China Successfully Tests Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Wu-14

China Successfully Tests Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Wu-14
MaoNo / Pixabay

In a move that has alarmed the United States, China has confirmed that it has successfully tested its hypersonic nuclear-capable missile Wu-14. It was the missile’s fourth successful testing in less than 18 months. But the latest one was far more complicated than the previous three. That’s probably the reason the United States described it as an “extreme maneuver.”

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China’s Wu-14 can penetrate the U.S. missile defense systems

The hypersonic nuclear delivery vehicle can travel up to ten times the speed of sound or 7,680 miles per hour. That means, if launched from Shanghai, it can hit San Francisco in about 50 minutes. The even bigger cause of worry for the United States is that it is fully capable of penetrating the U.S. missile defense systems. The test was carried out in Western China last week.

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China tested the missile just days before the Central Military Commission vice-chairman Fan Changlong left for the U.S. on a week-long visit. Military observers told the South China Morning Post that the missile test reinforced China’s nuclear deterrent in response to the United States’ interference in South China Sea disputes.

Military experts said the launch was timed to boost Fan Changlong’s bargaining power on the negotiation table when he met with the U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Professor He Qisong of the Shanghai University of Political Science and Law said the Wu-14 test was probably a response to a U.S. spy jet’s flight over the disputed South China Sea last month.

China downplays missile test

By testing a missile capable of penetrating the U.S. missile defense systems, China has sent a clear signal that it is fully capable of defending its territorial sovereignty. However, Chinese military officials termed it a routine “scientific research and experiment,” reports The Washington Free Beacon. Tensions have risen between the world’s two biggest economies as China continues to build artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea.

Other countries in the area such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Brunei, Taiwan and Malaysia also claim territorial rights in the region. The U.S. defense secretary Ashton Carter last month asked China to “implement a lasting halt on land reclamation, cease further militarization, and pursue a peaceful resolution of territorial disputes in accordance with international law.”


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  10. Mikeala is correct. The U.S has nothing laserwise that can handle a Wu-14. Lasers lack the power so the exist mostly in test labs.

  11. Yea right you really think there is a Reagan Star Wars Laser network in place? Think again … It doesn’t exist and it failed remember?

    There are only experimental lasers. Which have been around for decades now. At best they can bring down small drones in specific test cases or burn rubberboats. Which takes minutes to do any significant damage.

    The fact that you have to call people idiots and trolls here makes it obvious that there are no lasers which can bring down this chinese firecracker …

    IF … as you say there have been lasers tested which can bring this thing down? Why don’t you name that lasersystem?

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    And if you think laserweapons travel at the speed of light you need a education! The laserbeam may go a lil faster but the weapons definately go way way slower.

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    You are going to quote SCS but that argument is illogical since I know nothing of you. Yours info, I am assuming is very bias.

    Do you live in the US? Are you an American? Are you are regular Fox news watcher? Are you a rep or dem? Are you bible lover? Are you in the military?

    Come on

  29. “AND not having to pay trolls to send out propaganda!”

    I didn’t know they did that in Russia, too.

    In China, they are called Wumao and they get 5RMB for every pro-China message or for flaming any message critical of China on the internet. Thousands participate. I thought it was a form of desperation particular to China. Interesting to note they do it in Russia, too.

    Thanks for the update.

  30. If that is the best you can contribute to the R&D of the WU-14 you need to finish middle school then make a new remark. OK, with that said I apologize for this remark and my first smart assed remark. But the speed was not a issue, the metallurgy was and is the problem. On Oct of 1967 William Knight became the first man to fly at hypersonic speeds. He broke all speed records at 4,520 mph, this is very very close to mach 7. China’s WU-14 is a glider like re-entry vehicles except it stays in lower altitudes. The US has the Waverider, Hyper-Soar, XR-72 and a couple others but these are all scram-jet powered. Darpa works on the mach 5 to mach 10 vehicles while NASA today works on the mach 10 to mach25 vehicles. All of this information is available in Hypersonic Vehicles on the web. The metal these vehicles are made of tends to heat up past the point where it is usable. The US has been able to push vehicles past the point of hypersonic speeds since the late 1960’s but the heat tends to be the problem. Today any launch of hypersonic vehicles are easily spotted by satellites shortly after launch because of their heat image. Nothing you mentioned has to do with the problem I have been seeing in the released reports by the US or China. Both countries keep the best information to themselves so the research part of these vehicles is still unknown. Darpa did release a report saying the US would have a operational vehicle in 2023. But like the F-117, nobody knew about it being operational until it was put in service. Again not being a smart assed but trying to be honest in what I have on my computer right here in front of me.

  31. Red herrings?

    “China is just doing what it should be doing, that is to keep the sea
    passages clear of western influence.”

    No it isn’t, it’s doing much more than that. If you insist that any fact that challenges your whitewashed Sino-philiac viewpoint is nothing more than a red herring, then you’ve disqualified yourself from discussing what you wrote.

    The “red herrings” I cited destroy the misguided (misdirecting?) notion that China is merely keeping the sea passages clear of western influence, unless you wish to include any Asian nation with legal claims to those waters as being under western influence, merely by virtue of having a relationship of some sort with the west, which apart from being silly as that also describes China, also unfortunately puts you right back at expansionist justification.

    The question here really is are YOU going to discuss what you wrote?

    The charge stands.

  32. We already are many states. The federal government only survives because the people allow it to. You know nothing about our system of government. If you are talking about the minor unrest in places like Baltimore I can assure you no one is worried.

  33. Um, the USSR no longer exists does it. So yeah humiliated fits. We use Russian rockets because they are convenient and within a few years we wont use them at all thanks to a blossoming private space industry. Using their rockets is an act of international welfare more than anything else.

  34. Correct, the cold war had ended and the budget was reduced because we did not need as much manpower or fleets of vehicles. I guess context is a little too much for you to comprehend. It isn’t a blow to my theory as research never stopped and is still producing innovative products while the democrat base of voters still want military budgets slashed. You’re outgunned intellectually spare yourself from further embarrassment. Your childish name calling is proof of your defeat and your inability to play with an intelligent adult.

  35. I don’t think you realize how bad a 6% dip is.

    Anyways, you sound a bit like a nutjob. Like one of those ultra-patriotic Americans who thinks America is the greatest thing ever. And I don’t have to be a millionaire for Americans to still have more millionaires than China by a long shot. Heck, European countries have more millionaires than China.

    Again, their economic output is that of NEW YORK CITY. One American city. That’s pathetic.

  36. You’re a moron aren’t you? You really think America wants to attack China? They make all our stuff, we buy said stuff. No one can buy what we buy no one is making what they make. Don’t be such an anti-militaristic conspiracist.

  37. Wow I see you served your country with the wiki company?

    Oh boy even the founder says it’s all bogus. Banned in all well educated schools. And the disclaimer says the information can’t be trusted.

    There are no defensive lasers capable of schooting down this thing. That simply stands. The only field experimental laser is on 2 US Navy ships and all it can do is take down small drones and rubberboats …

    HELLADS? Doesn’t work outside the lab. Tracking and guidance is too slow. And with 150Kw way underpowered.

    ATL? Air Force Scientific Advisory Board report stating “the Advanced Tactical Laser testbed has no operational utility. Aka the project was sacked.

    The Boeing? Scrapmetal … Not gonna shoot stuff down.

    THEL? Discontinued and also scrapmetal.

    I would say that naming all the things that failed before is a prime example of how NOT to use wiki to broaden anyones knowledge.

    Just name one lasersystem that can down this Chinese firecracker and we’ll talk. Which is never cos it doesn’t exisit. Simple.

  38. The most difficult part of a missile/rocket is the engine and aerodynamics and load bearing of sharp turns at such speeds. It wasn’t clear if they were simply testing an engine or the rocket body with engine, etc. The rest of it can be developed alongside, and should be trivial at this point because the heavy lifting of researching critical real-time electronics has been done in decades past. It seems like I have a better grasp of R&D than you do.

    Take note. Thats how you respond to a comment without being a condescending douche.

  39. They certainly want to be a major power – however, economics trumps all. Their economy is based on exports, and will continue to be even though it will shift to less reliance on them. A war would prove too costly to their economy and the house of cards would come down. Nutjob preppers say otherwise I realize…

  40. any sort of attack even remotely serious would cause significant economic damage (think stock market crashes, etc.). No poor assumptions here, only reality.

  41. Putin has not only lied the whole world, but also ruined the whole world, by killing is own fellow ciizens, who opposed him. Putin not only lied the world, but also created war zone in all over Russia and Europe. He is neither man or woman by his look and he looks more like hermaphrodite than real man, his brain does not function NORMAL, he is suffering from brain tumor and AIDS they say. His days are numbered and soon he will die like a stray dog and the world will celebrate his death day all over the globe.

  42. What ‘slowdown’?! You mean from 15% growth to 8% growth? Like I said, they just added 1-million new millionaires last year! When are you going to be a millionaire and help balance out these numbers? The Chinese are coming to America ‘for fun’ and to buy expensive cloths, by the tens of thousands, every year? You are still thinking of the China of 10 years ago (or even 5 years ago). Forget just income (which is now over $15K for the average middle class Chinese) because their cost of living is less than 1/3 what ours is. So $15K over there, is like $45K over here, which is the same. But there are now millions of Chinese that can easily afford the $10K-$15K necessary to visit the U.S., travel all over, and buy lots of things! Can you easily afford to go to China for 3-4 weeks? Will your employer even let you? Do you even get any vacation time? You are clueless about what’s going on in the world. The U.S. ‘economy’ is still doing OK, but its people and its infrastructure is going down hill, really fast.

    Here’s an example today’s China:

  43. Horse sheet. If a country want democracy (Ukraine), and supported by its people, then this is “conquer and humiliate? LMFAO Believe it or not most people after living nicely in the ex-soviet satellites like I pads, non-intrusive government, western reforms, and MONEY! In 2015 many people do not want to live like in the 50’s and 60’s…do you? Well Putin is going to be gone by September. I know this for a fact. He barely escaped a coup in these past few months. This next time in September it is a done deal. People want a normal life, not a communist life. You are spewing filth as a paid troll! You are also hurting your own Russian people doing so selling yourself out maggot.

  44. China has 0 training and an absolute joke. I would enjoy these next few years, with more countries implementing robot manufacturing you are done. Get the latest and greatest tech now because it the few decades you will fall back to the nothing you were.

  45. I doubt it. China went through an economic boon through unregulated industry. That’s changed now. They are slowing down down and making mistakes.

    A poor American has more income than a middle class Chinese.

  46. are you stupid?
    the point..brain surgeon is that america can not launch attacks with the belief they can deter any response.
    please…..DO NOT HAVE ANY KIDS.

  47. I hate to keep asking you for facts or proof but can you name one lie Putin has told ? Look on YouTube and most every politician who speaks in the U.S. has been caught lying. As I said before emotions, envy and unfounded opinions should not be used in serious discussions !

  48. DARPA’s Project Falcon might be a complete failure with zero success, but at least the CG they made is useful for something … for use by journalists to cover every Chinese success

    Funny part is Chinese vehicle don’t even look like that, because as DARPA found out, the design shown don’t actually work

  49. But you can reflect it, and with a retro reflector always back to the source, bye bye laser

    Of course that’s not how things work, if you know enough physics to understand atomspheric absorption, material absorption, beam spread and flux density, you would also know lasers actually don’t work because by the time it gets close enough for you to heat it up, its already 2 seconds from your face

  50. Oh you are an aerospace engineer? Really?
    Because you don’t seem to know the difference between ballistics and flying

    You should also know performing extreme maneuvers isn’t possible without an atmosphere

    Did you also work on Project Falcon and AHW? Because they keep breaking up or blowing up at much lower speed, could be your work.

  51. Any country that can place a satellite in low earth orbit can accelerate a vehicle to Mach 25, it’s called high school physics, something I hear non-Chinese Americans are having trouble with these days

    But can your ICBM fly like an airplane, make 90 degree turns, climb, turn again, dive, all at Mach 10, and hit any ship in the Pacific within half an hour from launch?

    Didn’t think so

    Oh but DARPA wanted to, with Project Falcon, it just keeps breaking up in mid air, shame, maybe they didn’t do very good in high school physics. But on the bright side, Project Falcon might be canceled with zero success, but the CG render of HTV-2, its still alive and well being used by journalists for every successful Chinese flight.

    And then there’s the much slower Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, at least it flew one flight at Mach 8, no maneuvers but at least didn’t breakup, progress. Too bad on the second flight it blew up on the launch pad, bringing the Kodiak Launch Complex with it, going to be almost a year now, no news since. American engineering at work.

    But DARPA hasn’t given up, no, Mach 10+ global strike might be beyond US technology, but Mach 5, that should be doable, just call it “tactical”, so what if it’s range is less than a cruise missile, better than breaking up.

    People tend to yawn when the don’t have much brain activity.

  52. the people of the two countries seriously lack of understand,china’s technology drop behind American’s more than 20 years,all china’s citizens know this fact and studying hard from westen world,development build upon peace,perhaps 50
    years later we can catch up with americans,but not now ,so it is our duty to work harder for our children’s catching up.

  53. Ok, so it beats our missiles by 10 minutes. They act as if they could stop thousands of MARVed warheads or something. Next.

  54. on what distance was tested ? 100-200-300 km ? few 1000 km is hard to make even with this weapon, there is time to intercept, but to shot down ???

  55. Chinese can make good friends….XI did that with Putin, XI did that with African leader, XI did with SE Asian nations claiming the disputed island.. give me a break oh man….

