China Said To Be Acting Like Hitler’s Nazi Germany

China Said To Be Acting Like Hitler’s Nazi Germany
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The pot has been heated to boiling in the South China Sea and is getting closer and closer to overflowing. In fact, Philippines President Benigno Aquino has now compared China’s behavior there to that of Nazi Germany leading up to and during World War II.

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Territory dispute over South China Sea

The reason for his remark is China’s continual grab for more and more territory in the South China Sea. A report in The Guardian states that Aquino warned world leaders that they can’t keep allowing Beijing to have its way in what now amounts to a sea and land grab similar to what Nazi Germany did in Europe around World War II.

He said at that time, Germany was “testing the waters” to see how Europe’s superpowers would respond to its annexation efforts before the war. Further, he said no one stopped Germany from annexing Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, and he questioned whether the war would have happened if the rest of Europe had stood up for Czechoslovakia to block the annexation.

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Just appeasing China?

The Philippines president made his comments while speaking in Japan. This is the second time he has compared Beijing’s actions to Nazi Germany. He said if the superpower that is the U.S. decides that it is uninterested in what happens in the South China Sea, then other countries’ ambitions could become much greater.

He said last year that Europe allowed Germany to take Sudetenland as a way to appease Adolf Hitler, but all it did was whet his appetite for more land and more power. Chinese officials were angered by Aquino’s comments last year, calling him “lame,” “ignorant” and other derogatory words.

According to a Reuters blog post by Barry Lynn, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also drew comparisons between China’s actions in the South China Sea and European history. However, he went further back to the years leading up to World War I. He made his remarks last year, saying that at that time, the U.S. began challenging Beijing’s claims on the sea directly.

How much will the U.S. push back?

Earlier this week, U.S. President Barack Obama warned that China and other powers which are grabbing land in the South China Sea that they should respect international law. This could set the stage for a situation like Abe mentioned before World War I. Beijing, however, has returned the pushback, essentially telling Washington to keep its nose out of Asian affairs.

China has claimed almost all of the South China Sea, which is now an important shipping route which many believe holds rich supplies of gas and oil. However, rival powers in the region, which include the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Brunei and Vietnam, accuse Beijing of expansionism.

China builds military posts

China is building a sprawling military base on the Spratly Islands, sparking concerns about the placement and size of the base. According to a post by James Kraska on CNN, Beijing has built up more than 2,000 acres on rocks and reefs that are under the water.

Subi reef is one of the natural features China has built on, constructing an air strip that’s 3,000 meters long and able to take in the biggest military aircraft. The U.S. and the Philippines have been warned to stay away from the manmade island, although Beijing maintains that the construction project creates Chinese airspace there.

But this isn’t the first time Beijing has been attempting to exert control over land in the South China Sea. According to Lynn, China declared an “air defense” zone over part of the sea in 2013.

U.S. denies China’s claims

U.S. officials have denied China’s claims, saying they will do whatever they can in the region under international laws. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the U.S. remains concerned about what’s happening in the South China Sea because it deals with “freedom of navigation, freedom of the seas, [and] freedom from coercion.”

The UN Convention on the Law of the Sea states that only “naturally formed” islands that are above the water at high tide create a territorial sea, which China claims to have created by building on submerged reefs like the Subi. However, U.S. and Filipino military craft have been warned away by the Chinese military multiple times.

Clearly the situation in the South China Sea is tense, and any remarks or actions made by Washington or Beijing could end up being the tipping point toward war.

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  1. Don’t worry about, the relations between U.S. and Japan are Master and Servant.
    US cooperation with China has never been a one-way gift, but of mutual benefit. China is in the process of economy upgrading, public venture heat and national revival. And New silk road project is brilliant and visionary. China is in “ the right location, position and time” to set up the bank (AIIB), It offers a win-win situation for China and the other countries.
    If you can read Chinese, you may want to read the following article:

  2. I admire your in-depth comment. If trouble makers the likes of Aquino, Abe, Carter, ….. come to their senses, A lot of troubles would have been settled. A clear case is the South China Sea dispute. For that matter, the ONLY way out is the peaceful settlement proposed by President Xi.
    Dear! These KIND OF AUTHORS engaged by ValueWalk have very clear objective of making money and to be controversial. Lacking professionalism that is. I think we should replace them.
    US and her ‘WATCHDOGS’ ABE and AQUINO are waging in a grave gamble that will “burn” them.

