PAK-FA and there are 176 F-22s presently in service with the US Airforce. Where is your superior T-50 PAK-FA now? Still in Airshows during circus performances?

    Third, Russia’s 9 timezone massive territorial landmass is its weakness! Any invasion can occur anywhere in any given time over unknown location is a terrible distressing security condition for Moscow in a real war scenario! With NATO overwhelming air superiority arsenal a full military deployment and aerial attack could overwhelm Russia. Not to mention stealth technology leading the incursion able to penetrate deep into Russia’s air defenses. 22 B-2, 175 F-22 and 130 F-35s taking down air defense lines and radar stations Russia’s curtain of protection could quickly erode to nothing! In fact Russia’s armed forces is only set for a defensive form expecting West’s aggression. Russia cannot bring the war into Europe or get into a battle neck with NATO in Eastern European territories while Sweden and Finland stands allies with NATO adding to the opposed borders. Finland has recently tapped its 900,000 reserve troops on a standby in case situations escalate. Finland and Sweden are contemplating in joining NATO and if crisis boils out NATO will have 2 new members neighboring Russia.

    For US carrier group… A Nimitz class aircraft boards 80-70 aircrafts including 40-50 F/A-18 multirole fighters with a ferry range of 1,800nmiles. Burke Class destroyers carry SM-3 for any ballistic nuclear attack on the fleet. Mind you a carrier always have destroyer and cruiser escorts and these escorts cover wider distance of weapons and capabilities. Maybe you thought back in the Soviet era of sending in a dozen TU-22s with cruise missiles from 250mile away, but carriers also have 4 E-2C early warning aerial reconnaissance patrol that covers 1,500 square miles. Check details on how US carriers operate before you say it is a “sitting duck” target. Please, don’t forget its got 40 fighter jets that can extend its range for a thousand miles away in all direction.

    Lastly, US caters at least 8,100 PACI-PACIII Patriot missiles variants with 1,200 launchers that can be deployed through out America. Over inland defenses US navy vessels carries 130 SM-3 anti-ballistic missiles defense under AEGIS system. And most recently a landbased AEGIS station is being built in Romania to station 24 SM-3 missiles, Patriot and THAAD anti-ballistic missiles. And another in Poland by 2018.

    And if you were truly deployed in Europe for 24 years? You’d be a useless piece of information to your superiors.

  81. I think that we and the Russians should start shooting the nukes. Then all this silly talk of how bad the Russians are will come to an end. You in America will be vaporized and that is a certainty.

  82. The risk of a confrontation between Russia and U.S is easy to solve. In a nuclear war nobody will be a winner, but there will be a looser: the entire world. Peace will be brought to world if politicians who control the power, answer reasonably the following questions, based on the common sense and logic. Then, after answering the questions, they should realize who has to begin to solve the problem. Questions: How far is Russia from Ukraine, and how far is US from there? How many Americans speak Russian, and how many Ukraine people speak Russian? How much of the culture of United States is part of Ukraine culture, and How much of Russian culture is part of Ukraine culture? Who pushed to overthrow the previous Ukraine government when that country was in peace? What interest does US have over there? Democracy? Freedom? UHHHHmmmmm…..Who care about democracy and freedom of a country that is thousands miles from U.S? What was the South Stream Gas Project and who pressured to stop that gas line? After answering these questions probably we can realize in what side is the fault in all of this problem, that put the world at risk of a nuclear confrontation. We don’t need to be experts about politics, sociology or any other branch of human social science. I am not. We only need to observe what is going on around us. To analyze a little bit the facts, in order to find the reason for what things take place. Also we should not belief what commercial media says, but look for other sources of information. Commercial media do not say the truth, because all what they say, is commercially considered. In conclusion. If you reader, live in peace in your neighborhood, and someone from another distant neighborhood come next to your house for struggling change the way you live in your place or your neighborhood, surely, there will be a confrontation . This is in my opinion, what is really going on now.

  83. This is clearly Russian bluff. It may have weapons but its logistics is weak. It does not even have money. I like NATO’s position.

  84. While a one time KGB officer he held a very insignificant post in Eastern Germany. And that’s the way it was. All of a sudden, he is propelled to the very top in 1999 . Does that mean he is the brightest leader that Russia has to offer? Of course not !

  85. How are you going to fight against nuclear weapons? LOL! Do you think the Americans want to fight while you sit at home and write how you want to fight?

  86. Keep fanning the flames with your irrresponsible so called journalism. Are you so fearful and miserable that you are trying to make others feel the same way? It is no surprise that your picture is in the shadows. Too scared to see the light…

  87. Not sure what to believe anymore, however the propaganda flag is flying high. Hope things simmer down. China may be waiting in the shadows.