  56. what debt, the money stolen from US, the skills stolen from US, the technology stolen from US and above. all US tax payers are feeding your dictators and your citizens chinks OK

  57. ….”Dominate and humiliate Russia? We did that 3 decades ago”… Lol.. What’s more humiliating than begging for your rival’s car for your wedding! America hitchhikes to space via ‘humiliated’ Russian spacecraft.LOL

  58. While admitting that America and NATO are very caring and benevolent I
    wouldn’t shy away from pointing out their double standards. These double
    standards are the root cause of our predicament. On the one hand the
    Baltic States have every right to choose where they wish to belong, but
    on the other hand the predominantly Russian people of Crimea and E.
    Ukraine don’t have that right. If only America and NATO would just be
    diplomatically skillful enough to allow some kind of a political buffer
    zone between the alliance and Russia world peace would no doubt be
    guaranteed. Question is would NATO accept membership from Africa?
    Definitely NO. So the pretext of ‘democratic responsibility’ towards
    Russia’s neighbors is exposed. The intention is to conquer and
    humiliate, nothing else! Why? Because of science and technology
    jealousy/fear. Whenever jealousy and fear aren’t handled skillfully we
    have conflict / war. And the kind of war we’re pushing for is
    IRREVERSIBLE ARMAGEDDON, whether Russia is poor like Brazil or not. Most times the poor are more desperate, ruthless and daring than the rich, because the poor have less to live for.

  59. While admitting that America and NATO are very caring and benevolent I wouldn’t shy away from pointing out their double standards. These double standards are the root cause of our predicament. On the one hand the Baltic States have every right to choose where they wish to belong, but on the other hand the predominantly Russian people of Crimea and E. Ukraine don’t have that right. If only America and NATO would just be diplomatically skillful enough to allow some kind of a political buffer zone between the alliance and Russia world peace would no doubt be guaranteed. Question is would NATO accept membership from Africa? Definitely NO. So the pretext of ‘democratic responsibility’ towards Russia’s neighbors is exposed. The intention is to conquer and humiliate, nothing else! Why? Because of science and technology jealousy/fear. Whenever jealousy and fear aren’t handled skillfully we have conflict / war. And the kind of war we’re pushing for is IRREVERSIBLE ARMAGEDDON, whether Russia is poor like Brazil or not.

  60. haan yeh ants ko marne ke liye nahi banna sach kaha aap nae aour mere chanda chand sae zameen par ajao yahaan bohat kuch tabdeel ho giya hae
    12 country nae JF Thandar ka ORDER de diya hae Pakistan ko aour aapko batawon ek raz ki baat yeh JF Thandar lakrri ke bane haen LOL hahahaha ULOO KA PATHA
    iss baat ko saari dunia maan rahi hae aour rai sahib aap uss kabootar ki tarha mutmain hae jiss nae aankheen band kar ke kaha tha ke “Billi ghaib ho gai hae”
    aap apni zuban maen reply kareen aapki zuban abhi gongi nahi hoi

  61. hahahahahah China chub giya naa China hae hi chubne ke liyeh edhar karo peeth mirchi saf kar doon mujhey ehsaas hae aap ki taqleef ka

  62. Jay,
    Granted, the 50% is a quite arbitrary number. However, it would still mean that we would spend, by far, a great deal more than several of the next largest nations combined. In addition, the U.S. is naturally protected by 2 large oceans and the country itself is quite large and not a likely target for ANY nation. That begs the question why we spend so much of our national treasure on, basically, useless

  63. LOL! IF IT FLY! and make sure it’s not a DUD! Bring it on! Hope it won’t take a lifetime waiting to your threat, YOU blabbing commies!

  64. Surrender or Die! Do you really want it to come to this. Remember what we did in nagasaki, and hiroshima, September Madness is knocking with a blood moon. Astrology Sucks right now.

  65. Lol you keep repeating miscalculated statistics made by the US government. Stop looking at statistics and look at the bank accounts ;)

  66. Do your daughters know how to spell? Or are they illiterate graduates of ivy league colleges like yourself? The biggest export from the Philippines is prostitution. It’s a known fact ;)

  67. Oh! I see. Because i do not agree with you i am as you describe? Lmfao maggot. Btw, my daughters attend Stanford. Those drones the chinese have still catching cheaters on the entrance exams to get into american university’s? Lmfao maggot. I think your geisha girls made world history. Lmfao maggot. I may call you a maggot for your stupidity, but i will never insult your family. Good day low life maggot.

  68. Here goes the propaganda… You have no idea what kinda secret alien technologies we have. We can teleport time travel nuke the world in a second blah blah blah

  69. You cannot phawk yourself out of those weird slant eyes. Actually, whites all originated from persia in the middle east. Read the bible if your country will sell you one. Lmfao maggot. We all have round eye surgery 2000 years ago maggot? Lmfao

  70. If I made a spelling error, it was because I mistyped on the keyboard, you actually don’t know how to spell…How does it feel to be living paycheck to paycheck while you pick up your prostitute daughter from public school? I actually have a life, I got things to do. Enjoy playing your video games, I’ll be back to embarrass and destroy you some more later…

  71. You graduated from Harvard but you can’t even spell “greasy”. Lol you make me laugh. You are probably the most credible commenter on this page.

  72. Man it feels great to show everybody how dumb you are… China’s high pollution is due to all the factories making cheap goods for the US. They could and should shut these factories down so the US can fend for themselves. I can tell your incredibly stupid, all your little brain can come up with is arrogant comments and insults that are not relevant to the topic. Anyone who can think for themselves are just laughing at you…The only two countries that produce nice cars are Germany and Japan. American cars suck also. Having the world’s greatest economy comes with great innovation. That’s something that China is developing and will eventually produce some of the best technology on the planet. Another thing, the US is a melting pot of all races including Chinese. That means, the Chinese contributed to the technological advances in the US. You love the word “maggot” but I’m sure you know you are a subspecies subpar Asian as the Chinese are the original bloodline and you are the inferior descendant. I’m laughing at all your BS fairytale comments. There aren’t that many poor broke losers renting a 2 BR apartment as arrogant as yourself lol ;)

  73. We have CCTV maggot. I actually like it some and think they do a great job! Nice repost maggot. Please stay in China and enjoy the fresh air and water! Please enjoy being the locust’s of the earth maggot! Enjoy our clothes , music, movies, and western style houses you are finally building. We do not copy anything Chinese. I do not like greasey chinese food. I like Korean and Thai. Healthier and less fat. I do not care about the Japs, but gotta love the Hond’s, Nissan’s, and those motors! Where are those wonderful Chinese cars everyone in the world wants to buy!!!??? LMFAO at you maggot.

  74. Lets not let the facts get in the way of your beliefs! LMFAO MAggot. Let me know when your country is strong enough to get rid of a dictator maggot! You stay where you are. You deserve your bad air, water, and 1 billion without toilets that have to be told by the Chinese government to not defecate in the public areas! LMFAO We the USA has more billionaires! Your percentage of millionaires is wayyyyy less. LMFAO You are such a maggot! HAHAHA How you like permanent 2nd place? LMFAO

  75. I say to USA, your days are over. You can run but cannot hide from your own people. I wish to see USA divided into many states. Only washington DC is ruling USA , rest all are its slaves.

  76. You obviously are illiterate because I already responded to the “1 billion people making 1.25 a day” comment. This statement made from the world bank was generalizing developing nations and was not talking about China directly. Secondly this statement was made in 2005. Thirdly China has more millionaires than the entire US population. Did you drop your brain in the ocean? Leme know when you find your brain…

  77. The US government blocks Chinese media and CCTV. What’s your point? The Western nations have a roundabout way of hiding their evil actions. They invade a country to steal its resources and corrupt their governments and then they call it spreading democracy, saving lives and fighting “terrorists”. Meanwhile when the poppy fields are done harvesting, the military fly’s back product to sell in the US. Japanese love to eat and kill dolphin, one of the top 5 most intelligent mammals on the planet… That’s not the only thing they like to eat, they eat human too. Research cannibalism in Japan. In fact, during WW2, they would cut off pieces of flesh off American soldiers and eat it for dinner.

  78. I would not give you the sweat off my nuts. Please fill the room with your intelligence and explain what the Chinese dream is? 1 billion people sheeting outside? No toilets? 1 billion people making 1.25 US dollars a day. All american poor are way higher in living standards than your 1 billion in squalor maggot. LMFAO at your gross stupidity.

  79. You put yourself on a pedestal when you live a McDonalds wage lifestyle. Hows your leased Honda treating you? What do you really do? Are you a fisherman or what?

  80. Well it is the only language I know maggot. It is up to lower class countries to learn our language. Go away maggot. This is the only place you would ever be able to talk to someone like me. And you cannot even successfully do that maggot. Enjoy your living conditions! I celebrate your ignorance!

  81. Actually you are quite wrong. For instance that internet thing you may have heard of spawned from defense spending. Not good will and dreams of lollipops. Most advanced technology we have comes from defense projects. I don’t know if you noticed but the democrats are always trying to slash defense spending to buy votes.

  82. Dominate and humiliate China? Is that why we gave them preferred trading status? Dominate and humiliate Russia? We did that 3 decades ago.

  83. A lot of these so called “Americans” need to go back to grade school because their understanding of the English language is basic and their grammar sucks!

  84. There are actually a lot of expats in China who make a better living there than in the US. China is more capitalist than ever and the US is heading towards socialism.

  85. It is keen on not letting dictators land grab, suppress people, eat up all the fish, kill the rhinos, elephants, and steal whatever they can. These (2) peace loving nations you speak of are the reasons freedom will always win out over communist that hurt their people. Why are China and Russia so scared to let the people decide who tells them what to do? LMFAO You like living with a leader that blocks the news and world wide web fine! Not everyone can be cool and mostly free. If thats what you want fine. I hear otherwise from tourists and people when I visit. I think Russia and China do a pretty good job at humiliating themselves…they do not appear to need any help with that. LOL

  86. Do you know what happens to people who criticize the US government? Irwin Schiff criticized the tax law and hes been in jail for over 30 years…

  87. Yes, I don’t dispute the fact that America loves its own and allies. But isn’t it true that America is very spiteful and extremely keen to dominate and humiliate Russia and China?

  88. A Harvard graduate who barely knows the English language and who’s grammar is very poor… It’s very easy for me to pinpoint a bald faced liar, especially when analyzing your stupid sporadic illogical and irrational comments.

  89. I’m sorry but you haven’t come up with any valid points… Stop looking at BS government statistics and go to China and see if they have the cash or not… 90% of the vehicles purchased in China are paid in cash. I couldn’t say the same for the US… In fact, most of the Mercedes, BMW and Audi sales last year went to China… The Chinese buy what they can afford and save the rest, we spend and live beyond our means with the intention to die in debt… What’s your CC payment like? Do you pay the minimum or do you pay your balance in full like I do?

  90. A Harvard graduate who barely knows how to speak English and doesn’t know how to us proper grammar… You repeat the same BS propaganda that I’ve repetitively heard from a lot of idiots on here… You haven’t came up with any valid points, your just talking trash. It doesn’t matter where you buy from…Target, Walmart, Amazon, its all Made in China. The minute you find your brain, that’s when I’ll go away.

  91. There is a dumb A—s Walmart employee here … Look in the mirror genius ..” China ha cash on hand to consume there own goods “?? 22.3 trillion in debt .. US did quite well before NAFTA ,, China can’t say the same …

  92. Mind taking your profile off private so I can verify? Haha your lowlife fairytale insults from your half sized brain are laughable at best. Americans imagine they are on top. Your family comes from a real 3rd world country and you are working at McDonalds to live the “American dream” lol ;)

  93. Please fill the room with your intelligence maggot! Give everyone on here your statistics! LMFAO Until you are a cardio surgeon as I am, a graduate of Harvard, and save lives instead of wrecking them, you are and always will be beneath me maggot. I know the truth hurts! You are gross, you are a miserable paid troll, and you supoort Xi who does nothing but block web access, keep you all totally stupid, and lets over a billion of your people live in a hole. You also do not get to kick your stupid leader to the curb! We kick ours to the curb as Europe does all the time. How come 1.3 billion people cannot run your own country and get rid of your dictator leaders? LMFAO Chicken sheets is what you all are. Disgusting maggots without a spine to stand up to them! OH I AM SOOO SCARED==thats why! I do not even shop at wal mart. I go to super target. Wal mart is nothing but made in China garbage. Now go away you driveling self-aggrandizing grandiose slant eyed maggot.

  94. You are so right. I am not jealous of Phillipino’s. But, they do give a good massage. I hate to break it to you, but am from Dallas Texas. 100% certified white guy with a huge white member. Unlike you slanted eyed asians. You will never have what I have , nor ever will. Go away you piece of troll garbage. You stink, your country stinks, and you copy everything we do. You and your people think you are all of that because you have perfected the art of theft! LMFAO Now go buy some more of our clothes, listen to our music, watch our movies, and hate us because we are on top! Bye trash.

  95. The problem isn’t that they don’t exist, its that the current technology wouldn’t work with hypersonic craft or missiles. You must first be able to find and track the object, speed, elevation and direction, then you have to use a laser to heat the object until it is destroyed. Current laser technology has only been developed with ballistic missiles and sub-sonic aircraft in mind. Current anti-missile technology in America would take a ballistic missile out before it reached our borders, this is done with other missiles. We do not currently have a system in place that uses lasers. We have created and tested some laser systems, but none of them are currently in service full time yet. The article above says a missile can reach San Fransico in 50 min, that would mean (and I’m estimating) you have 30 minutes to find and track and destroy the object before it reaches our airspace. I don’t know what measures we have in effect for devices that reach our airspace, because the system is designed to not let that happen. A weapon like this really does make our system obsolete.

  96. This story is total Chinese propaganda.
    There is some concern about some of the rockets and missiles they are developing, after all, the company is used to work for, Rocketdyne (Saturn V Apollo, Space Shuttle main engines, etc.) gave the Chinese all our secrets and technology. We even sent our top engineers over to China to conduct classes on rocket engine design.

