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Google Inc Gives Marketers A New Tool To Track Across Devices

Google has come up with a new tool to measure the effectiveness of ads even if they are viewed later and on various devices. The search engine giant is making it easier to know when the ads are effective even if they trigger the sales after being viewed across different gadgets such as smartphones, desktop computers and tablets.

More assistance to marketers

Neal Mohan, vice president for video and display advertising, noted in a blog post that the service will be able to track customers’ response the moment they tap an ad on the mobile phone and end with a purchase from a personal computer. Mohan said, “It’s not just one device — 90 percent of consumers move from device to device throughout the course of the day.” Mohan said that often a potential customer sees the ad on a desktop computer at work, but buys the product from home on his or her laptop or tablet.

Google’s double click unit is offering the new tool. Previously, this tool was available on Google’s Adwords feature, and was used by business to buy placements next to search results.

This is yet another step from the Mountain View, California-based company to assist marketers in identifying users on mobile gadgets given the increasing use of smartphones and tablets to visit websites. Just last month, Google noted that in the U.S., Japan and other countries, users prefer handheld devices for Internet searches rather than PCs.

Google vs. Facebook…who will win?

With the launch of the new tool, Google is challenging Facebook, whose Atlas ad server primarily uses a cross device measurement technique that helps advertisers to use Facebook data in targeting ads on other sites. The cross device measurement system of Facebook relies on unspecified Facebook login identifiers such as an email address or phone number to track individual users who were targeted by ads to see if they actually visited a website to buy the product. Google is also looking to exploit its database with details about users who enjoy its services such as Gmail, YouTube and others.

Separately, Google also rolled out a service to make selling of native ads easier. Additionally, the company is also making efforts to make buying and selling spots on premium websites quickly and easily.