Microsoft Surface Hub: Largest Windows 10 Device

Microsoft wants to bring the Surface experience to conference rooms throughout the world. The tech giant is building the Surface Hub, a large touchscreen tablet for businesses. Microsoft’s initiative to build the large tablet within the United States is a surprising move considering most of its products are made overseas.

Microsoft Surface Hub: Largest Windows 10 Device

The Surface Hub is an exciting all-in-one device that can be used for a variety of presentations including video conferencing, whiteboards, and projectors. The large tablet screen will be ideal for executive meetings and other business related events.

A closer look at The Surface Hub

Most presentations are made with Excel and PowerPoint. It is usually set up by connecting a laptop to the projector. Microsoft hopes to simplify everything with Surface Hub. The tablet runs on Windows 10, but it doesn’t boot into the standard desktop mode, instead it offers a simplified menu with routine meeting tasks. The system enables the user to join a meeting, create a video conference call, start the whiteboard software, or connect the device to share information.

Surface Hub is a single unit with all the components packed into one single device. It features NVIDIA Graphics card, Intel Core i7 processor, USB inputs, HDMI inputs, and video cameras. The system also makes it easy for participants to access conferences remotely through Skype. Users can view the conference remotely and conference attendees can view remote users.

Microsoft hopes to benefit businesses

Microsoft’s device provides a cost-effective solution compared to telepresence systems like Polycom and Cisco. It can also be managed like other Windows-based devices. This saves companies from having to create a separate team to manage software updates.

According to Microsoft, there are already a small number of companies who are interested in the upcoming product. Notable companies who have shown interest include Cleveland Clinic, Shop Architects, and Barlit Beck.