    Why would we do such a thing? Isn’t that treason?
    We did it because we were under Executive Orders to do so from the White House, specifically the Chief administrator of Nasa, our Vice President — Al Gore.

    Back to the topic above, I’ve worked on a couple ScramJet Engines, massive testing and so forth. I can’t disclose the top speeds for security reasons, but the claim Mach 10 is total BS. Here’s why: scramjets are air breathing engines, rockets are not. You have to be in atmosphere for a ramjet/scramjet to have any combustion, air is the oxidizer in the form of O2. Rockets carry both fuel and oxidizer on board, so rockets can climb to the brink of space where the atmosphere is so thin that friction is so low that Mach 10 is achievable.

    Don’t worry, we have THAAD and SM-3 along with 747s with chemical lasers to take out all that and more. Yeah, as an Aerospace Engineer, I’ve help design all that. You’re welcome.

  97. Do it, and see how quickly our economy crumbles. When will you idiots learn simple simple simple economics. The Chinese have enough savings to consume their own goods. Why do the Chinese need us to buy their goods when we aren’t even paying them with cash? American’s buy Made in China goods with their credit cards. Do you understand the definition of credit? Credit is money you never owned, you borrowed it. Any idea of who the major credit card companies borrow their money from? It’s China. Another thing that would happen, all the small business and corporations would lose a ton of income, some would go bankrupt. Without cheap goods, they would have to be produced in the US. American’s want $10 an hour bare minimum. How much do you think the markup on our goods would be then? 5 maybe 10 times the cost of Chinese goods? The average American would be stuck buying overpriced goods, leaving them with even less savings and even more debt than they had before. This is so simple, nobody has to go to school to figure it out. Go back to McDonald’s where you belong…

  98. I don’t really care to hear your BS statistics that come from US government. The books are all cooked buddy. The dollar is pegged to the Yuan which is why our currency is so strong. If they dropped the peg, our currency would drop like a stone. I tired of teaching basic economics to dumb idiots like yourself. The average person in China has more savings than the average American. That’s a fact because the average American is in the negative. “1.4 billion people (one in four) in the developing world were living below US$1.25 a day in 2005” – world bank. Listen moron, let me break this down for your little pea sized brain. Firstly, it says in the “developing world” which includes more countries than just China. Secondly this statistic was in 2005, are you aware that it’s now 2015 or are you daydreaming? Thirdly, there are more Chinese millionaires than the entire US population. “Steve Parker”, your “You speak as a Chinese” comment proves you are nothing but another Asian loser from either Vietnam, the Philippines or Japan pretending to be an American. What are my 3 different screen names? I want to look through your profile, but of course you have something to hide because you made it private…You are just another arrogant brain dead green card Asian living in the US who thumbs up his own posts lol. You think capitalizing your basic knowledge of the English language gives you more credibility? If everyone who talks badly about the US government is a paid troll, the Chinese government must be spending alot of money. Funny of you to assume how much my paycheck is when in reality you probably have a low level job at your local Walmart. A lowlife ugly flat faced Piony who probably hasn’t graduated high school. In actuality, I don’t receive paychecks, I write them out…

  99. China is big because the Ming Dynasty stole the land 2000 years ago. Please stop selling to us! NOW! LMFAO We have already closed our factories. Hope you saved some money? Who was it that let China rise and helped them? Africa? NO! THE USA! LMFAO We givith, we taketh away chinese idiot.

  100. Wow! You just revealed who you really are with your comments. I see you have (3) screen names that I can count. The USA’s GDP is 18 trillion with ONLY 316 million people! China’s GDP is 6 trillion with 1.3 billion! LMFAO Now! 1 billion of the Chinese make less than $1.25 a day in US dollars! LMFAO You speak as a Chinese…and then state “we” LMFAO Go get a bigger paycheck than the 800 a month you get for being a paid troll. LMFAO You know exactly what I do for a living. We have chatted so many times. Please go take you SMALL paycheck and go terrorize anyone who does not know you. LMFAO IDIOT. Please use something other than “mommy’s basement” when using different screen names IDIOT! LOL at you being such a dumb as (S). LMFAO

  101. I don’t hate any states or nation, I hate radicals all over the world, the radical regime, the radical religion, the radical leaders all over.. I love all good men and good leaders and nation, even good religion but not I….faith….LoL

  102. I think, ISIS is related to your family Yaar Muhammad, did you pay money from the help of your state to them in billions of dollars, I am sure you did?

  103. I have nothing but admiration for China and it’s people. That said, my point was China was given a hand up in the technology area by Corporations and Governments willing to sell everything to put you in this position. In any other time and place, this would be called treason.

  104. “Destroying America little by little”. What’s been destroyed because of his actions, can you name one thing? The military has never been more powerful. We were weak under Bush as we were spread too thin in case of an attack against our country. We killed bin Laden under Obama and the world now knows we mean business under this president. Bush said bin Laden wasn’t important enough to capture when pressed on why we hadn’t caught him yet. Today’s Republicans are living in some delusional reality.

  105. This has been going on way before Obama. The greedy super rich CEOs and politicians (mostly conservative) that sold us out for cheap labor and built up the economies of China (and middle east) instead of actually paying Americans a decent wage. I call that being a traitor.

  106. Your right. But if you had to stop buying stuff made in China you would spend weeks studying labels just to find the 2 products that are NOT made in China. It is not just Walmart that has 95% of its product made there but other higher priced items that are made there as well. If you are so smart pick my shoes, clothes, fishing gear (other than Rapala) and anything else for me and I’ll go buy it, I don’t want to spend days in the store searching.

  107. Pathetic. NONE of those countries are owned by US.

    Vietnam, really??? your chinese ass will get kicked by them, once they read this.

  108. What is the big alarm! US has always been overly nervous!
    ‘When there is a shield, then there will be a spear.’ It is perfectly normal to the Chinese, the descendants of Sun Tzu. (The author of The Art of War)
    The truth is US must never place her safety above others. Xi and Putin would not allow that to happen.

  109. Nonsense! Within 10-15 years they will be on par with the U.S.! They are adding 1-Million ‘millionaires’, every year now! You can do that when you have 900 million people! Even if 90% of their people remain poor, they can have 90 million affluent people in a few years! A lot more than the U.S. will have. They’re already buying expensive condo’s and multi-million dollar apartments here, by the thousands! They’re buying up everything they can get their hands on here and would love to live here (and what they can’t buy, they can steal using the internet – like technology). You don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

  110. Would you share something that you already own? If the Chinese didn’t actually own these territories, the US government would declare to the public that China is breaking international law. They obviously haven’t done that…

  111. Obama is to scared to stand up to anyone. He is destroying America little by little. The once most powerful country in the world, is now the most timed. All the people that have served in the armed forces have served in vain under this president. I am a Veteran.

  112. It’s funny when Americans try to say the “communist” Chinese are brainwashed and fed propaganda. While all these idiots actually believe we have a star wars lazer because they watched it on tv… America is the epitome of BS propaganda. Good confidence booster, but not reality.

  113. They’re all talking tough, but really they are just scared… For no reason either. The governments, to an extent are all working together to plan the future accordingly. Just like everything else, this game is rigged…

  114. Whenever you see a psychopath commenting like harryhoo, make sure to check his profile to see who he really is, and what he’s really about… I’ve already come to the conclusion that hes a biased Japanese pretending to be American. If everything in China is copied, you won’t have to worry. Because all copies are subpar to the original right? Like how darpa tried to test a hypersonic missile and it fell apart…And of course China succeeds and incompetent idiots say it’s copied lol. All fighter jets from developed countries look generally the same. Mind proving me wrong?

  115. The US does the instigating *for* China. $1.2T in tbills dont lie. This is all theater. No economy the size of either country can afford to just happily stay within their own borders so dont kid yourself.

    China needs the products they make for US companies sold globally as much as the US does. Both countries need massive supplies of rare earths, oil, and food. Both countries are run by the ebb and flow of multinational business.

  116. The reality is, you are probably broke and unemployed in your mommys basement. All the materialistic things American’s own is paid for in credit. They don’t actually own the stuff they have… It’s called living beyond your means. The elite Chinese, go to ivy league colleges while their parents buy them a 1 million dollar home and 350k vehicle to use for school. The Chinese come to the US with cash to buy multi million dollar real estate. There are million dollar neighborhoods in California that are entirely Chinese owned. You are living in a brainwashed fairytale, look around you…Half of American college grads are either unemployed or underemployed. We have the highest prison population, highest obesity and our education is going down the drain, your a perfect example of that. 50 million Americans are on food stamps, which probably includes yourself. I know you see all the palm trees and swimming pools in your fantasy dreams…Your obviously still in high school, feeding onto the BS these uneducated teachers are telling you.

  117. Fair enough, your point of view of keeping western influence is your point of view.

    Now, are you going to give lots of red herrings or are you going to discus what I wrote? Flips started builiding in 2008 with US help. Oh, don’t forget Vietnam started in 2002.

  118. CHINA will never lie. They tell like as It is.

    They stole engineering of bullet train from Germany.France,and JAPAN,then they made World fastest bullet train. That crushed right away. They buried passengers and train hanging from bridge all together so that nobody noticed. They applied PATENT in USA as their ORIGINAL.
    Who know ?

  119. Who says the nation made of nations fears ? Light travels faster than 10x sound. Why test a masterpiece just now ? because they doubt accuracy and precision when all other external forces of nature are applied to include temp. and rel. humidity enroute.Forces are variable.

  120. China: Getting dangerous further and further.

    1.Developped THE WORLD FASTEST BULLET TRAIN. Right away those ones crushed and buried
    passengers and hanging trains from bridge all together.They started to dig out when Chinese citizen were very upset. They stole “”engineering of How To “”from Germany,France and Japan.
    Those nation worried that they might get sued by families.Chinese government applied PATENT as ORIGINAL in USA. The Minister of Rail Way was fired because of BRIBE AND CORRUPTION.
    2.Chinese Gov. stole all kind of secrets from USA and made “LOOK A LIKE ” esp F-35.

    We have to believe whatever ?

  121. one well-placed accountant from hell, with multilateral backing can lay more damage than a military general and change all of this in a hurry. Wars and their arrogance cost money.

  122. What a bunch of crap. If keeping the sea passages clear of western influence means threatening all other Asian nation vessels and aircraft passing by/over, what is the difference between that and conquest of the region?
    You’re whitewashing. Are you sincere or are you one of those guys that gets 5RMB for every pro-China message written? Because keeping the sea passages clear of western influence does not wash with any spin one wants to take on what’s happening there. Nobody is allowed in except China. Period. Even Southeast Asian commercial airlines have had to change flight paths. If that’s not conquest then the concept has no meaning and we are Putin’s level of describing reality, which is essentially buying time with propaganda.

  123. Without any weapon, mother nature is sinking china’s low elevations.The destruction of those century reefs, another crisis.

  124. I’d sincerely like to believe that. And sometimes I think I can believe it.

    But then I wonder if you include those Falun Gong meditating pansies. F**k those f***ers, right? What did they do? Put their hands together and meditate. Gosh, the nerve of those people!
    And Tibet. They were just Chinese pretending to be another country and were kind of asking for it, huh?
    And the 56 conquered ethnic peoples of China on display in North Beijing like ant farms, many of whose civilizations were annexed in the past 100 years.
    How is your Uighur friendship going?
    How about the native Han farmers whose land your government took for showcasing Beijing, who got no money for their troubles and are now butchering kids in Chinese kindergartens in protest?
    And let’s not forget the Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Koreans, and any other countries in the South China sea dispute. Good thing there’s no such thing as Aquaman or I guess you’d be making a good friends everyone with him, too.
    And Lusophones in Macau. Where did they all disappear to?
    And missionaries granted land to take care of your societies gaping inequities. Thugs hired to club little old lady nuns.
    And Hong Kong citizens.
    And Taiwan citizens.
    And anyone with a political dissenting opinion rotting in your jails. Maybe make good friends with their organ buyers?
    And the 7 million people who starved to death making pig iron in the Great Leap Forward instead of working on their crops.
    And almost every intellectual that was killed in the Hundred Flowers Campaign. F**k those f**king snakes, right?
    Before the 20th century, it’s even worse.
    Good friends with everyone.
    Good friends must be a Chinese word that means something else from what it means in English I guess.

  125. Both of you don’t seem to read or understand very well. I never sided with China or Russia merely presented facts which you can check out. Are you aware that Russia’s National debt is 19 times less than ours ($ 530 billion) and we owe them $ 220 billion ? China is Communist and Russia is Socialist but both have smaller percentages of their citizens on welfare. We have 48 million people living off the 212 million people who work for a living. Emotions, envy or unfounded opinions should never be used in serious discussions. Do either of have any facts or honest statements ?

  126. John you are correct, China has been an agrarian society, but we all learn from our histories and China is no exception. Eight Nation Alliances to current SCS event.
    China will prevent there’ll be no Eight Nation Alliances again. If and only if SCS event turn into war China will be put up and fight.

  127. Actually Philippine took it from China, see below time line

    History time line (source wiki): credit to @Will

    “1887 – The Convention Respecting the Delimitation of the Frontier Between China and Tonkin between France and the Qing Empire set the maritime boundary in the Gulf of Tonkin.[46][47][48] The 1887 Chinese-Vietnamese Boundary convention signed between France and China after the Sino-French War said that China was the owner of the Spratly and Paracel islands.”

    “1939 – Japan occupies the islands and takes control of the South China Sea. The Spratlys and the Paracels were conquered by Japan in 1939. Japan administered the Spratlys via Taiwan’s jurisdiction and the Paracels via Hainan’s jurisdiction.