  3. Pinoy Aquino is doing everything he can to agitate the situation in SCS. This including incendiary remarks by calling China “the new Nazi of Asia”.The only country is willing to be pull into conflict with China is Japan…Japan knows China wants payback for their WWII crimes. Vietnam still feels the stings from 1979 Sino-Vietnam border war. Its not ready to tangle with China. America is way too smart to be used by Philippians as bullet shield in SCS dispute. The risks simply out weights the rewards.
    China is not interested to attack Philippians for the same reason, America gains nothing by attack Mexico. Benigno Aquino fanning flame of nationalism at home to sustain his falling popularity numbers. What he fails to see is the ramification of his irresponsible action to provoke China. A conflict that may drawn America into a nuclear conflict. For Philippians, Its 120 million Filipino lives targeted for annihilation by nuclear missiles.
    China will not attack Philippians unless red line has been crossed. The red line is American nuclear arsenals hosting on Philippians soil. Its no different than “Cuban Missile Crisis” for China.

  4. Red herring argument to divert the issue. You are talking about deaths related to European settlement in the America’s and not about a single entity called the CCP or the Nazi that caused these horrifying number of deaths alone. ;)

  5. Fine, Gray. What about the Red Indians, the South American natives ….. I hope to hear more sensible discussion from you for all to share.


  6. Maniacal Aquino has once more proven to the world his evil determination to STEAL islands belong to China. It would have been ‘perfect’ had he told his host Abe that Japan is the equivalent of German Nazis.

    Facts speak for themselves:

    1) Abe misled the US CONGRESS that comfort women were MERE victim of human trafficking.

    2) Abe tries to WHITEWASH Japanese atrocities committed during WW II.

    3) Abe attempts to glorify the commemoration in HIROSHIMA-NAGASAKI to project Japan as a VICTIM and not an AGGRESSOR.

    4) He announced that Japan had just TERMINATED WW II and was not DEFEATED in WW II.

    The noose is getting tighter.

  7. “China is very itchy to teach the Pepino, they are just waiting patiently for the right time…… it will be a very loud yelp. LOL”

    Perhaps it would be the nth time Filipinos teach these Chinese some lessons. Filipinos did that back in the Korean war already. ;)

  8. Law and order will rule how valid those claims are, ha i have popcorn and beer ready to enjoy the moment of truth, little fenqing fifty center

    ” In just a
    few weeks, international judges will begin to consider the legality of
    China’s “U-shaped line” claim in the South China Sea. The venue will be
    Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague and the court’s first step –
    during deliberations in July – will be to consider whether it should
    even consider the case.

    China’s best
    hope is that the judges will rule themselves out of order because if
    they don’t, and the Philippines’ case proceeds, it’s highly likely that
    China will suffer a major embarrassment.”

  9. “that the sea is belonged to China proved the record of the history.”

    Prove, what prove? Link please, you will fail because there is non. ;-)

  10. “PH is 79 miles away to China’s south China sea islands,”

    Fenqing looser boy, that’s the point, just in case you still don’t know, these islands do NOT belong to China.

  11. Pnoy has limitless boundary to human genetic of stupidity. Their only ally is the US, which they also have a traumatic experience in military base agreement with. Pnoy came to Japan mentioning Hitler is similar to China encroachment, the Pepino forgot that Hitler was an ally of Japan. Instead of acting as great statesman, Pnoi behaves as a sissy boy whom needs a sympathy, pampering and breast-feeding. China is very itchy to pinch the sissy president, it will not be a surprise too see China’s retalliation in near time.

  12. Watch out !
    If your opinion is different from the author, then your post will be deleted. Is This place only allowed “rumor” or Liar “?

  13. What a stupid author !

    China Said To Be Acting Like Hitler’s Nazi Germany??? I doubt it, it is more like you said. America deny this, deny that, who care? 56 countries defy U.S. in joining AIIB, isn’t it?

    U.S. government really think people around the world are stupid? Do not know right and wrong?

    Vietnam in 1973 began construction of the South China Sea islands dispute, 2010 Guo Qian sandbar in the Spratly Islands and Western Reef (West London Reef) land reclamation, and similar activities in the Philippines can be traced back to the 1940s. US criticism of China’s recent activity is targeted and selective.

    For a long time, the United States turned a blind eye & a deaf ear to the above behaviors . In recent years, China build the necessary facilities on their reefs, including the construction of the lighthouse can be beneficial to all countries of civilian facilities, someone will find fault with the irresponsible remarks, the South China Sea will be portrayed as a calm
    global powder keg.