  88. BRICS may well occur, BUT with a huge caveat ! The ruble is worth nada and the current economy of China is seeing a lot of downward economic pressures ! Now that Putin was “kicked-ot of the former G-8, he’s trying hard to be a “player” on the world stage, but is just like China antagonizing it’s neighbors and one day these bullies WILL get a huge fist in their faces, sending these bullies stumbling backwards and falling on their asses, literally AND figuratively !

  89. Jeff
    Are you this shallow and dumb to think all NATO have are 13,000 to 40,000 troops? Russia can’t even touch any of the 230 American troops deployed in Bulgaria, or the 5,000 troops in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Russia will wipe out anybody as long as they see NATO flag in the uniforms… You know why? Because behind those 13,000 of 40,000 troops are 3 million more with their massive heavy weapons, air superiority and nuclear weapons, all set to destroy one target. Moscow. So to play your mind that Russia would wipe them out quickly and easily, try it! Let’s see what happens next. I know you won’t. Lousy comment btw.

  90. Because of what Russia is doing in Ukraine and flying intimidation scare tactics over much of Europe, and China intimidating neighbors claiming the group of islands in the South China Seas. These actions are pushing what use to be non aligned countries into NATO and fostering relations between many of China’s Asian neighbors into reenforcing their military forces with Western countries. China can no longer intimidate its neighbors, with India watching too. No one wins.

  91. One needs to consider the source when making such sensationalist claims. Fear mongering without merit not only creates an environment of paranoia but also sends a reckless message of discord.

  92. Karol
    You’re not alone.

    It is simply this. Putin pays Russian trolls to flood the net disinformation, boosting pro-Putin sentiments to mislead Netizens opinions manipulating the so called “world opinion” justifying Putin’s actions in Crimea and Donetsk and rather accuse the West or US for carrying destabilization in Eastern Europe “poking the sleeping bear” into a direct confrontation, but all this is a cover up distraction to mislead the public of what’s really happening in Ukraine. Most Nordic and Baltic states are all alarmed and boosting security due to Putin’s annexation of Crimea. The duty of this fake “Americans” playing Westerners is to make the big elephant disappear in our mids.This is obviously a typical Soviet style KGB information manipulation tactic. Remember Putin is once a KGB mastermind.

  93. This is crazy writing an article about war between Russia and the U.S.! Warmongering- pure and simple- and the crazy thing is there are armchair dummmazz hawks out there that welcome it!
    Russia’s nuclear arsenal is now superior to ours- but nevertheless- if the nukes fly the whole world loses.

  94. dannyboy
    Poking Russia? Putin annexed Crimea! He is landgrabbing territories Russia vowed to respect and protect under the Budapest Memorandum. If Putin cannot keep his promises how can you simply think you’re safe and in good hands?

    Tell me, what is wrong with Ukraine joining EU? Why is Russia so opposed to this idea when Putin’s GAZPROM sells Russias natural gas to EU… And Ukraine can’t? Your version of this crisis in Maidan is all BS knowing Yanukovych fled Kiev in fear of murder crimes, prosecution and jail time! Nobody took over his seat, he voluntarily left office and retreated to Moscow to hide behind Putin! We all know Yanukoyvch is Putin’s puppet from the beginning! This “Ukraine president” doesn’t even know how to speak Ukraine dialect but only Russian before he step into office made Ukraine Putin’s vassal… A 100 dead in Maidan including a thousand injured by Yanukovych snipers caused the fall of his reign in power. There was no coup! People only came to Maidan to support the people’s rights to join EU and open Ukraine’s economy to Western market! Now what is wrong with that? If Nuland was caught right handed giving around cookies to protesters at Maidan what is that to you? Cookies is cookies, not guns and bullets! European Union is an economic unity group that is meant to help each other ECONOMICALLY! This is no NATO! And to say you’re an American, then why are your sentiments on Putin and his evil plan? Don’t play American cos most paid Russian trolls do the same.

  95. If Russia not trying to eat up its ex-Soviet neighbors no one would be running in fear of security issues in the Baltic and Nordic region and life would still be normal. But how can you be in a cozy state and at peace when your fellow ex-Soviet states are being land grabbed by a powerful nuclear armed neighbor? Russophobia is real and Putin made it sound imminent bringing alarm and distress all through out Eastern Europe. I cannot say Finland, Sweden, Poland, Romania, and the much smaller weaker Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia should be playing down Russia’s annexation of Crimea when this same process of military strategy and atrocity could happen to them also. I would raise the flag of concern and build troops incase similar things might happen inside my territory having Russian speaking community.