    “1946 – Republic of China sent warships to claim Itu Aba, the largest of the Spratly Islands and renamed it Taiping Island. The Paracels and Spratlys were handed over to Republic of China control from Japan after the 1945 surrender of Japan”

    “In 1946, the Americans reminded the Philippines at its independence that the Spratlys was not Philippine territory, both to not anger Chiang Kai-shek in China and because the Spratlys were not part of the Philippines per the 1898 treaty Spain signed with America.”

    “1971 – Philippines announces claim to islands adjacent to its territory in the Spratlys, which they named Kalayaan, which was formally incorporated into Palawan Province in 1972.”

  128. What crumbling economy? The USA’s economy is the best its been since 1975! LMFAO I suggest you google crumbling stagnant economies of Russia and China! gET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT MAGGOT! lmfao wE LOOK NICE, DRESS NICE, have A LOT OF FUN! AND HAVE FRESH AIR, WATER, PALM TREES AND SWIMMING POOLS! what DO YOU HAVE? beet SOUP AND DIRT FLOORS? lmfao loser wanna bees! lololololol

  129. 1st of all 1 billion of your people sheet in a hole and do not have a toilet! 2ndly, China’s land mass is big because of the dynasty’s that existed 1000 s of years ago. Your country has 1 billion people living off under a dollar US a day! LMFAO Your GDP with 1.3 billion people is 6 trillion dollars! The USA has only 316 million people and our GDP is 18 trillion! LMFAO China’s only accomplishment is learning how to lie cheat and steal! INVENT SOMETHING MAGGOTS! LMFAO COPY CAT LOW LIFE’S

  130. We’ve had this shît for years. And we’ve been able to take them down mid flight for awhile now too. Nothing to fear.

  131. Jealous of a crumbling economy? Yes I’m a paid Russian troll. Everybody who criticizes the US govt is a paid troll, everybody knows that…Lol brainwashed idiot

  132. China doesn’t know because they were just coming out of their caves, we have a star wars type laser gun in a satellite that can disable a nuke in China or anywhere. That was done during the Reagan administration

  133. According to this article “”Chinese military officials termed it a routine “scientific research and experiment,” reports The Washington Free Beacon.””
    Why all these huffing and puffing????

  134. I have been living in China for almost 5 years and am married to a Chinese woman. I keep my money in a separate bank account. Never trust a Chinese person even if you believe you love them. Somehow I believe my wife, but I easily pick up hints of deception and phonies because I use to be a con artist. It takes one to know one. I became friends with a local shop owner and on numerous occasions, even after being friends to them for two years, they tried to short change me and say they are sorry. How many hours I sat there and drank a beer and never saw them make a mistake and short change any other Chinese customer. there might be an exception but I cursed out a couple of Chinese trying to cheat me in a business deal and I got the advantage. They want you to trust them in their favor but they don’t want to trust you. I told the guy, If you don’t want to take a risk and trust me, then I won’t trust you. See… Chinese want your money in their hand first. They don’t believe in trust or credit line. They don’t give you a grace period and advance you their products until you are paid when you whole sale for them as a middle man. One private free lance Chinese English teacher wanted to get a lot of money when he told parents he has an American English teacher for their children. He told me he would pay me 50% and after he got the money from them he only offered me 30%. He knew I didn’t trust him so he advanced me some money. After that I told him, “I got you this time.” and I never taught English for him in his little scam. Chinese don’t like being confrontational directly because they are more like back stabbers. He approached my wife instead of me and demanded the money back. She said NO!, and if he wanted to then call the police, she said go ahead. of course he didn’t because this was a civil matter and he Knew he was wrong, and he would have to pay a lawyer if he could find one. Never heard from him again. doing business with Chinese you have to be always anticipating their deceptions and never tell them your next move and always expect the unexpected. Chinese are crazy and fearless. Most of the people have no serious concern for their the consequence of their severely polluted environment and especially toxic levels of pesticide legal and illegal the CCP allows in their food. They probably wouldn’t hesitate to be the first to push the button to begin WW# using nukes and have no concern that they will suffer from fallout and a disaster unprecedented. They are suicidal by nature and only have blinders on like an ass and have no clue of the uncanny reality of a nuclear disaster . They are sitting ducks because their hub of all major industry is Guangzhou and Shanghai right on the eastern coast. We will get a few nukes past their missile defense system. They are fallible like any of us. They have been isolated as a culture for thousands of year. Their. They are committing environmental suicide and cancer has increased 20% in 4 years. They are very ethno centric. Only a few million hae learned of a more advanced culture in the west.

  135. YEs! BEcause 1 billion live off 1.25 american dollars a day! Your idea of living and americans idea is 2 different things! LOL GROSS TAKE A DUMP IN THE STREET CHINESE with 1 billion who do not have or use toilets! GROSS MONKEY ACTING PEOPLE

  136. Great! LEts cut them loose! GREAT IDEA. But 17 % of the exports is huge! I DO NOT WANT CHINESE GARBAGE HERE> The middle class and rich chinese do not want the garbage either. They buy American. LMFAO CHINESE SLANT EYES

  137. As long as a projectile travels in a straight path,there is that point of intersection where countermeasures work.Light travels faster than sound, and half an hour approach is way too long.Too excited to show off. Could such capability split the planet into halves? The SDI is obsolete and doesn’t exist so as the golden eye. Is that the best china has?

  138. YOU ARE SOOOOO WRONG! China has been selling their debt. our 17 trillion debt is 14.5 trillion social security funds. China is down to 1.1 trillion. Joe you are a Russian Troll! USe your drunken vodka name! LOL LOSER JEALOUS MAGGOT

  139. Oh, really?

    I see you replying to everyone mentioning lasers, like a little troll, saying lasers don’t exist. Then you proceed with typical know-nothing behavior and insult them or mock them. Defensive lasers exist and said lasers use infrared light, so yes, they DO travel at the speed of light. Mikeala, I suggest moving out from under your bridge sometime and broadening your knowledge.

  140. LMFAO I know after Carter, and Clinton, and Obama the world just crumbled, and everyone just loved Reagan Bush and Bush! LMFAO The republicans make all their money during democratic administrations! LOL EVERYONE IS BROKE WHEN REPUBLITARDS ARE IN!

  141. The NATO and AMERICAN MONSTER THAT DO NOT TREAT THEIR PEOPLE BAD BY BLOCKING THE INTERNET…MAKING THEM STUPID BY TELLING THE PEOPLE ONLY WHAT THEY WANT TO HERE! AND not having to pay trolls to send out propaganda! LMFAO How is that 800 rubles a month doing TROLL! HAHAHAHHAA POOR person has to sell his soul to a communist! LOL You are chickens and cowards! America is a destination for only cool people who know what freedom is compared to your life! Stay there! We do not want you here! LMFAO We have it sooooo good! You live in junk.

  142. I am going to say honestly sir you have no clue as I as well what the usa can honestly do and bet you me and them whatever country will not find out till they show and use the capabilities they have on us and then we’ll all see what we can do at that point. I do hope of course that doesn’t happen but time will tell.

  143. Nine out of 10 are in poverty and the media always tells us they are the second richest country on earth. Not true! We have not confirmed that China was successful in testing their hypersonic missile. We have satellite photos to validate their test. How could they prove that it was successful if they didn’t fire it into space and let it crash in the ocean at a target or something. To test it on land they could only fire off the engine and create a mock launch on a horizontal pad without having any trajectory and leave the ground fly. This BS article that the media dreams up that has half truths.

  144. A massive nuclear exchange would irradiate the entire planet, china and russia would not survive no matter how well they try to plan for it.

  145. Doubting America has the will to fight if attacked is the ultimate of asinine statements. It is just as bad as underestimating China’s capabilities.

  146. I find it interesting that China has went from an agrarian society to one that can produce a missile like this is 20 years. Thank you American business for selling us.

  147. U.S.A. has nuclear weapons, too. If China shoots we will shoot, also and blow China to the bottom of the South China Sea. Chinese nuclear missile is faster, but that won’t save them.

  148. U.S.A. has missiles, too. Maybe slower but will still destroy China. Everybody will die. So you can have a try, too, but you will not win.

  149. Could you be any more retarded?
    China is no push-over, but their military and R&D is a joke compared to the stupifyingly huge US military-industrial complex.
    And we LIVE in our environment. Keeping it clean is a matter of national security and public health.
    Do you really want to live in an environment like China’s?
    We NEED to invest more in space, but make no mistake, we’re the world leader in space R&D. We always have been.

  150. china strvation? i just sent 5 eggplants container to mainand china , my poor country will benefit if they ask us to feed its people.

  151. Neither ‘railguns’ or lasers have trackingsystems capable enough to come even close to hitting it.

    Plus the US militairy doesn’t have any working railguns … lol.

  152. Do you know what is the size of the Chinese border and the countries that it shares it with – after looking at it you may understand why China has to be constantly developing her defense. Unlike US, China has no interest to instigate International unrest.

  153. There won ‘t be too many folks around after the Third World War is over. It will take years for the radiation to become low enough to even go outside your bunker. Oh, if you haven’t built a concrete bunker with reinforced steel, get busy doing it now. There will be a nuclear war.

  154. China, is determined to take over not only the South China Sea, but the entire world. Get ready folks, the big one is coming.

  155. They already have more then just regular submarine technology in their new ‘stealth’ subs.

    Just point your finger at Germany for selling their entire drive train to China.

  156. Surrender or Die! The Emperor of China is going to be DRAFTED in 2016. Get off your Dead ! Social Media can’t fight this, and they know it. The Billion person Army will reap havoc on the world. Wake UP Dummies.

  157. And your wearing your undies over your clothes and red cape?

    Ofcourse there are no laser weapons travelling at the speed of light … Bit ridiculous even.

  158. A succesfull test of highly advanced technology isn’t a hype … and China does it very well.

    North Korea usually ends up photoshopping their ‘tests’.

  159. Fully capable of penetrating the U.S. missile defense systems …

    Lasers won’t save the day unless you watch too many cartoons.

  160. So…China is making an effort to show off a scary-wary technology in order to what, get the US to think twice about getting involved in what, a sea dispute fabricated by China to what, distract mainlanders from their economic “soft landing” into what, starvation? And during all of this, the world will what, look at China as if it is a unified country with a singleminded purpose and what, stop paying attention to the deepening cracks reaching through every strata of Chinese society? Does that about cover it? Well I’ve seen the traffic in China, and i know how “unified” it is. The word FUBAR comes to mind.

  161. These SuperSonic or hypresonic air planes looks like the Chinese Fires Crackers at the Chinese new year , they just are built to SCARE and BULLY other nations near by , and its a Show- off of power in the region , Chinese culture just like to Boast , they are all Cowards indeed and corrupted as well as haters of foreigners , if you live in China for many years as i did , you would feel how Racist they are indeed and incapable of associating with foreigners …. an ape like society of primitives , they are all Supper Paranoid towards foreigners . However those other Chinese who have been either born or grown up in the West , they change their COLORS and adapt to the Western culture Superficially of course , and would become even more RUDE and Arrogant ……

    They just care about themselves ,their own family and Money , nothing else matters to them .

  162. Where are you from then or your nationality? If you are in the west, haven’t you learned to be cilvilized? Watch or wash your mouth!

  163. Hello, your people are no different americans, russians etc,,,, It`s our crazy governments that are the problem. Its their selfish, self centeredness that sends everything spiralling out of control.

  164. LMAO,, they all do. It just depends on who you talk to. As to who is and who isn’t. Sometimes its difficult to know.

  165. Right. China became big because during the ming dynasty they fought for the land. The americans ARE the country that helped China in the 70’s through the 90’s. Who else? Try buying 1 billion people a toilet. This 1 billion live on 1.25 american dollars a day. Wipe with hands and get told by the government not to defecate in public! LMFAO at you monkeys nasty monkeys. All americans have a toilet. How is that nasty air and water? LMFAO. China thinks it is great because it has perfected the art of theft and lying. Lol

  166. unfortunately,we r still on at least the laser’s infancy in terms of being militarily useful. As far as we know,our lasers can track and destroy small unguided missiles and rockets,just like the ones hamas are using in gaza,at a range of possibly hundreds of meters. In order to down a missile,current us technology need to track it,heat its hull for several seconds,until it becomes incapable of flight anymore or totally destroyed…but a hypersonic missile?travelling at several mach soeeds? We are totally not yet on that level in laser technoly,in terms of tracking it at that speed,let alone a subsonic flight

  167. First, the Spratleys were never own by anyone. There was an agreement in the early-mid 1900s between all countries to allow ships from all nations in the SCS. Second, the Phillipines started building something in 2008, apparently, with the US knowledge or help. Third, China took action in 2012.

    China is just doing what it should be doing, that is to keep the sea passages clear of western influence because Washington is trying to contain China. China has already stated it wanted to use the chinese built structures as some sort of ‘international search and rescue/lighthouse etc… It said that publically for everyone to hear, so no going back there.

    Take it what you will but that is the truth.

  168. Your right about that. Conventional weapons will be a thing of the past. With lasers etc,, Were going to have to change everything we do and how we do it.

  169. Ah, and I bet you think “trickle down economics” works. LOL! It was Keynesian economics that have pulled us out of the crap shoots that were left by Republicans cutting taxes on the rich in hopes that it would “trickle down” every… single… time (it never did, no surprise there). The Great Depression, caused by trickle down economics, ended by Keynesian economics. The Great Recession… Started by trickle down economics, on the path to recovery thanks to Keynesian economics. But go ahead and keep giving the rich your money, see where that gets you.

  170. Idiot she already left Harvard university, last year. Chinese , China and all Pakistani’s spit on western culture and spit on all western influence people.

  171. Again the bogus philosophy. America is a continent. so come out of American phobia, Yes talk about United States of America. In its name only it never represent A single sovereign country but represent states. Any way my comment still relevant, that U.S.A is claiming all technologies which they smuggled through different immigrants mind to their own technology, which is the biggest lie of history.

