Microsoft Corporation Updates Video Search For Bing

Microsoft just updated its search engine’s video search feature. Bing’s new feature includes larger video thumbnails and the ability for searchers to preview videos before actually clicking to view the whole video.

The updated search results include additional information that gives the user more details on the video, including upload date and view count. Those who are searching for music will discover a module feature at the top of the results page showing a photo of the artist and a list of their top songs. The video suggestions will be displayed further down the page in a separate module with other video recommendations.

Microsoft Corporation Updates Video Search For Bing

Bing’s focus on music video search

The new features are part of Bing’s focus on music videos. Perhaps the best thing about Bing’s new search feature is the fact that it shows results from the entire web and not just YouTube.

Last week, Bing also got a little more security when Microsoft encrypted search traffic by default. Although the search engine previously offered encrypted search as an option for over a year, this is the first time the feature will be standard. Bing is a little late in the game as Yahoo and Google introduced the encryption standard years ago.

Bing makes encryption search standard

Microsoft will also include referral strings within searches so webmasters know when the user was referred from Bing, however, the query terms will no longer be passed on. Microsoft will still access information from aggregated keywords and ranking data from advertiser tools. Microsoft claims the information is made available but that it does not compromise overall customer security.

The Bing search engine may not be as popular as other search engines like Google or Yahoo, but it still commands a strong presence. Although Europeans hardly use Bing as a search engine, it is growing in the United States and currently accounts for 20% of the entire market.