  96. all you need to do is do your own research instead of listening to US media and you will have your answer.

  97. Another silly article heading. Possible war? Author should make research on what MAD(mutual assumed destruction) doctrine is.

  98. Danny Boy: It seems I’m very outnumbered here, and thus an underdog in the fight just as Ukraine is in its fight with Russia. One of the great things about Americans is a passion for the underdog. Sadly, you don’t appear to have any such passion. You have also bought into a lie – that Victoria Nuland’s recorded conversation with Pyatt constituted ‘proof’ that the US was planning to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych. Yet if you listen closely, you will find that the discussion consisted exclusively of who would lead the government (cabinet) once Premier Azarov was gone (overthrown). The removal of Azarov was something agreed on by Ukrainians among themselves. Nuland favored ‘Yats’ as prime minister, for some reason, but there was no mention of ‘overthrowing’ Yanukovych, who fled his own country like a dog after a hail of bullets. It is amazing how many people point to this recording as evidence of some kind of CIA plot to overthrow Yanukovych. More to the point, Russia today is ruled by a crime syndicate ruled by a member of the St. Petersburg mafia made good. It is crooked, brutal and backward. It is an ’empire of outhouses.’ If you believe otherwise you are either seriously deluded or else one of Putin’s trolls. Make sure you get paid for that.

  99. If your point is that all sides need to “cool their jets” because nuclear war is unthinkable – then I agree. But Bill, you need to learn to post your thoughts in a short and concise manner. It was hard to follow your rambling and long bunch of BS.

  100. Sorry Karol. There was indeed direct evidence of Western involvement in the overthrow of the Ukrainian govt. Victoria Nuland (US Assistant Secretary of State) was doing much more than handing out cookies to the protesters at Maidan. She was recorded talking about putting “Yats” (Yatsenyuk) in charge after the “overthrow”…. Exactly what happened. I am an American who loves his country – but why we think we need to keep “poking” Russia ( a country that is no longer communist, and whose people have emerged from the Iron Curtain and are now traveling all over the world) is hard for me to understand.

  101. Russia is killing all good Slavic folks. I find this an unforgivable sin. Putin is aching for a nuclear war which is even more unhinged and insane. Evil really. The USA is corrupt, greedy, and a corporate mess. But Putin is an evil demon. Both are bad. Putin is worse. Russia I hope for… too many good people. But Putin is a scourge and may burn the world. Its awful for all.

  102. Our missile defense systems to not work last I heard. Made in China I guess. All major powers have the power to destroy the world ten times over. And then what…crickets. Morons like you think this is a game, it’s not. But you make me feel better about the coming annihilation, we are too stupid and violent to continue.

  103. Touched a nerve did I?
    It’s just as well you don’t respond anymore, because the only thing will win is SMACKDOWN.
    And yes, NATO is NATO, and the UN is the UN.
    I’m proud of you for being able to realize that.
    But you are still LYING!

  104. The USA always underestimates it’s enemies. That is because mostly we are a nation of ignorant morons. Who know nothing about the world but feel we have the right to interfere with it, lost every war since WWII, going to lose this one too. But delusions here are very powerful. Delusions of omniscience and hearing God speaking to us, a special people…symptoms of every lunatic in an asylum today. God says to these people, go forth and kill everyone who is in your way. The only difference between them and the Son of Sam is a dog was giving direction.

  105. Liar is that SOB who brought an azshole like you into this world. “Saddam used chemical on his own people” What the fkg was business of mother fkrs you voted for after all Saddam was puppet of our government for his entire Presidency of Iraq. This country even sided with Saddam while his used chemical in his 8 years war with Iran killing many. “NATO was a NATO thing” you are too stupid forme to waste my time. Go f yourself idiot.

  106. You must be joking!!!
    We lost in Vietnam, but not militarily.
    We actually won in Korea, hence you have the country called The Republic of Korea.
    Somalia was not US it was UN.
    Yes we can take the Russians, whats more, they know damned well we can.
    Think of it in terms of how the Russians did in Afghanistan, kind of reminds you of Vietnam……….don’t it?
    And you tell me to quit drinking…….HYPOCRITE!

  107. Just like Obama and all our other ‘leaders’, equally nuts and warmongering morons. The human race is on the way out, the more powerful our weapons get the closer we come to extinction. Some scientists say in the next 50-100 years. I think it will be much sooner.