  172. To produce you must save? I think you were dropped on your head once too often. You can’t both conserve and produce. You can’t “save” to create capital… capital exists because of consumption… if there was no market for gold…it would not be mined. Capital flows to the most liquid markets… I mean really dude… when you finish 10th grade then come at me. If you don’t understand how money moves then shut up… China is becoming wealthy now… not because it “saved” up to be one… but because it has a commodity, namely cheap labor (capital) that it can exchanged for other commodities, which it can make a profit from and then reinvest that in producing more commodities to exchange. Save from consumption… no more moronic words were ever spoken

  173. Conventional weaponry systems will soon be obsoleted by new toys and that’s the time to reset the game plans. The delivery system of this missile will all be orbit resident with homing system guided by China’s own GPS and mostly undetectable with foreign communication frequency bands and protocols.
    Test token gifts will send to US military contacts on US locations overtime, in the framework of m-to-m transparency treaties.

  174. Nar Bahadur Rai tou phir ho jaey i supersonic missile agar yeh fake hoa tou kheer warnaa …… kiya ho gaaaaaa ? are you ready for this ? nonsense crazy boy

  175. By the sound of it, you haven’t. You believe the watered down Keynesian bullshit that passes for economics these days, much to your own detriment. You cannot consume what you haven’t produce. To produce, you need capital. To acquire capital, you must save. Refrain from consumption today to build the infrastructure of tomorrow. That you don’t understand this is pathetic, and replicated over the entire electorate is the reason why we keep electing morons who think maxing out the national credit card is the road to prosperity.

  176. US does not need to hack, all military hardware, are stolen by Chinese from US, that is understood by the world powers, China has the highest super copy cat folks among the whole world pals…

  177. I fully agree, repressive regime, killing its own people, boasting missile success is like Putin crying fowl over Ukraine LoL

  178. all made in china will crush and collapse, so no need to worry about.. they cannot even defeat India, with Modi now. India can crush China within no time, let alone US,.. it is just the fake supersonic missile, make in China, that will last not more than a second…

  179. Well done China. Fight fire with fire.

    Clearly the US is the agressor. Has been since WW2. China … apparently since SCS. When was that? 2-3 years ago, and only ‘ONE’ time. Ooops, let the bag out of that one.

  180. Have you ever studied economics… an economy’s growth is directly related to continued consumption… which means consumers buy items that they don’t need, but want… like 4 TV’s and a a boat and 2 cars and a motorcycle… If a motorcycle sits in the garage 90% of the time… its productive life is “wasted”… its use isn’t optimized… The chinese don’t have a concept of buying things just to have them…

  181. The reason we debate fixing our infrastructure is unlike Germany, China, Japan, Korea and the rest of the world we stick our noses and money into other countries issues. Do notice any of them building desalination and power plants in Africa or rebuilding cities in the middle east while our west coast has a drought and our cities are falling apart ? Seen or heard of any Chinese military in the middle east ? We have been trying to approve tests of our F35 fighter for four years while Russia has developed, tested and is putting their T50, built in conjunction with India, into production and ours is currently $163 billion over budget. China’s newest aircraft carrier met all test criteria and two more are in production now while ours is $ 7 billion over budget and may get to testing in about two years. I’ve been to most of these countries and except for China you don’t see many U.S. vehicles on their roads because they have laws to protect their industries and keep foreign companies out. Check out how many U.S. companies have plants in Germany, Japan or Korea. Their citizens are also fiercely loyal to their country’s brands unlike here where 50% of our market is foreign vehicles. In China there are many GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles because in order to sell there they must be made there and a domestic company must own 50% of the venture along with the land and factory. Politicians make these decisions because that’s what they see from U.S. citizens. If we don’t care about American jobs and buy foreign, why should they ? If we don’t care that we have a $ 18 trillion National debt due to waste, welfare, military over budget spending and the ACA, why should they ? They know that we consider ourselves as either Democrat or Republican and will defend our(?) party against the other one even if they don’t care about us little people.

  182. Can you imagine the world ran by the communist party? If our government doesn’t get its head out of their #### we will have to think about it.

  183. it can “fly lower” and “mess up radar”? So its a Mach 10 drone with a nuke on board? The heat signature alone would be visible from space of a craft traveling at Mach 10… not to mention that it would need to carry 5x the amount of fuel, since its not a ballistic missile. Stupid system… expensive and completely defeatable if it even exists

  184. do you even know what your are talking about? Traditional ICBM’s travel 2x the times of this POS… The US has sub based missiles and ship based tomahawks… all of which would be delivered far faster and with more accuracy than this thing at a fraction of the cost.

  185. The nation that cancelled Apollo, soon to be threatened from above by hypersonic scramjets. You know who else burned their ships? China. What followed was a thousand years of stagnation and decay. With the demise of Apollo and the rise of class-5 retarded environmentalism, methinks history repeats.

  186. Guess who the new superpower on the block is? China. And they’re not stopping by to say hello, they’re speeding off to the stars. So long America, and thanks for all the free technology.

  187. no they don’t… no one does… atmospheric distortion wouldn’t allow a ground based laser to be too useful… maybe for targeting of kinetic weapons…

  188. You are really drinking the kool-aid… The chinese economy is entirely based on exports… they have not developed a consumer economy yet and won’t for 100 years, one because their culture doesn’t like waste, and two because they don’t have a middle class that has a disposable income. You clearly have never been to china.

  189. Well, they probably got the technology from DARPA and just reverse engineered it. More than likely assumed that the letters were part and parcel of the technology. (or maybe they kept it on there as a message?)……
    We have the technology after all, we just never get around to mass producing it because we have to politicize, legislate and finance, rather than just ordering it done…

  190. Who said we are advanced? We are a modern day sodom and gomorrah, a decadent rome breathing its last breath. While China is not as advanced materially, they lack the cultural poison that holds us down.

  191. The difference is that ordinary ballistic missiles follow, well, ballistic trajectories, meaning that upon burn-out, the warhead follows a nice, predictable elliptical trajectory. These new hypersonic missiles are air-breathing and fly at somewhat lower altitude, allowing for greater maneuverability and flexibility in terms of trajectories.

  192. I do not think we want to see the WU-14 with our naked eyes, that would not be good!
    If its any consolation though both the US and Russia also are working on a hypersonic missile the US is working on an advanced model that does not require a scram jet to launch..
    But with all the technology China has stolen that is probably the experimental model they tested..

  193. Diesel subs would not be coming near our coast. They are brown water vessels. They tend to stay near the shore, although with support they might be able to get here.

  194. The most advanced civilizations inevitably fall victim to a young-blood, brutal and hungry nations. You simply cannot conquer them all.

  195. There’s some information about the U.S. weapons technologies if you research it and it’s not hearsay but actual government documents. U.S. technologies of the 80’s far surpass China technology of today.

  196. It’s because their making all that cheap technology for the U.S., stupid! Most of what they make gets exported! Besides, within 10 years, their air is going to be cleaner than ours – because they have 5 and 10 year plans that THEY FOLLOW and if they order something done – it gets done! Not like here. It takes us two decades just to decide to fix our roads. There are NO potholes in China (or anywhere else in the world!). Only the U.S. has potholes on every road!!

  197. Chinese are dogs! they want to show everyone that they can do what ever the USA can, as long as they can steal ideas and technology from the West? Stop sending your kids to the USA Universities? if your so smart stay home and breathe the polluted air that all your technology has contributed to?

  198. I believe they used their nuclear subs in the South Chinese Sea when they popped up around our aircraft carrier, didn’t they? I believe that was a story 1 or 2 years ago.

  199. I don’t really trust what China has claimed. IT IS MOSTLY LIES, LIES after LIES, and after after LIES, and after after after LIES and after after after after LIES…. Don’t trust what Communist said if you don’t see it by your naked eyes.

  200. They’re also working on a torpedo (originally a US design) that can travel through the water at 4,000 miles per hour. Imagine a poor whale getting in the way of something like that!

  201. Well they have to have a lot more than just regular submarine technology. They have to have stealth and silent running technology too.

  202. Electric-diesel hybrid subs can be extremely quiet. However, I should point out that Chinese and US subs are constantly approaching each other’s coasts. So the Chinese sub likely needed to move under stealth for a short amount of time in order to approach within 30 miles.

  203. With high enough laser power, they’ll burn right through mirrors. What it might be is a special coating developed a good 10 years ago that creates its own plasma shielding when hit with a laser. It can withstand a pulse from the most powerful laser in the world, and its heat dissipation ability is superior to any ceramics out there.

  204. I love how the graphic shows a craft with the US “DARPA” on the side. That’s quite the inappropriate picture to use for this story. This new test is certainly bold, but pales in comparison to China’s breach of US defenses two years ago. Chinese electric-diesel submarines managed to come within 30 miles of Los Angeles, then launched a missile right off the California coast towards China while Obama was traveling abroad.

  205. China’s new slogan will be: “If you want the latest and greatest in new technology – done right – hire an Asian (we don’t waste our taxpayers money)!”

  206. They already are!!!!
    They are showing their unstoppable weapon to Ashton Carter.
    And asking Ashton Carter to move his 7th fleet from the China coastline.
    Ashton Carter’s action on the South China Sea backfired badly!!!!

  207. And we have a population of 98% science illiterate people, that don’t understand what you are even talking about (and a large number of regular illiterates too)! Yeah, we’re going to go far in the future, aren’t we?

  208. Thank Bush/Cheney (or rather Cheney/Bush) for WASTING two TRILLION DOLLARS of our military budget in Iraq! FOR WHAT??!!! That’s how WE lose all our military budgets, by starting wars that have no end and getting nothing out of them! You and your hawkish friends are exactly why we are out of all this money – NOT very modest cuts in military spending (at least 40% of which is completely wasted on projects that never pan out, anyway and the rest goes to corrupt leaders, or providing our enemies with billions in abandoned military vehicles and armaments!). Yeah the problem is NOT ENOUGH U.S. military spending!! F-it, the Chinese spend like 10% what we spend. They just do more with it, that’s all. They don’t just ‘piss it away’, like us! Don’t forget, all those billions and trillions that Bush spent was OUR tax money! What did it buy us? Better schools, good roads? How about a new electrical grid, or new sewers? Nah, we don’t have any money for those things.

  209. What can the U.S. do against China’s WU-14???? Right now, nothing!!!!
    Ashton Carter picked the wrong time to challenge China over the South China Sea!!!! American’s influence will suffer another setback.

  210. Thank you for sharing your insightful opinion, I always enjoy learning what other people believe as individuals. However, I am merely taking advantage of the comment sections from articles about China and Japan for free advertising to sell my screenplay titled; “The Last President”. Please have a politically incorrect day.

  211. WHAT??? Why did we call it the ‘cold war’ a few decades ago?! Because both sides had TONS of nuclear weapons! Nothing new here, just a different country! In fact China still has a lot fewer nukes than Russia STILL has and Russia hasn’t ever attacked us! Might as well keep worrying about Russia, if we are going to worry about China. Besides, it works both ways. They are afraid of us too!

  212. Obama’s reductions of US nuclear weapons and war arsenals is taking its toll, that is why China is so aggressive, even Russia, the fact is, US is not a world major power anymore.

  213. Never fear the U.S is here, we have a Satellite that can harness the sun like we did with a magnifying glass when we were kids and burn China or Russia up in 19 min . Now you know

  214. Every year China adds ONE MILLION “new” millionaires! Famous last words – literally! Within 10 years they will be every bit as economically powerful as we are now (if not more).

  215. Yeah, but it can fly lower and mess up radar and would be almost impossible to hit with a missile because it would be extremely maneuverable! Could also probably fly sub-hypersonic and would also have a longer range than most missiles which can’t vary their speed. Missiles go just one speed – fast. If they miss, they can’t turn back!

  216. and guess who paid for their nuclear tests – the U.S ends up paying for it because they owe China so much money. They probably just use the interest payments towards nuclear missile development.

  217. I hope US Def Sec laughed in the chicom general’s face and said “we already have hundreds of those, oh, and we will continue to fly in international airspace and sail in international waters whenever we like.”

  218. Thank you for sharing your insightful opinion, I always enjoy learning what other people believe as individuals. However, I am merely taking advantage of the comment sections from articles about China and Japan for free advertising to sell my screenplay titled; “The Last President”. Please have an absolutely delightful day.

  219. Unfortunately the winds blow toward North America from Asia. If we nuke China then we may receive a massive dose of wind delivered radiation. I’m sure the Chinese people and American people want to live in peace. It always seems to be the governments that cause problems.

  220. “…Where it takes only one tenth of the cost needed to build something similar to what the US has.” because the amount of R&D they do is miniscule by comparison, preferring instead to mostly copy Western developments. That is the great unpaid grocery bill that must be paid. Better to hope the West doesn’t figure it out and lay the total cost of all such infringements against the debt.

  221. They may penetrate US air defense systems but we have thousands of nuclear warheads that certainly could penetrate their defense system(s). Hopefully reason will prevail and neither side will resort to nuclear attacks.


  223. Luckily that’s still far off. China’s economic output is that of New York City. Literally one American city equals China. If California broke off from the USA it would win a war against China.

  224. Thank you for sharing your insightful opinion, I always enjoy learning what other people believe as individuals. However, I am merely taking advantage of the comment sections from articles about China and Japan for free advertising to sell my screenplay titled; “The Last President”. Please have an absolutely delightful day.


  226. I’m not sure if this article was written by a moron or what. That literally has D.A.R.P.A. written on the freaking side of it. That’s a US military research branch.

  227. that’s what you get when you buy CHINESE PRODUCTS, sooner or later it will be shot right back at you. Boycott chinese products let them die of their own greed, shut them out from the modern world.

