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GoPro Inc Cloud Plan To Help It Create A Strong Ecosystem

GoPro has tasted huge success with its Hero action cameras. The company knows that building a solid ecosystem is key to a sustained long-term growth. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman has been positioning it as a media company rather than just a hardware maker. Earlier this year, the company launched a Roku channel to push further into the content business.

GoPro to build an iTunes type management system

Now Woodman is planning to offer cloud services to make it easier for users to share all their action footage. In an interview with Matt Burns of TechCrunch, GoPro founder Nick Woodman said that users’ content is stuck on the SD cards. Even though smartphones allow users to share videos and pictures instantly, they still have to go through several steps. And GoPro aims to reduce the number of steps.

Most users don’t have the time to edit footage, which is lying in the stacks of SD cards. That’s where the cloud may help. GoPro is planning to build an “iTunes type management system that just works.” Woodman revealed that the company’s cloud services are still in the early stage of development. He also talked about how it would work.

How GoPro’s cloud service would work

Woodman said when the action camera is plugged in for charging, the service will automatically upload the data to a cloud service. It will eliminate the need of manually transferring data from an SD card to editing software. Users can edit the footage and share it right from the cloud service. The service may include a feature that trims long footage into highlight reels.

Woodman believes the cloud offering will help boost Hero camera sales because users will be able to enjoy the footage more easily. Plus, GoPro will gain insights into its customers. Woodman admitted that the company doesn’t have much data about its users and their usage patterns. GoPro stands to gain a lot of user data when customers register for its cloud services.

GoPro shares fell 1.33% to $58.61 at 11:46 AM EDT on Tuesday.