  108. Human beings are violent predators. Government is the only thing keeping nations from becoming Somalia. Peace exists only when there are very few people very far apart.

  109. US warmongering is the cause of all this. Preemptive strikes, a very bad idea. We are a barbaric nation of ignorant yahoos, with lots of guns and WMD’s, what could possibly go wrong.

  110. Isn’t it interesting how all these weapons look like giant penises? Boys and their lethal toys. I guess European leaders don’t care if they turn their nations into a war zone again, goodbye western civilization, they can’t wait. A death wish.

  111. You’re either an idiot, (which is most likely), or a liar………..probably both.
    1, Saddam used chemical weapons on his own people, so we went in as part of the UNITED NATIONS mandate, with several other countries…….lie out of that one fool.
    2. We aren’t in Egypt, if you think we are provide the proof.
    3. Libya was a NATO thing, and was lead for the most part by France, why we are there now is anyones guess, but has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Russia.
    You have not provided a single fact, just accusation and innuendo.
    Blind to realities?……………not likely.
    And I’ll tell you something else we are not blind to, RUSSIAN LIES.
    That’s right, you read it right, Russia lies, and so do YOU!

  112. Gregory… Drink more water instead of beer, you might be able to assess the situation with more practical logic. The worst season of life is war. Unless you don’t have a life, I doubt you would have such destructive opinion. USA failed in Vietnam – Korea – Somalia, etc…., Do you really think they can handle the Russians? Yes USA have the potential to win wars… But, they will when they’ll fight a justifiable one.

  113. These warmongering articles like to keep the two wars separate when they will be fought as one. If they try to sell both at the same time people might realize there’s no way the
    US can take on half the world’s population in a conventional war.

  114. Yeah… now I remember Kazakhstan No. 18 top produce in the world. also I vaguely remember Israel also wanted to supply Europe with LNG. I hope all these developments happens soon. FYI …Top Oil Producers per Google 1 Russia, 2.Saudi 3.USA 4. Iran 5. China

  115. ‘Naturally, Russia has been criticized for its policy in the Ukraine, but it is also notable that the United States and its allies have destabilized this relationship and region by directly supporting the overthrow of the Ukrainian government.’ Uh… no. Ukraine’s government was overthrown by its people, and buying into the conspiracy theory that it was a ‘coup’ is only legitimizing Putin’s foreign policy line and also his domestic policy, justifying the destruction of independent media under the guise of protecting the state (read: his crooked regime). This article is largely useless.

  116. You folks keep on playing with fire and we will all get burnt. A war is only good for one thing population control. Dam people trying to play one up man ship will sooner are later cause war WW 111 and it will be very messy.

  117. Fact is people who are blind to realities need flushing their damned head. Did Iraq invite us to destroy their country? After all Saddam was one of many puppets of our government. How About Egypt? Libya and many others. Problem is you don’t want to be honest even with yourself. Ukraine wouldn’t care to do such stupid thing against Russia, it was pushed by the West “USA” to join NATO which has become a warmongers tool of the U.S. government. Russia annexed Crimea in response to provocative activities of the U.S. at it doorstep. And No, I don’t get my info from Times and unlike you don’t value anything that comes out of CNN, FOXNEWS etc, I read and listen to several European and other media.

  118. Seam’s every government and country on earth is hell bent for war . War is not pretty .. Sad fact our so called leaders have never known this reality .. There always in the back ground tucked away in there safe little places while the citizens and the combants are exposed to the harsh reality ….. As the old saying goes !! when it comes to a nuclear war , we ant seen nothing yet ….

  119. 13000 or 40000 Nato troops against Russia? LOL. Russia would wipe them out quickly and easily. This game that we all are playing isn’t going to escalate into a full blown war. Too many nuclear nations are involved and that is why it won’t go into a full war. Once the first shots from both sides are fired, cooler heads will prevail quickly and our governments will be rushing back to the meeting tables.

  120. Putin is not going to fire any nukes unless one gets fired at him. I just bet if Putin ordered his generals to fire nukes, just because, they wouldn’t do it. They don’t want to die and most of them realize Putin is dangerous and is not of sound mind.

  121. They have done it. The EU has a new deal with one of Russia’s neighbors…one of the “Stans”, whose name escapes me…which has the 4th largest natural gas reserves in the world. In a few years, there will be new pipeline through the Caspian Sea, through Georgia, and through the Black Sea to Turkey.

  122. How many people has Russia killed right in their own country since Stalin. Range 60 to 100 million just in Russia. You have no idea what you are even talking about. Decades me nothing. We have had two world wars caused by tin dictators like Putin. Russia is just another peg in the wheel of the destruction of humanity.