  228. No,one wants to invade, Russia, China, USA, England, Africa, North Korea. The list is long. USA feeds the world. So no one wants to where they sleep. What would anyone gain? North Korea declared war on USA so we would feed them. They could not attack us even if we gave them weapons. The News media gives us bits and pieces and implies. if you take the crap serious check your educational level. The only ones that want to “F” with us is the ISIS, they could bring a dirty bomb and cause panic. They would not want to invade. USA doesn’t need help destroying our way of life. Al Sharpton is doing more damage to America than all the countries in the world.

  229. I agree. But it doesn’t really matter. If China attacks any of our ships (or other assets) with any similar kind of weapon, they’ll be sorry.

  230. For every dollar we spend on made in China junks, a few cents of our money go to China’s military expansion. There will be a sad day when China and US military face off in a battle and Chiba comes out on top.
    But the good thing is that China does not bow to muslims like we do.

  231. Not only that. China has already the ability to shut down more than half of the U.S. most sensitive and spy satellites in a matter of minutes.

  232. Dun worry. China dun want a war. They are doing so well economically even there is a slowdown in most part of the world. War will not bring any good for them. Just hope that they did not built them to sell like all the things they have copied. Drones, tanks, Fighter Jets, etc. Where it takes only one tenth of the cost needed to build something similar to what the US has.

  233. I believe China juuuust a little bit more than North Korea. They have zero checks and balances to their system and zero accuontability. They are a serioust problem for the future but until i see some proof I call bull

  234. The Germans were already working on ICBMs in WW2(and this is
    documented). Supposedly, they were working with the Greys, and the U.S
    just stole the designs from them.

  235. Yes becuase he opeend the doors to china twenty 30 years befor he his presidency and twenty years later he is the only president dealing with CHina. Great comment.

  236. I am going to buy defense contractor stocks tomorrow. Thanks for your propaganda machine which means more of your tax money will go to them. Nice work defense industry lobbyist.

  237. lol love this guys china hype he must love them he is so proud of the smoke and mirrors in china like he is new to the world usa will not back down and china will never in a million years launch a nuke at the usa the world will make china no more china knows this its not signing up for war a 10 year old can tell you this LOL

  238. Thanks liberals for cutting the military budgets! You morns will never understand that if you don’t have a strong military you will be run over by commies like Russia, China, and North Korea!

  239. Are you aware that we borrow money from the Chinese just to pay the interest on our debt? Where do you think our military budget comes from? I’ve read a couple of your comments and you are incredibly stupid… The US and Japan along with Europe are pretty much bankrupt. China has over 1 billion people with savings, so they could easily consume their own goods. The average American lives paycheck to paycheck paying the minimum on their credit cards with 50k in debt… Americans live way beyond their means. That’s why you see a stupid American with a 100k vehicle living in a 150k home. While the Chinese pay for their cars in cash. We are spoiled beyond belief…They don’t need us, we need them. Ever wonder how many small business in the US make their income? By purchasing cheap wholesale goods in China and reselling it in America. Doesn’t take an economic genius to figure that out…You want to drop the relationship, that is a negative for both but China can take the hit and we can’t. Oh and btw I am a paid troll working for the CCP ;)

  240. Unity within the Chinese government? Hardly. The large scale anti corruption campaign going on throughout China is merely an attempt by the current regime to kill or discredit those that were in power in the previous regime. The government is becoming more and more secretive and trying to withhold as much information from the general public as possible. Internet regulation is again becoming prevalent in the country as well. They’re trying to do what North Korea has effectively done and cut off people from the outside world. The only problem is, the Chinese people as a whole are too well educated to allow this to occur. There are massive, widescale protests and riots throughout China on a regular basis. The one child per family policy has created a myriad of social problems as males are clamoring for mates. Yes, a small portion of Chinese individuals have become very wealthy as a result of Chinese reforms, but this is essentially the “good ol boy” system. If you are in favor with the current regime, you will do well, if you are not, you will be ostracized. It’s Russia all over again, but slightly less extreme. The Chinese economy grew at an unprecedented rate but it has slowed in recent years and many economists project that it’s only a matter of time before they will experience a major economic crisis as well. They overdevelop land and build houses that aren’t being bought. Their currently is incredibly overvalued, but they won’t allow it to be reevaluated. The strength of their currency is an illusion and when reality sets in, their economy will be crippled.

  241. Thank you former President Clinton for transferring to the Chicoms sensitive missile technology. The technology transfer enhanced the accuracy of China’s ballistic missile arsenal. -The New York Times

  242. Really? I thought China makes all Apple products, Apple does NOT manufacturing ANYTHING here.
    Without China, your next generation iPhone dead, iWatch running down …
    NEVER underestimate your “enemy”, it’s a sure way to a thousand death!

  243. Funny arrogant Americans think like thieves in general. I owe money? Go F yourself… Oh you helped us develop the most prosperous country in the world? Don’t care. I’ll borrow money to buy this nice car. Oh I can’t afford it? Oh well, I’ll do it anyways. What I will be in debt forever? Oh well I’ll just pay the minimum and its your problem later… China could cripple the US economy in a split second and they should because you brainwashed idiots aren’t grateful.

  244. USA hawks are not yawning, they have a hard on for China. Notice the article only talks about the speculated ability of this unproven system to hit San Francisco. The other side of the coin as you say is what the USA can do to China about 1000 times worse. But that is not the news. This is American MIC BS to keep taxpayers afraid so they continue to cough up cash for their worthless *sses!

  245. Only if US has the will to use it. Obama says to store more heavy weapons in Europe to “deter” Putin, really? He can’t even stop the ISIS chopping US journalist’s heads? Do you really think that Xi and Putin are “afraid” of US when the Western powers lack the will to fight ISIS, and US is ready to fight half a globe away in Ukraine and South China Sea?

  246. Your assessment of the situation doesn’t take basic human nature into account. People long for power and resources. Since states are run by people, this is the motivation for virtually everything that a government does. Sometimes it is just more immediately evident. There are too many reasons for people to not get along for world peace to ever be realized.

  247. Yup. And if the “rumors” are true, then they are working with the three E.Ts races currently present on this planet. The U.S with the Greys, the Russians with the Nordics, and the Chinese with the Reptilians. Out of the three, the Reptilians are easily the strongest. They are also most willing to help the Chinese with their nuke disabling tech(they will help anyone who is willing to be evil really. Of course, that’s not their goal, their goal is to conquer Earth, after they do that). The U.S are playing a dangerous game, siding with the bad guys and withholding their presence.

  248. Hey China… US ICBMs travel at nearly 15,000 mph… about 2x as fast as this POS. Plus… we have a multi warhead delivery system that allows the use of one launch vehicle to deliver 10 warheads… Hear that China… that’s the USA… yawning…

  249. China landed 3 and 3 1/2 Generation fighters on their first carrier last year, they are building large commercial airliners next year. China’s 10 Mach missile was in the news early this year, are your head in the sand?

  250. Only if US has the will to use it. Obama says to store more heavy weapons in Europe to “deter” Putin, really? He can’t even stop the ISIS chopping US journalist’s heads? Do you really think that Xi and Putin are “afraid” of US when the Western powers lack the will to fight ISIS, and US is ready to fight half a globe away in Ukraine and South China Sea?

  251. how about shutting the missiles down while there in the sky or on the ground and then we show china a real weapon and strike all of there military bases all at once with powerful lightning. just for starters.

  252. Many things that are developed for the military wind up making the government a great deal of money as well. People act as though defense spending is just that…spending. As if it has no return. In case you were unaware, the sale of military equipment is quite lucrative. Not to mention the number of innovative products that are derived from military applications. I fail to see how a broad, generalized statement like “a 50% cut in the DOD budget would vastly improve the security in the world and the economic balance of the U.S.” could be even remotely accurate or based on any sort of empirical data. I agree that policing the world is not our job and our presence is often a source of conflict, but a massive cut in defense spending will not solve such a deep rooted problem. If we stop producing defensive measures, who’s to say that everyone else will stop creating offensive measures? When you have maniacs with too much power in play in the international system, there is no such guarantee. Yes, some of the systems that are created are offensive in nature, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t meant as a deterrent. Research the security dilemma. It is a well established international relations theory.

  253. How stupid are we…We now have the capability to shut off a cars engine from anywhere in the world…You don’t think we have the same capability to shut off there computers (emp)
    and make the missiles crash on the launch pads like we do to north korea and russia every once and a while just to show them what we have…….

  254. they stole it from us…. they hack our computers and stole all this information and fifth generation fighter plans…
    we are in a ciberwar with China.. they saved billions in research thanks to our poor ciber security…..

  255. They sold us out. People like you keep voting to let them. I think you need to wake up. Your BS idea of a free market is just that0-BS. When 2,000 rich *@&^# own the planet there is no free market and that’s where we are-TRILLIONS in debt and all of the $ going to the richest of the rich. Period

  256. Thats only part of the picture…you also have to understand the science and above all be able to manufacture the materials to make much of this stuff.

  257. Christopher robles, you know that we weren’t much of a military when japan nailed us. And Roosevelt n company had no plan. And back then It took 3-5 days just to get ahold of someone bcuz technology was not anything like it is today. So if japan was smart they could’ve made us tap out. If they.we’re to throw everything at us our history books would not be the same, or nowhere near it

  258. It’d be nice if WE could confirm all this tech they claim to have. Im just not buying it …they cant build a car that doesn’t explode into a million pieces when collision tested at HALF the speed that most other cars….i had to have them take back and re-ship a computer 3 times and finally they just told me i was on my own….EVERYTHING they build is junk!

  259. China is just catching up to us and russian military arms, in that respect there are 3 world powers now and it would be wise to kiss up to one another to prevent tag teaming. Welcome to the age of three kingdoms.

  260. psywar tactic of china in fact they dont have that kind tech. they announce it just to make US think first before taking any action hahha

  261. Right. That would never happen because when emperor (who name escapes me at this moment but let’s take take an educated guess and say Hiroshima?) was in power, he invaded the area that is known as present day Japan. His troops committed many atrocities against the indigenous people there at the time. I believe that at least 300,000 people were slaughtered, many, many women were raped, and kids did not fair any better. To this day, Japan refuses to acknowledge this has happened and this is probably the main reason why they don’t get along, besides the obvious land and sea dispute. Japan, even though we striped them of having a military powers, would most likely help us before them, I would hope. There country would be a very good point of encounter should need be, unless China attempts to conquer it first.

  262. This country needs an enema, and Obama is the one to bring it on. People these days are all for the easy (illegal), rather than to work for it. The new trend in Politics is that right is wrong, and wrong (left) is right. You figure how all of this is going to work out when the Politically Correct Brigade continues to champion themselves behind every idiotic fashion that opposes decency, and the righteous. Anarchy anyone?

  263. Trade with U.S do not make the Chinese rich. They earned it. While America keep printing and borrowing money from China and Japan to spend on their military projects, or financing wars around the world- Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Vietnam, Korea, Gulf wars….Just to name a few.

  264. the Chinese applies a trick from the Republicons. Scare Tactics. The US CIA has been all along how good the Chinese capability. Do not tremble just 1 article like this. I could be a Chinese propaganda.

  265. Like I said,”EndtheFed” >> MONEY <<>> “CHANGE” <<U don’t need tb a Qualified Individual like;
    Former Judge Andrew Napolitano ***,
    Former Sr. Legal Counsel of Legal Counsel of the “IMF” Karen Hudes ***,
    Attorney Jim Rickards of the CIA’s Prophecy Project to detect financial threats against the U.S. Economy, such as FIAT$***, or
    Economics Professor Laurence Kotikoff @Boston University***;

    >to understand this. I understood it when I was 14. U, or anyone else can learn it now RIGHT on the WEB. Not allthings r retrievable on the WEB, that’s whay there’s FOIA, but there’s enuf! NONE of the “Retrievable Facts” behind what’s ails America from the inside-out is anyone’s Opinion, Conjecture, Theory, or Guesswork. And it is wholly Non-Political to Free the Economic System gutting us “In Plain Site.”

    Updates through +Modernization are critical NOW with better Preserved and Protected Weapons and Weapons Systems, a better strategic, protected Power Grid contingency, Military & Intel +TRANSFORMATIONS-Steps-Ahead of Other Countries+ +”W/O TELLING-or-SELLING-it-2 any other Country EVER+; into more mobile Precision Units for Modern Warfare Response & Planning & New Strategies where foreign governments and Leaders are concerned NOW and for the FUTURE, besides ready with the conventional, then EDU, the Rebuilding of America’s Roads & Bridges, Port Cities, & more..

    The >>> MONEY is THERE <<< ! Congress knows it for a Fact, not just the above Qualified Individuals and many others right now in present day and the Past like RWR, the 35 th Prez, DDE, Andrew Jackson,and Lincoln in their day when they faced the same problem with the Core ofwhat is ailing America's Economic system from the INSIDE-OUT.***


  266. This is no brainer, the reason why china is building military equipments in such a fast paced manner, is because they got all the military files and blueprints that the US have made for decades.

    I really think that US really needs to act on these Hacking incidents.

  267. Trade agreements with China might have made them rich, helped build their military, increased their technological prowess 100-fold, given them millions of (prior) American jobs, and helped give them one of the best hacking teams in the world, but hey — at least we got those 99 cent plastic dinosaurs

  268. The problem people are missing is it’s speed, it will dodge anything we try to throw at it so it’s going to hit it’s target.

  269. Meanwhile, Obama and his minions are asleep at the wheel again. Manchurian Candidate or complete incompetent Obama needs to be immediately relieved of his duties. Contact your representitives and demand action today.

  270. it will disintegrate into pieces when it is airborne just the same as they selling its made in china products here in U.S.A. America wil just push the button Star Wars Technology or just the L A S E R that will be done in msec. then, who gets the nucleir blast, it will be mainland china of its own stupidity. china mastery and expertise are counterfeiting and stealing America secrets. NO originality JUST copy cat.

