Google’s Driverless Cars Hit California’s Streets

Google’s Driverless Cars Hit California’s Streets
WDnetStudio / Pixabay

Google has fulfilled the promise it made last month of putting its prototype self-driving cars on the streets of California this summer.

It’s just the start

“OK, Google, drive me to work.” This could definitely be our words in a few years as Google made an announcement yesterday that its self-driving cars are now motoring around the roads of Mountain View, Calif.

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For safety reasons, the cars have drivers behind the wheel the entire time and can only travel at a speed of 25mph. The car will have “a removable steering wheel, accelerator pedal and a brake pedal that allow them to take over driving if needed,” says a post from Google’s driverless car team.

Google has also set up a website on which drivers can share their experiences about driving these tiny vehicles. Google has already made it clear that it will be running numerous self-driving pilot programs in the next few years, suggesting that this is just a start to find a solution to a very long process of regulatory and technological challenges, which every automaker is trying to find a solution to.

Different from the initial announcement by Google

Even though these driverless cars will have drivers and steering wheels in them while they are under observation