  123. This article is not news. It has been happening since Putin invaded Ukraine and Georgia. To make it worse now China is following their lead and doing a blanket aggression in the South China Sea. The United States will do what it has to do. The United States has also openly stated that they will do preemptive strikes if needed. If Putin and China think this would be a conventional war they are very mistaken. There is a term “MAD” Mutually Assured destruction. If Russia or China fire missiles or nuclear loaded bombers like Russia Antiquated garbage from the cold war. Then the United States has only one option, a full retaliations with all nuclear forces. The only problem is after the smoke clears the world will be plunged into a nuclear winter that can last up to ten thousand years. Are you all ready to have your government living in bunkers with a couple of years of food while the general population is left to fend for its self. If the human species does not go extinct well we will be lucky. Do we have governments like China and Russia that will do this? Man power or armies mean nothing against Nukes. How many people will die? In the hundreds of millions, or billions? Is Russia and China that sure of themselves? The United States is not going to put its military into invasion. They will nuke right off and cause as much death and destruction that they can. Before any invasion. The United States has is the only country on Earth that has used nukes against an enemy. They already know the ramification. I would advise Russia, and China to cool their jets for a while and go back to their own playground instead of invading neighbors because they are weaker that you. China might get a rude surprise from Vietnam very soon because the Chinese Oil rig is back in Vietnams waters.
    I guess people never really learn from the past. China has never won a war since Mau. Russia has never won a war in recent history. So what make them so sure that people are not going to attack them openly. The Russian military can hardly keep its own in Ukraine, what is it going to do when it his a first line military. I know Russia’s Navy is not up to the task with 60% needing repairs and refitting. Russia’s Air force is not up to the task using cold war equipment. China has lots of people for their army but they should because their populations is in the billions. shear numbers are impressive, but it is now impressive against a nuke. The Chinese Navy is not up to the task. The Chinese Air Force has some good planes but is it really up for it.
    It would be better if Russia, China, and their friend Iran go back to their own playgrounds.

  124. the world is in deep doo doo ladies and gentelmen; and if the leaders dont get their act together we or most of us on this planet will be gone in a few hours or a few days or maybe a few weeks if lucky….and then again the survivors wont want to be alive ; so they say!!! not a cheerful future for mankind…..say a prayer folks or if you dont pray do what you do!!!

  125. you nor i cant change the future either ; and with crazy people running the worlds nukes we better pray or dig that hole or both!!!

  126. We all know that Russia’s economy is in peril, slow death is bitter sweet for this tyrannical leader. He might even loose his grip before the next US presidency. MY QUESTION is that EU has plenty of time to set-up an alternative source for energy before the next winter. Every winter they get spanked for being naughty. WHY DRAG YOUR FEET ???

  127. Valuewalk, all I can say about your articles of late is to quote Douglas MacArthur who once said, “Our
    country is now geared to an arms economy bred in an artificially induced
    psychosis of war hysteria and an incessant propaganda of fear.”

  128. “Wake Me Up When September Ends”

    Summer has come and passed
    The innocent can never last
    Wake me up when September ends

    Like my father’s come to pass
    Seven years has gone so fast
    Wake me up when September ends

    Here comes the rain again
    Falling from the stars
    Drenched in my pain again
    Becoming who we are

    As my memory rests
    But never forgets what I lost
    Wake me up when September ends

    Summer has come and passed
    The innocent can never last
    Wake me up when September ends

  129. Well I’m certainly not going to worry and if anyone puts a chip between anyone’s eyes it would take a surgeon. I’ll continue to work and know that when I’ve spent many hours in an operating room a member of my family will be there to drive me home and have a hot meal waiting on me when I get there. I wish you well in whatever fantasy land you’re living in.

  130. Even if it does it will mean absolutely nothing.
    Except to illusion filled people like yourself.
    And I knew I was right about the tinfoil cutting off your blood supply, I’m just surprised you admitted it!

  131. I suggest you flush out your head gear pal.
    Tell me, which country are we in that hasn’t invited us?
    Tell me comrade, why did those countries invite us?
    Tell me, did Ukraine invite Russia?
    Tell me, do you get your information from Russian Times?
    In re: We wouldn’t have to be there if it weren’t for Russia annexing Crimea and making their neighbors edgy.

  132. I am a Russian and have been married and living in the US for 17 years. I find Americans not brain dead and would work together to destroy anything or anyone that threatened their peace, and I would stand and fight next to them, even against Russia. Enjoy the video of my city in Russia. My sisters, brother and all of our children both Russian and American, were there when this was being filmed. We had gone to relocate our parents to America with us and all are very happy here.

