Man Saves Himself From Exploding Apple iPhone 6 In India

Reports from India claim that a man narrowly escaped injury after his iPhone 6 exploded during a phone call.

The man had bought the iPhone just two days earlier from a renowned gadget shop for 60,000 Rupees, which is equivalent to $945. Initially happy with his purchase of the 64GB grey model, he was shocked when sparks started flying from the device during a phone call.

Man Saves Himself From Exploding Apple iPhone 6 In India

Man throws iPhone out of car

Kishan Yadav was driving as he made a hands-free call, when he noticed that the iPhone 6 was sparking and had become extremely hot. He managed to throw the device from the car window, and watched in shock as it exploded as it hit the ground.

“My face could have got burn (sic) as the phone exploded in a matter of seconds,” Yadav told The Times of India. “When I threw the phone, the call was on and the battery was around 70 percent.”

Yadav told the Times that he returned to the store with the burned out device, but employees told him that the problem should be resolved directly with Apple. The manufacturer reportedly took Yadav’s iPhone, but it is not clear whether or not he has received a replacement.

First exploding iPhone 6 in India

This is the first time that an iPhone 6 has exploded in India since it was launched last year. However in other parts of the world, such faults are reported every so often. Most of them can be blamed on faulty accessories or internal parts, and it is by no means a huge problem with Apple devices.

The incident in India happened last week but came to the attention of the press after Yadav filed a police complaint. However a similar story made the news this February after a man in Long Island was burned after his iPhone 5C caught fire.

Charging devices have been blamed for previous instances of exploding devices, but it is not clear whether Yadav was using a charger. A Minnesota man was hospitalized for more than a week last year after his iPhone wall charger exploded when he connected his iPhone 5.