    Not long ago, an analysis of the British Reuters article said: “The United States to intervene, must have reason to convince others of these islands is threatening the vital interests of the United States, the so-called freedom of navigation in the
    United States is difficult to convince the people affected, China has so far not done anything to block shipping. The second reason for the US intervention is to defend regional peace and stability. However, so far no major military
    confrontation between the South China Sea sovereignty sound cable five parties.

    May 24, 2015, the German “World Socialist” Web site a report that the United States is now getting tough on China. This situation raises concerns: whether the United States is to create an excuse to contain China? This bold policy could lead to
    war between the two nuclear powers. Historically, the United States often make some excuse to conduct military operations. In fact, many attacks are deliberately designed the United States mentioned, and then one after another
    through the media hype. US public propaganda often “as a defensive behavior, the maintenance of international peace and security.” However, the result is again undermined regional stability.

    China does not want war, but there is determination to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests. China will not be
    intimidated by the US threat of force in the South China Sea !!!

  14. If the misleading claim of Aquino based on UNCLOS is recognized. Then the following claims and counter-claims MUST also be recognized by UNCLOS:
    1) between Philippines and Indonesia, 2) between Philippines and Australia, 3) between Philippines and China, 4) between Philippines and Malaysia, 5) between Japan and South Korea, 6) between Japan and Russia, 7) between Russia and world police, 8) between Papua New Guinea and Australia, 9) between India and Sri Lanka, ………….
    This is the kind of mad mad mad world Philippines and Vietnam want the world police and the whole world to believe in.

  15. Dear Truth and kampilan. Japanese people is a strange breed. The word REPENTANT and SORRY do not exist in their dictionary. It is very wrong to point finger at Chinese and Korean for not forgiving. Suffice to say here for example, Abe lies to the US CONGRESS that comfort women (which include many Filipino women) are mere victims of human trafficking!

  16. Good on you! Japan is a cunning watch dog of her master the tyrannous world police. I assure you this dog is bound to bite her master like in Pearl Harbour.

  17. Hey China!
    When the world tells you that you have a booger on your nose that you confidently say isnt non existent – I think you better look at the mirror and clean yourself. Your continued denial of the stupid booger in your nose that everybody sees just goes to show how stupid you guys are. Just my two cents.
    If you feel hurt, it must be true!!! LOL.

  18. F Handout Beggar Aquino 3’s mother will surely be crying in her grave for having such a corrupted useless clown of Philippines serving NOT the people but Fascist Amerca-Japan.

  19. American slave Lee Kuan Yew was the worst human rights offender of his era n he despicably ctimuzed many good Singaporeans.
    His Moron son Lee Sien Loong, clueless does not knw himself non any body in Asean for him to say such stupid things.

  20. Yes,just think about how USA found up,we are not as soft as Indians if they are desperate to deprive our land 2 million soldiers are certainly enough.

  21. After Facst Amercan Thief n Robber Obama n hs officers’ lies, now came some violent lawless F rats
    F must read its national maps for last 400 years.
    Amercan lies to its teeth on China’s territory established 500 years before White went to N America to kill n rob the Red Indians to found USA.

  22. You are really right.In the future Chinese will be friendly with Japan but Japan will not.In turn,I believe that all the Japanese will become homeless without any pity as a truly Chinese.

  23. sorry, we are large enough, so we don’t need your land. Btw, We don’t hope that one day the Chinese government has to use our tax to raise you. Understand?

  24. Yes, we all hate Hitler. That’s why Japanese, especially Abe, should remember the WWII history rather than deny it. Just as Lee Hsien Loong said in Singapore that China and Korea should forgive Japan and not ask them to apologize again and again. BUT have a look at what Japan is doing? First of all, distort history in textbooks; Then, don’t admit Nanjing Slaughter and Conscription of Comfort Women. And now, they advocate that China is like Hitler!!! Are you qualified to say that? Why Chinese and Korean could not forgive Japanese until now, while French could forgive German many years ago? Japan will never ever admit their default in WWII from the bottom of their heart, because they only believe power and force. That’s what Chinese and Korean have learned from the long neighbourhood history and which West could not understand. Now Japan want to be a normal country and develop its military by advocating China Threat Theory which has been lasting for more than 20 years. Ok, everyone will know what’s the real aim of Japan finally in near future.