  271. 1. Who funds this site??
    2. It sounds like another propaganda piece to scare Americans (and we scare easily) into coughing up even more $$ for “defense” (read “offense”)
    3. We are the most aggressive nation in the world, whether you like it or not.
    4. a 50% cut in the dod budget would vastly improve the security in the world and the economic balance of the U.S.

  272. so the great china is really ready to make war with the world? is this a way to threaten other countries not to get in their way? even if china has been a powerful nation, it doesn’t mean that they can just do whatever they want specially to other small neighboring countries. if that they have those kinds of weapons it doesn’t mean they are invincible or untouchable, because china is just a piece of the world map. they will find themselves eating their own weapons and it will blow in their own faces. why do we have to worry about that super weapons? the time of our great GOD will come and show his great wrath on all the wicked men, that is what we have to be worried and be prepared for his coming destruction. the earth will be desolate and everyone will know that GOD is the most powerful of all. the wicked will feel the torment and the plague!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so repent and be saved or continue doing evil and suffer the consequences…the time is near but there’s still time to do good.

  273. We need to lift the limits on immigration. Let (good) people in to help increase our population so we can become another China. Population is the key in this competition!

  274. Chinkees are stupid enough to think that this weapon will save them from total annihilation in the event of nuclear war.

  275. Yeah we Chinese are planning to destroy America and that’s why we are buying up real estate in California and New York with bags of cash. It makes perfect sense, right?

  276. Chinese wall: Defense, China History: Defense, China Actual Military: Defense. USA actual military: Invade countries for money. USA history military: impose its political system

  277. Scary stuff. Little moves in the grand chess game of war. The US plans on putting tanks and weapons on Russia’s border, the Chinese hack into all federal employee files, Russia is slowly expanding it’s domain, the US intercepts Russian nuclear bombers near Alaska, China builds nuclear submarines, etc. Although the events are different, this really reminds me of the build up to WW2, alliances being made, the global economy in jeapordy, I gave it 5 years or less until WW3.

  278. This is call government propaganda the U.S spends 5 time more than china on weapons, this is only to get the US taxpayer to be rob some more save the bull sh%t we dont want to hear it.

  279. If Obama were not such a dumb a$$ when it comes to Homeland Security. We might have an offensive and defensive solution to China and China’s garbage that is handed us and threatened us. But no Obama is China’s a$$ wipe.

  280. All bullcrap, their party is tearing apart their country, has torn it up and will continue to do so. they have horrid children do, again, to the party and it’s one child policy. they have no unity and no togetherness. every chinese is out for himself. have no goal except to steal what they don’t have and protect their own for the next time the government takes it all back again.
    you are ignorant of the chinese and calling others ignorant.

  281. Another Cold War?!? Many people are too young to remember the “real” cold war
    when “Run, Duck and Cover” drills where practiced frequently in schools
    and the workplace in case of a nuclear attack. (Sirens a blazing) Bomb
    shelter signs were just about as common as “No Parking” back then. The
    Cuban Missile Crisis, The Bay of Pigs, etc. A time of serious unrest.
    However, back in the ’60’s the public was blissfully ignorant to how
    nasty a nuke really is. The public was not told that if they survived
    the blast that anything edible or drinkable is going to be a LONG way
    away. At least the vehicles back then did not rely on Silicon
    transistors. Today, if we were to be hit by a nuke, the survivors at the
    fringe of the blast will have no hope of using a cell phone, Most any
    vehicle made past about 1975 won’t start. All the computers, right down
    to the ones managing nuclear powers plants, and everything else are
    going to go down. Lights out, and, good luck….

  282. 20 years? Seems like you are too young to remember the “real” cold war when “Run, Duck and Cover” drills where practiced frequently in schools and the workplace in case of a nuclear attack. (Sirens a blazing) Bomb shelter signs were just about as common as “No Parking” back then. The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Bay of Pigs, etc. A time of serious unrest. However, back in the ’60’s the public was blissfully ignorant to how nasty a nuke really is. The public was not told that if they survived the blast that anything edible or drinkable is going to be a LONG way away. At least the vehicles back then did not rely on Silicon transistors. Today, if we were to be hit by a nuke, the survivors at the fringe of the blast will have no hope of using a cell phone, Most any vehicle made past about 1975 won’t start. All the computers, right down to the ones managing nuclear powers plants, and everything else are going to go down. Lights out, and, good luck

  283. What a shame, while Humans are dying and going Hungry these Countries are spending Billions in destroccion armaments, no Country in the WORLD wants to take over another Country, let us all be enteligent and get alone , lets all be happy with one another and help the World

  284. The US has successfully tested this type of missile too AND has confirmed they have defense contractors competing for some type of deterrent. Since the warheads can travel at mach 10 our present system might stop a few but some would get threw.

  285. Ignorance has no cure. Assumptions take you no where. Every nation peaks and vanish in a history. It is china’s turn now. who knows who is going to be next. When you get greedy, you stop the process of advancement as a Nation. Technologies have been transferred for trillion of dollars of loans.

  286. Does anyone expect that China, Russia, Israel, Iran, France, Great Britian, India – or the United States – will just sit still in the development of ever-better/lethal/effecient weapons and their delivery systems? Is this scary; yeah. Do I think for one minute that DoD planners aren’t planning contingency strategies? Not for one moment.

  287. It is so easy for people to say that just nuke any country. They have no clue what kind of destruction they are talking about. even when it is one sided. Nuclear weapons are for deterrence, not for use.

  288. If China and Japan were to combine together and form a more powerful China, then China would have a much easier time taking over any variety of smaller countries. Of course, this may certainly need at least 10 more years, especially to combine military at the same time as technology advancement. Eventually, this more powerful China will become an overwhelming threat to America. This is exactly what happens in my screenplay titled; “The Last President ” by Douglas Paige at; driveme89123yahoocom and asking only $1.7 million.

  289. Wow, talk about people living in Kool-Aid land and beyond….In reading these responses, it’s crystal clear the majority of Americans have no clue about China and are still listening to the government and liberal media propaganda concerning China and it’s “Perceived” agenda to take over the world.
    Once y’all actually study China (doubtful any will) and the Chinese government over the last 20 years, learn and understand it’s people and what they believe, then, and only then will you be able to see China IS NOT a military threat to the United States and never will be.
    China will never “take over the world” and certainly not through military force, however, because they don’t have political divisions within their one and only political system tearing the country apart like what is going on in our country, because they don’t have the disrespectful younger generation, because they don’t have the PC crowd making a farce out of their country like we do here and because they actually have unity, still have family values they’re united as a country they will succeed where we are now failing. Don’t believe all the B.S you read in our media, does China have issues? Does China have a long way to go? You betcha they do but the only threat they pose to the United States is possibly becoming what the United States used to be, the greatest economic power on Earth.
    Why do I say this? As an American Jew I’ve watched my Chinese family (married in) over the years become very prosperous by hard work and perseverance with the government reforms over the last 10 years.
    Until you’ve been to China many times, educated yourself about China and have met it’s people, just keep believing the end of the world Armageddon bullschitt you’re being fed by our wonderfully transparent government and liberal media….

  290. Ok, so it can penetrate US air defenses. But there is going to be no win for China. First of the kickback will be equally destructive and second even if they survive, they’ll have nobody to sell their crap to…

  291. we as a society are so transfixed on pop culture the kardashiens and kanye west.. that we have lost sight on what is going on with the rest of the world.. when we wake up it my be to late… in america there 330,000,000 people there are 400,000,000 registered people with genius IQ in china that statistic is frightening unto itself..

  292. we as a society are so transfixed on pop culture the kardashiens and kanye west.. that we have lost sight on what is going on with the rest of the world.. when we wake up it my be to late… in america there 330,000,000 people there are 400,000,000 registered people with genius IQ that statistic is frightening unto itself..

  293. here we go again…. fear mongering to start cold war, after 20-30 years and trillion of dollars spent we will be told China did not even have a drawing of hypersonic missile a kid had photoshopped an American Missile

  294. I think you are confused with the B-52-launched Mach 5+ Scramjet. I think that after the failure, DARPA scraped the Falcon, saying they have learned enough to begin a new project. So US hypersonic vehicle research isn’t dead; it’s just in a back-to-the-drawing-board period.

  295. This really sounds like North Korean military keeps on failing on their nuclear test on every year. Well, China does not have nuclear weapons to start the world war 3 against the U.S.

  296. Not at all. I expected you to know this if you did what you say you do. ICBMs have a vulnerable boost phase in which they must travel above the atmosphere; in this phase, they can be destroyed or other nations can easily detect them and prepare. Only at re-entry do they succeed Mach 20. Hypersonic vehicles don’t have a boost phase so they can fire off and travel at Mach 10 at low altitudes (extremely difficult to detect) in a ballistic pattern. If they were the same thing, people wouldn’t be scrambling to make them, Robert.

  297. You can say that about any country. Ever hear the M.A.D. concept? If not read about it. It is the reason we have not fought nuclear wars.

  298. Nuclear bomb, internet, planes, transistors, computers, shall I continue. By definition we’re all immigrants or decedents of. Everyone moved here from somewhere else even the “Native Americans” who came before the Europeans. If other countries were so great those immigrants wouldn’t have called the US … home and themselves Americans.

  299. For China to have an effective nuclear deterrent it has to be able to deliver nuclear weapons to the USA. Far from destabilizing the USA/China relationship, this only helps protect it. It is the concept of MAD that has kept the USA and Russia at peace for the last 70 years and arguably still does. If the USA was able to defend itself from a nuclear attack it could run roughshod over the world. Well, more so than it is now anyway.

  300. Are you comparing an ICBM to a hypersonic vehicle? You compare hypersonic vehicles to each other, like the Wu-14 to the DARPA Falcon, and you compare ICBMs to each other, like the MinutemanIII to the DF-41 (Mach 24). Normal people don’t know, ok, but I didn’t expect someone with your claimed credentials to make this mistake.

  301. I disagree, China will never fight America because there is nothing to fight about.

    With 1 child policy over the last 20 years, India will overtake China soon for the dubious
    honor of being the most populous country, they will not have many youngsters joining the
    military & I think not many families would like to send their young to fight wars away from
    Mainland China.

    So have no fear about war with China.

  302. This is not a ballistic missile. This is an ‘in air’ missile. It would need a tremendous amount of fuel to hit the US from China as it would have to be powered all the way. Most likely this missile is meant to (try and) take out a carrier fleet in the South China Sea. Good luck with that.

  303. Goodness, really? Why do people with no knowledge of the military comment on these things?? The Minuteman is an ICBM, not a hypersonic vehicle. They are completely different. China’s ICBM is the DF-41, which can travel at Mach 24. 30 year old technology? Then the US must be REALLY behind, cus last time (in 2014) America tried this test with the DARPA Falcon, it fell apart.

  304. I call BS. Honestly, China has trouble even making half decent licensed copies of Russian jet engines, but they are becoming masters of hyper-sonic engines? Yeah, sure. I like that the picture of the vehicle is actually an artists rendering of a DARPA project.

  305. Google Tactical High Energy Laser, Advanced Tactical Laser, Airborne laser and H.E.L.L.A.D.S.
    Welcome to 2015 A.D. the future is now.


  307. Its high time for we Americans to put aside our diffrences and forget about our little petty racial problems and come together and realize unless we start uniting and coming together , Our real enemies will destroy us before we destroy this country…..China is the enemy here along with North Korea, and Iran and Russia..We better start building our own Missiles that can penetrate Chinas defense and elect not the first black, hispanic , or first female president…but the first president willing to stand up too our enemies….and not run and hide every time…

  308. Last year Chinese President came to America and made purchase deals for millions in food. I don’t think it will be
    very tasty after radiation from Chinese bomb.

  309. The good news, however, is that China and Russia aren’t spiteful. They’re only striving to resist the American and NATO monster.

  310. between the hacking of the defense dept and now this its becoming clear what China’s intentions are. Unless you’re in your 80’s already I think we’re all probably going to be witness of a nuclear war in our life time.

  311. Americans always claim to have latest technologies but these all technologies are smuggled from the mind of different immigrant scientist. In real America invented one and only one thing and that is Ham burger…

  312. WT, Paul is talking about DARPA Falcon, a hypersonic vehicle. What you are talking about is an ICBM, which China and Russia both have. China’s DF-41 travels at Mach 24. ICBMs and hypersonic vehicles are completely different weapon systems.

  313. Illuminati and Zionist planning the war between China, Russia, South Korea against USA, north Korea and Japan. So all major nuclear containing countries could destroy each other. Europe economy all ready sinking and Israel would be the next super power in the World.
    I request American people to make your President in senses to pull out their forces from Afghanistan and don’t be police of the world. south china sea issue is an asian issue which can be solve on table by asian countries.

  314. China has no way to transport that Army 8,000 miles to America, and that ship number
    is only correct if it includes the 340 Chinese Junks & Fishing boats.

  315. Look for real! One perfectly placed EMP bomb will Instantly have the US in the stone age for years to come. A complete breakdown of society soon follows.. I hope were ready for when the day comes.

  316. The US Minuteman III, operational since 1961, travels at MACH 23…that’s 23x the speed of sound. Hypersonic is merely 5x the speed of sound. Nothing to see here folks. Besides, we already have the Minuteman IV and the Common Aero Vehicle (CAV) – spacecraft deployment – that makes this tech 30 years old.

  317. BS Paul (or should we call you Xi). The US Minuteman III, operational since 1961, travels at MACH 23…that’s 23x the speed of sound. Hypersonic is merely 5x the speed of sound.

  318. Look it up my statement is accurate. I was not talking about aircraft carriers, did you see “aircraft carriers” anywhere in my comment? US has 9 and China has 2, but aircraft carriers are pointless unless you ant to invade a small country. With 9 packed aircraft carriers US would do nothing against China’s whole military. Ships matter more and China has 200 more than US

  319. China doesn’t want to attack the United States– it wants to own it! And greedy American companies that care nothing about American workers– plus their dupes in Congress– are doing everything possible to make that happen.

