Google Asking Users If Satisfied With Play Store Search

Google users are reporting that they are receiving a survey with questions regarding the Google Play Store search service over applications such as Google Map and YouTube. A Reddit user named SpiderDice posted the questions, which look like a simple survey, with responses between “Dissatisfied” to “Satisfied,” to find out if users are were happy with the search results.


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Is Google looking to enhance Play store search?

The survey indicates that Google is considering upgrading the search engine within the Play Store. As of now, it can’t be determined if the company is seeking to improve and redesign the existing search facility or is just beefing up the current system along with integrating better filters and categorization.

In the past, there have been complaints that Google Play Store search engine algorithm is different from the one used by Google Now voice recognition service. Apparently, the search engine giant may have a different technique for interpreting voice commands, or maybe many applications have a distinctive name that is easy for the voice search engine to interpret.

Google also offers the opinion rewards application, which pays customers for their survey results. The search engine giant asks the customer to take part in survey based on a mix of their demographic and recent location history. Such surveys are also taken to gauge Google’s location sensing technologies. Google’s opinion rewards application pays the customers a small amount after every survey into their Google Play store balance, which can then be used to buy applications, music and books.

Making Chrome better

Google recently laid out a few changes that will help to lower strain on the CPU caused by Chrome, which is known for hoarding RAM and battery. The internet firm will be changing the way Chrome prioritizes foreground and background tabs. Measures will be taken to lower the CPU strain while loading pages such as Google search results.

“The Chrome team has no intention of sitting idly by (pun intended) when our users are suffering,” Google said in a post.

Separately, the search engine giant announced a new feature for the Chrome beta release…not loading ‘non-critical’ Flash plugins until the user clicks on them. Though it’s a small change, it will impact performance a big way. With these changes, Google is all set to retain its position as the power user’s browser.

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