iPhone 7 To Feature Dual-Lens Camera: Report

iPhone 7 To Feature Dual-Lens Camera: Report
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Apple has been working on a dual-lens camera setup for the last three years. The Cupertino company has perfected the technology, and it is all set to appear in the iPhone 7, claims a new report coming out of Taiwan. Citing Xiaru Wen, the CEO of Altek, Taiwanese website Business Weekly said that Apple has resolved all the performance issues and developed various apps that would take advantage of the new dual-lens camera.

Largan boosts camera lens production capacity for iPhone 7

Xiaru Wen’s Altek makes dual-lens camera modules for HTC and Huawei, which lends credibility to his statement. The iPhone maker wanted to ensure that the technology will have the software to fully support it. Business Weekly says Apple was facing a few technical difficulties. Some test units captured blurred images due to a problem called optical axis deviation.

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However, Apple has resolved the issue, thanks to LinX Imaging that the tech giant purchased for $20 million in April this year. Now the only thing stopping Apple from incorporating the dual-lens camera in the iPhone 7 is that supplier yield is not high enough to meet Apple’s requirements. Largan, a company that is responsible for 80% of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus camera lenses, recently announced that it was working to double its production capacity.

Largan’s announcement has fueled speculations that the Cupertino-based tech giant would incorporate the dual-lens camera in iPhone 7. Rumor