  133. Putin is a thug living in a fantasy world of his ruthless KGB and Communism days. None of this was happening until Putin land grabbed Crimea and then invaded Ukraine and made Ukraine his killing fields. Putin is the blame right now for destroying Russia in the eyes of the world. Because of Putin and his lying and aggressions he’s destabilized world peace. Once Putin is gone it will take another generation for the world to trust Russia again.

  134. “How have we been provoking them”? Are you kidding or trying to ignore every base the U.S. has built in Russia’s neighboring states? Why do you think the whole Ukraine mess came about if not for the fact that the U.S. wants it to join NATO. I suggest doing some research before commenting.

  135. My my you are living in a fantasy world. Whats going to happen when they want to put a chip between your eyes so you can continue to work. The Maitreya is coming and you better be a believer and worshiper. until then enjoy your fantasy.

  136. Can’t. Our government is incapable of mending our many problems at home, and to cover it is constantly creating chaos around the world to distract peoples attention from problems at home.

  137. Ah…………a cheap insult.
    The first sign that you have no argument to stand behind.
    Ok, I’ll bite, how have we been provoking them?

  138. Just look who has been building base all around Russia since fall of USSR. Which country provoked Russia to attack Ukraine and why. As I said, an honest review of past two decade history will shed light on Putin’s behavior.

  139. Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Without Ukraine Russia ceases to be empire, while with Ukraine – bought off first and subdued afterwards, it automatically turns into empire…(…) the new world order under the hegemony of the United States is created against Russia and on the fragments of Russia. Ukraine is the Western outpost to prevent the recreation of the Soviet Union.”
    (In “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives”, written in 1997)

    International Business Conference at Ukraine in Washington – National Press Club – December 13, 2013, Victoria Nuland – Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs

    US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Nuland said: “Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government – all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. ” Nuland said the United States will continue to “promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

    Polish Death Squads Fighting in Ukraine. CIA Covert Operation?

  140. You know, if you ever find yourself on one of my operating tables be sure to let me know who you are. I would be more than happy to change your gender for you with one pull of a scalpel. You could then start HRT and have a coming out and show everyone the real sissy you are. Be sure to get you some lacy pink panties too.

  141. It occurs to me that TALK would be better than posturing. Of course we as human beings are prone to be uncooperative and ti’s likely that Putin’s ambitions which are fairly clear in terms of Russia re-establishing the USSR will not be going away soon. He can and should be undermined but somehow we’re not moving that way. Rather we are posturing ourselves and that is not the way to deal with this guy. PEACE!

  142. War is certainly a last resort when the US desperately would like to keep world domination in a situation where they see that they are losing it. Before that: propaganda war, sanctions, the overthrow of of government in Russia friendly countries…

    Wolfowitz Doctrine:
    “Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere, that poses a threat on the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union. This is a dominant consideration underlying the new regional defense strategy and requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power.”

    Hillary Clinton: There is a move to re-Sovietise the region (…) It’s not going to be called that. It’s going to be called a customs union, it will be called Eurasian Union and all of that, (…) But let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.
    (Hillary Clinton said in Dublin, as reported by the Financial Times, 6 December 2012)

    Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Without Ukraine Russia ceases to be empire, while with Ukraine – bought off first and subdued afterwards, it automatically turns into empire…(…) the new world order under the hegemony of the United States is created against Russia and on the fragments of Russia. Ukraine is the Western outpost to prevent the recreation of the Soviet Union.”
    (In “The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy And Its Geostrategic Imperatives”, written in 1997)

    International Business Conference at Ukraine in Washington – National Press Club – December 13, 2013, Victoria Nuland – Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs

    US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Nuland said: “Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government – all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals. ” Nuland said the United States will continue to “promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

  143. Not really so. My family can afford one and everyone we know that lives in this mountain valley can afford one. I know of no one building a bomb shelter. I’ve yet to read anything on a news site that would make me paranoid. I’m also originally from Russia and if I’m not paranoid then you shouldn’t be either.

  144. In a world without the political governmental arms of each country destroying the very planet that we all share, all countries peoples could live in peace.

  145. just an avatar, have no meaning to it and i’m not a Russian.Just a person who isn’t brainwashed and brain-dead like Americans.

  146. Just compare how many people have US killed and how many countries they invaded in last three decades against Russia.You will realize who the real Satan is.

  147. Your rants are just that to me, worthless conversation. Your avitar shows to be the botoxed face of Putin. Is Putin one of our fantasies? Are you Russian? I’m originally from Russia.