    The United States should never allow nations that– are not free and democratic– to export their products to America without heavy tariffs.


  320. Actually, it’s 19% and US export tariffs and/or restrictions would cripple the chinese economy. US is largest export market for China and even Hong Kong exports of an additional 11% most end up in US. So ultimately that is 30% of China’s exports. Next in line is Japan with only 8.3%. China would not do just fine without us.
    The “owed” money is the result of dollar hegemony and “calling” that debt would result in massive failure of Chinese banking system as US “restructured” its debt.

  321. Trust me…. one will dare one day or another. A parable goes like this. A teenager picks on a toddler who cannot fend for himself, and while the teenager doesn’t know how big the toddler can grow. Once the toddler grows to become bigger, faster, and stronger…. they will take that dare and use the power they’re gained.

  322. actually, it’s 19% and US export tariffs and/or restrictions would cripple the chinese economy. US is largest export market for China and even Hong Kong exports of an additional 11% most end up in US. So ultimately that is 30% of China’s exports. Next in line is Japan with only 8.3%. China would not do just fine without us.

  323. Paul, your data on ships is incorrect. The US has the largest navy by a long shot. How many Aircraft carriers does China currently own and who built it?

  324. Because only the US can make new weapons. That’s cool and we can be partners, but when other countries make weapons, “Hey, why are you making that? You can’t just go around making weapons! What do you need that for? You gonna start a war? Who are you planning to hurt? Is it us? We’re not paranoid, but… is it us? We need explanations!!”

  325. The moon race was over once US reached the destination. No country ever tried to go to the moon since. If they wanted to they would have a long time ago. Both Russia and China have sent rovers to gather samples from the moon.

  326. They find new ones like Russia. China’s money will be king, unless we change” buy made in USA” you pay a little more, product will last longer and jobs will be created giving Americans mo money to spend in our economy making our companies stronger. Boycott Chinese and if they want to send their nock off junk over here charge them double to export so it evens out the price. We can do this without war do this and we don’t need south china sea to be free they can have it.

  327. A rail gun that fires slugs at Mach 7 in a straight line is gonna shoot down a maneuverable vehicle that travels at Mach 10? Show me how you can run at 7mph in a straight line and catch someone who runs at 10mph while changing directions.

  328. Well… Obama is doing it now with Cuba. That is how it started with China, they are not so bad, yes they are communist and dictatorial but they have cheap labor, etc. etc. Will have to check back in 10 years.

  329. Doesn’t matter how fast they can attack. Any nuclear attack will assure mutual destruction of both sides. Period! That is the whole reason it won’t happen. Great technology though. Maybe it can be put to use for peaceful purposes.

  330. cant handle the turth . befor clinton took office china could not hit the broad side of a barn. clinton let loreal sell missle tech to china

  331. So, they’re supposed to stop building weapons and leave themselves completely defenseless in case push come to shove? And the US is the only country that should develop its military?

  332. As if that the US does not have a hypersonic nuke capable missile too. Not to mention EMP weapon that can be attached to our hypersonic scram jet weapons or fighter planes that can disable all or targeted electronic guidance system of that, on air and or in the ground, disabling all their systems or defenses against our return strike if ever they think they can penetrate our missile defenses.

  333. Lets put that to the test .. Don’t know where your getting your numbers ? half a trillion a year is not chump money Mr Chang … lol

  334. So if the U.S. Keeps sending their spy planes over their islands, they are going to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. ? This is what I got out of the BS article.

  335. You as a consumer are the one who shares the biggest blame. The jobs and money go to country you buy from. Stop buying from China.

  336. I agree on so many levels. We got sold to greed and cheap labor so the companies could skyrocket in profit to line there pockets while the rest of us suffer because there is not enough work in the USA for everyone. We need to change drastically ASAP to buy Made in USA and break there economy so they come crying back to Us.

  337. And also his first statement. WS-10A is China’s only operational turbofan engine, (with higher thrust than F-15 engines but lower thrust than F-22 engines) and it is used to power the J-11 SinoFlanker. Research how many of them have crashed using this engine. Exactly 0. Every Chinese jet crash was either from Russian AL-31 engines or much older Chinese-Spey engines (in the case of JH-7), which are NOT a turbofan engine. Now research how many American fighters have crashed using US turbofan engines. You haven’t got enough fingers and toes to count. OP probably has China confused with India, which does experience a lot of jet crashes from its Russian engines, which it fails to properly maintain and were not designed specifically for the immense heat and humidity of India.

  338. “He didn’t have sex with that woman” but when President Clinton was in office;he cuddled up to China and did supply information to them by his experts on how to build a ballistic missile to launch satellites.I knew at that moment that was a huge mistake!! They didn’t have to steal that information….We’re definatly in the last days.We don’t need another breach with Hillary for sure !

  339. Why are we giving China all these contracts byuing food, drugs, computers, clothes and all the popular goods that we need here in USA. China then uses all that money to develop weapons to destroy us. We are not too smart. Whose idea is this that we have to buy everything from China. This should be addressed in the coming 2016 elections.

  340. Air-to-air missiles travel at Mach 4, which is 3,000 miles per hour. 6,000 mph is over mach 8, and classified as hypersonic; there are no hypersonic air-to-air missiles in the world. You first statement is true; while Wu-14 travels at Mach 10, American ICBMs travel at over Mach 20… but so do Chinese and Russian ICBMs. China’s DF-41 travels at over Mach 24. They are a different class of weapon than hypersonic vehicles like the Wu-14 and DARPA Falcon.

  341. You made a poor assumption. Who says the US will get completely wiped out? There are multiple scenarios as how this can go. Besides, even if we were attacked, I doubt America has the will to fight, even if we had a Republican in the W.H. Because it won’t just be China, it will be Russia, her allies and other enemies of the US, including Iran who will be in on this. You don’t really think they are going to sit out on falling the US for once and for good, do you?

  342. And the arms industry convinced us that spending trillions of $$ in an ABM system would be a fireproof way to stay on top of everybody else with nothing to oppose it.. It would have been a first eh?

  343. ……sold us out for cheap labor? Have you so soon forgotten about the tenets of capitalism, freedom of market forces etc etc? I think you’re now converting to communism, controlled market environment etc etc, Kindly do yourself a favor by waking up!

  344. If the 1%ers allow it ? Cut back on trade with China .. That will shoot down there hyper -sonic faster then any side winder or aggie sys… lol

  345. Good job Odumbus ! With all these friendships you have established I feel secure already ! Now if we could just impeach and prosecute you…..

  346. doubt it, Obama wouldn’t know what to do, no plan. Kind of what his current plan with ISIS is. Ummmm, yeah, right now, we don’t, uh, have a plan of what we are going to do against ISIS:

  347. Relax…, China isn’t about to launch a nuclear missile at the United States. The US is overwhelmingly superior in shear numbers, and has a delivery system they have no defense against. Suicide, …I don’t think they’re ready for that.

  348. these so leader are the biggest joke i have ever seen they are so self absorbed and money hungry. they will be the death of our country. we are being over whelmed by the fags the left loons!!! they are all creating ciaos in the streets and the social fabric of the nation. while we are stole blind and the fat cat banksters plunder our middle class .we will all wake up speaking Chinese or Russian

  349. Calm down Einstein American ballistic missiles travel over twice as fast the scary hyper-sonic Chinese missile. Also we can easily shoot down this thing as soon as they actually have an operational system for us to counter. By the way a simple sidewinder air to air missile used to shoot down jet fighters travels at 6,000 miles per hour. This thing is just a supersonic drone, and slight modifications to the Aegis anti missile system will be able to counter it. Anyway if China goes to war with us, who will buy all their cheap crap? They will have an economic depression unprecedented in human history if they attack us.

  350. Rail gun can shoot it down so whatever China..Test BS while your economy is based on Mass Building Apartment Structures that not many people live in and many in China could never afford. Record Debt in China while they play with Military and try to steal more tech secrets from USA since they can’t develop any themselves. Come up with something to Clean up the Rivers,Bays,Land and Air in China and maybe I’ll be Impressed. You can’t eat a weapon and not going to make anyone give you clean food and more clean land just because you have more weapons ,that you stole tech for from USA.

  351. All countries have a missile defense system that can detect an oncoming threat, and then neutralize said threat before it can reach land. This article is saying that China currently has a missile that can reach ground in the US before our missile defense system has time to react and neutralize said threat. It’s not saying that they finally reached the same military technology that we currently have, but that they’ve surpassed us on not only a military level, but on a nuclear level.

    This Obama in office, and Hillary having pretty much no opposition… This is truly a nightmare.

  352. The minute you stop running the hounds start nipping at your heals. It has always been that way. What made us think we could stop running? We need to get back in the race, even though we are behind.

  353. You can thank the super rich CEOs and their bought and paid for politician buddies,
    most of which are conservative jacka$$es that sold us out for cheap

  354. The super rich CEOs and their bought and paid fro politician buddies,
    most of which are conservative jacka$$es that sold us out for cheap
    labor. China was nothing 30 years ago.

  355. Nah it was the super rich CEOs and their bought and paid fro politician buddies, most of which are conservative jacka$$es that sold us out for cheap labor. China was nothing 30 years ago.

    Wake up, you’re asleep at the wheel

  356. Chinese metallurgy in jet engines stinks. Its fighters keep crashing everywhere. This is one of the sci fi stuff the communist news media throw at us.

  357. America is doomed!! China has broken into our defense computers and stolen everything. How could they have all this wealth of information if they hadn’t done so. Now they are fastly exploiting it and Obummer doesn’t care. Don’t trust China or Russia as they are the biggest liers ever, even more so than the USA. China wants to rule the world and will one of these days. Look at the USA. It has free health care, welfare, etc to 20 million immigrants from Mexico and other places. Yes America is doomed and not long it will no longer exist as a Nation. Obama has purged all the General and Admirals worth a shit and only has yes boys now. No strategy what-so-ever to win at anything especially the ISIS and Arabs in all.Clinton if she wins will be worse as she is the biggest LIAR of all.

  358. If they launched against the U.S., the U.S. would launch against them. They would be initiating their own destruction. The problem is, they don’t care about their people and have no value on human life. If they lost 1 billion of their people it would be doing them a favor as they are grossly over populated.

  359. Here comes another 911 thanks to the wait and see mentality of the U.S…. China hacks our systems, and who knows what else, and obviously the U. S. Government is clueless, if it does happen, and Washington is the target, maybe then the politican’s will get the message!!!

  360. Well all they have to do is copy, cheat, steal and now, boom everything we have plus everything they have. We just sit here and take it.

  361. Here we have a country, China, who has never gone to the moon and has done nothing really technical, suddenly surpasses the USA on rocket propulsion. Sounds like of BS to me.

  362. The USA is no longer the Super Power. This administration has seen to that. If China and Russia join forces they could wipe us off the map. Thanks all you fools for voting them in.

  363. You are completely right. Everyone thought Japan was a primitive country full of savages incapable of modern warfare…then they devastated our pacific battleship fleet…thankfully our carriers were out…as the carriers would win the war, not battleships.

  364. While we’ve been preparing and transforming our armed forces to fight unconventional anti insurgencies…China and Russia are building a military to specifically challenge us. I think it’s time to acknowledge the reality and pivot the military once again.

  365. Why you think that? The US (Darpa) is supposed to have the same thing operational in 2023, when will the Wu-14 be operational. Plus in any conflict everybody should hope everything stays on a conventional level. If any conflict involving Russia or the US goes nuclear the world will suffer. Russia sits on around 7500 nuclear warheads. The US sits on about 7,260 nuclear warheads. It is estimated (by the amount of fuel available) China has 400 to 600 nuclear warheads. What country that you know of could survive a nuclear war with this many nuclear warheads ready to be used?

  366. Oh, big name Defense contractors are the source of these “fake stories?” Yup! Those Chinese are as dumb as deft as Americans thought of the Japanese just before the bombed Pearl Harbor. The Chinese make nice shoes, watches, Apple iPhones, toys & umbrellas, but stealth fighters, orbital space stations, sophisticated nukes traveling faster than we could possibly handle? No way!

  367. Thanks to the Clinton White House and an Illinois company that sold China the technology to do this. Guess how Clinton (old stainmaster) paid for his Presidential Library??

  368. So, how do they outrun lazer defenses that travel at the speed of light? Or the ray gun that fries the electronics inside missles,jets,ships, etc.? Or the EMP missile that shuts down all electronics that is targeted? Sure,if they have it, then since we had the SR71 blackbird in 1961 then what do we have that we have not been told about?? Anything,anything, at all? Especially, since we spend more than the whole rest of the world combined on defense! Other than obama in charge,and he has purged all the great military admirals and generals, and allowed the force taken over by tranvestites,homosexuals,atheists,agnostics, and attacked veterans, our military is normally pretty good. HA!HA!HA!

  369. Does it really matter if the end comes in 50 mins or 3 hours? Once those bombs start flying you may not want to be around after it is over.

  370. How so? They tested a Satellite killer with succes… They just hacked the Pentagon’s computers and have an accurate listing of every Government employee, their home addresses, their titles, duties and other personal information… They have 3 stealth fighter/ bombers which have been flight tested. Naw, this isn’t BS. This is culminating. A war is coming.

  371. Whatever, plenty Chinese in the US and some super deluxe areas in California even got bunch o’ families of China Commie upper management. I seriously doubt China’s sincerity to nuke US.

  372. We test Hypersonic vehicles its “research”.. China does it and its Missle testing for nukes to take over America.. Let me guess article brought to us by Lockheed-Martin ? Boeing ? General Dynamics.. ? Just taking a guess here.

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