  148. Never underestimate the madness of American politicians. They threw two atomic bombs on Japan, when they was close to defeat, only to announce worldwide who is new world bully. They using al-Qaeda as a tool of foreign policy.

    “The photo of John McCain posing with terrorists and kidnappers in Syria encapsulates, perfectly, everything wrong with the position of McCain and others that the U.S. ought to insert itself into Syria’s civil war.”

    On being asked, “about any regrets having supported Islamic fundamentalism, which has given arms and advice to future terrorists?”

    Brzezinski replied – “What is more important in world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some agitated Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?” (Le Nouvel Observateur, 1998)

    Hillary: “We also have a history kind of moving in and out of Pakistan. Let’s remember here. The people we are fighting today, we funded twenty years ago and we did it because we were locked in trouble with Soviet Union they invaded Afghanistan and we didn’t want to see them controlling central Asia and we went to work. It was president Regan in partnership with congress led by democrat’s who said you know what? Loving! Pretty good idea! lets deal with the ISI in the Pakistani military lets go recruit Mujahidin, that’s great, lets get some to come from Saudi Arabia and other places importing their WAHABI brand of Islam so that we can go to beat the Soviet Union and guess what? They retreated, they lost billion of dollars and it led to the collapse Soviet Union.

  149. I’m sure, Russia won’t allow that to happen.Losing a close friend isn’t a option here and probably that’s the reason that US and Israel doesn’t have the balls to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities.

  150. Who exactly thinks they will be the winner of this war? Insane lunatics. Putin is truly an evil loon. All parties involved are lunatics. Putin seems to be a rare breed of megalomaniacal evil creep. Just madness, evil and greed.

  151. Am i wrong?..Wasn’t US the one who created Taliban’s to fight off Russia in Afghanistan and afterwards they labelled them as ” Terrorists”.

  152. 6 million civilians and soldiers has so far died due to American interventions and then Americans wonder why the rest of world hates their guts this much.I know, that controlled media does a fine job but is it that hard to realize that America and Americans are cancer to rest of the world…

    This country and its brainwashed and brain-dead people deserve to die, There i said it.

  153. Here we go again…. A nuke WWIII will obliterate the 1% too. Do they have the mania to start it? If they do, we need to lock them up. Anyone who willingly starts such a war must be a mad person and must be put down/away/under….NATO is the means of the mad 1% who keeps pouring money into a war machine that is gone almost out of control. Why is it pushing itself on territories which were relinquished by the USSR? Why is it planning coup d’etats under the colored revolutions (NGOs incited/coordinated uprisings)?

  154. Oh please, Don’t Bull$#it me with cave people.Us created them to begin with just like they did with ISIS.

    Wherever US decided to interfere, Only Death an Destruction is left.

  155. Without the US, more or less being the world police, you may be wearing a towel around your head and speaking a new language and have a new religion, or would you, depends on where you live and I’m sure it’s not in the US.

  156. US should mind their own business and stop acting like world police.Their thrust for blood and power will be the death of them.

  157. The writer speaks just like an educated idiot. He heeds to go back to his game playing. It’s easy to say what you want when all you know is your darkened bedroom. Russia is a country with 9 time zones. Count ’em – 9. Who is going to attack Russia? No one. Not even the Chinese NATO is a joke. I know. I was stationed in Europe for 24 consecutive years. These so called Armies, with perhaps the exceptions of the French and English are not worthy of the names. Any sophisticated weapons the West may have are likely (and certainly) countered by Russian weapons of equal or greater power. The new Russian fighter is superior in every measurable aspect to the JSF 35. The JSF is not even in production yet because of all the technical problems and costs a Czar’s ransom per copy. Lastly, if this idiot writer thinks a war will be fought on Russian soil or in Europe, he needs a kick in the butt. About 6-8 well placed MOPs (non-nuclear, of course) in the USA (yes, Russia has these also) will collapse the North American infrastructure for decades. Ask me for some targets. But the USA will not be able to sit back and watch a war on the evening news anymore. Picking on countries that have nothing are easy targets. An aircraft carrier looks invincible when there is no navy to attack. Carriers are sitting ducks. And one missile can penetrate all the way through one.

  158. Uh, forgive me for bringing this up, but,…..a Sovereign Nation taking land from another – by FORCE is a goad to others. To expect anyone to consecrate the thought that because Ukraine was looking West (though since a “Quisling” was in place) working for Moscow to begin with (he didn’t try to make things better which I hear from Ukraine begot the Madan) then where does Moscow’s puppet fly off to? His buddy Putin. If this is the reason for bloodshed and the death of thousands of Ukrainian’s then I don’t understand how the West or NATO could be in the way of Russian Interest’s.They got what they wanted – and apparently NEED more. Allowing the people of Ukraine but not Russian {no popular vote so no suffrage}, to vote on it is a much more civilized way of determining this issue but ships and barely disguised Russian troops landed and – sorry, History shows elections in both Nations having usually a bit more organization and not a wet copy of seceding right off the Red Stamp DUMA and Assembly without any discussion. Invasion is not something others around Russia who – whether part and parcel once of a Soviet Union Empire seem to prefer on the whole. Done and done – I see no reason ANY Sovereign Nation HAS TO CHOOSE RUSSIA OVER THE WEST. It shouldn’t be a either or for any nation. If Putin needs time to build up his military and navy and nuclear forces – the mores the pity. All that cash going for,…..? Nothing. I bet the Pew Foundation never went walking around to seek out their ballots – too many are looking for work or trying to save their homes from “Western Sanctions”. Blaming another country for one’s ills smacks of a great propaganda set up. Think Putin is still around 80%? Yeah, most likely. Good ole’ buddy calling for “early elections” at this time of “crisis” should be plenty to convince the most jaded that Putin had a hand in that. If he can’t extend the term – hell,…extend the start date!

  159. Simple, just look whose weapons, money and manpower is behind the NATO. The Europe in general is no longer interested in war specifically with Russia. From the other hand, the U.S. government has been provoking Russia from day one of fall of USSR. And if you look at war and chaos in other regions of the world, you will only find finger print of the U.S. government behind them all.

  160. Looks like Soetoro and the bankers are going to set the world on fire to cover up the derivatives scam blown by the Geek default. Sadly they forgot to send me a bunker pass.

  161. Russia can keep on wasting their money on more nukes. We don’t even need 15,000 ourselves. Maybe a dozen would do. Our one subs “Boomer” alone can destroy any country. Thousands of chemical laser in AK for counter measures including all US ships would be a better well spent investment. We may even have the capability to be able to shoot and destroy from the sky any rocket launched from any adversary around the globe.

  162. In Putin’s deranged psychotic fantasy mind he seems to think everyone is afraid of him. Everything Putin is doing,

    including his land grab of Crimea and his invasion of Ukraine is backfiring in his face. Putin is your typical lying and greedy dictator. His back is in a corner and all he can do is cry wolf and make threatening jesters to anyone outside his regime of punk thug gangsters,

  163. Isn’t this wonderful. Putin the Terrible is sabre rattling, and its going to cost everyone more and more money to “keep up appearances”. He has a tiny economy…1/21st the size of the EU and the US…but he doesn’t care. He counting on western nations to look away from his blatant thuggery. It’s not going to happen.

  164. Why do we always think we will just get lucky and this will end peacefully? Someday it wont, and we will all get incinerated.

  165. Scheming to not continue being frozen-out? Duh. The poisoned reasoning from the western hegemony goes something like this: “Hey, no fair. You can’t sell oil. Only we’re allowed to sell oil, etc.”

  166. see thats what i mean , russia not to long ago put 30,000 troops around ukraine , almost overnight and nato still messes around with 13,000 troops and there are multiple countries in nato, why do they keep playing games. They should start with a 100,000 and secure all borders if this event is going to go down anyway, and multiple ships and planes from the strong countries of nato. Everyone always plays games, just make the point already.

  167. ValueWalk reported sometime ago that the BRICS nations have been scheming to create their own central bank,
    as the major political and business figures from the Eastern world
    continue to be frozen out of the existing global economic

    scheming huh?

  168. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: “Christopher Morris is a passionate player of video games since the days of Space Invaders, and is extensively published on the subjects of Business, Technology and Politics among other subjects, being a regular contributor to Yahoo”

    Really Yahoo, this guy? Am I supposed to take him seriously?

  169. “The subsequent encircling of the nation with a large quotient of military force was only likely to ramp up tensions further.”

    I suggest the author look up the definition of the word encircling. NATO countries are only on a fraction of Russia’s borders, and the paltry numbers mentioned for rapid reaction forces wouldn’t be enough to launch any kind of invasion of even a small country, let alone Russia. Whipping up irrational fear between the West and Russia serves no one.

  170. The video game player who wrote this has been playing too many games. Neither the US nor Russia is run by suicidal maniacs. The only wars they are prepping for are cold and propaganda wars. Those “wars” get votes,bolster images and give the politicians shiny new toys to play with. The other kind kills politicians, along with every other living thing, and is not going to happen.

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