  25. Not mention that the sea is belonged to China proved the record of the history.After the delimit of the sea in 1947,they had no disagree along the successive 1/4 centuries because they were occupied by the west as colonies.According to the law of nations,the sea has generated historical sovereignty.Furthermore,American has not treat ed fairly with it snaping tightly when Chinese had declared the virtuous use of the facility even inviting other countries to joint with us.This artical liken Chinese as fascist are responsible for the intents to bring out the sea chaos.When it comes to Japan and the Philippines and Vietnam claim,I can’t say nothing if we are involved into the war they will be the first to bear the doom brunt just several missile matters.As australia,don’t they know we are they majory importer?In a word,just see it white eyes,consulation and cooperation are not necessary for them.American just want their number one undermining others audaciously by a morbid imagination.

  26. Remember China disputing with neighbor countries about land boundaries? Today, they are a thousand miles away claiming other country’s territories too because they detected rich oil reserve and other minerals, and the riches fishing ground in the Universe. THIS IS NAZI MENTALITY and they’re not going to win.

  27. We are anything but a penny relative to the mistake of Germany.We are able to learn from history suggesting we are willing to distinguish good and bad. Aquino is just a disgust clown.

  28. @@@: Why Japan and the Philippines and Vietnam also claim ownership. The islands are. Some nation law. Abolition of possession and interests in land for more than 10 years shall be deemed to waive the dominant in the land. As China. If not, then the land of Egypt is in dominating by Rome. Since the days of Julius Caesar.

  29. Why Japan and the Philippines and Vietnam also claim ownership. The islands are. Some nation law. Abolition of possession and interests in land for more than 10 years shall be deemed to waive the dominant in the land. Like as China. If not, then the land of Egypt is in dominating by Rome. Since the days of Julius Caesar. I said before international organizations armed force to coerce China like as Germany in World War 2.

  30. EU sanctions on Russia not to buy Russia not to sell products a year ago. Because Russian invasion to Ukraine And now NATO forces strike limited powers of Russia. Part China as like. The China invasion to Senkaku islands of the Japan . Including the Spratly islands of Vietnam, and Philippines makes ASEAN unwelcome to China.

  31. The disputed area is composed of small ISLANDS, and CHINA’s topography is nowhere near from being an ARCHIPELAGO unlike Philippines, it is made up of 7000+ ISLANDS divided into three major island known as LUZON, VISAYAS, MINDANAO. With topography alone you can distinguish that China’s claim is absurd from all the claimants.

  32. No one is forgetting about what Japan did to Philippines but Filipinos knows how to forgive people who admits their mistake and asks for forgiveness. Also Philippines doesn’t live in the past, we move forward and moves on. Unlike China who learned from the history THE BAD WAY and was about to repeat the mistake of Germany.

  33. as opposed to chinese government who LIES to the world and to his people, like issues about the tiananmen square and on the hk people rights to vote who they want!

  34. We don’t forget that but we forgive them. And we don’t want to happen again that is why we are pushing for Legal settlement in UN. PLA is the next Imperialist Army.


  36. China is even worse than Nazi Germany, because China even treated their owned people even worse than animals. Through history over 50 millions Chinese people had died under China communist rule, especially many people die during China Cultural Revelution…. So the world must act and get united against China now, because you don’t want to be rule under this uncivilised regime !!!

  37. China is even worse than Nazi Germany, because China even treated their owned people even worse than animals. Through history over 50 millions Chinese people had died under China communist rule, especially during China Cultural Revelution…. So the world must act and get united against China now, because you don’t want to be rule under this uncivilised regime !!!

  38. We in Southeast Asia countries are very concern about China, because they are getting more and more aggressive everyday and behaving like a gangster. And now China is claiming the whole South China Sea belong to China including all the islands there. We fear after China finish attacking and conquering us in Asia, China will again start claiming the whole countries in the West belong to them too.

    I don’t think this future War with China can be avoided because China need all the resources for their massive populations, and their populations just keep on growing and growing bigger everyday. So now they becoming more aggressive and making accuses so they can start a war to start their conquest. So the whole world must united and get ready and be prepared & all China neighbors in ASEAN countries including Japan should also armed themself with nuclear boms just like China do, and DON’T take this aggressive signs by China very lightly, because they are coming and nothing can stop China when they come.

  39. A President who can laugh at the scene after seeing blood shedding disaster in his country, has no right to say anything on others. He is a very corrupted President after Marco’s administration. By all mean, he talks nonsense because he knows there is a giant (USA) to back him up, so he is free of worry. If this giant is not there, he is just like a little mouse in that region.

  40. Shocking! Shocking! Way out of line!
    We now have a joker whose feverish preoccupation with stealing China’s Islands has turned him into a maniac

    SIX MILLION Jews were exterminated(murdered) in the holocaust perpetrated by German Nazis during World War Two. This is no joking matter to be taken lightly by Aquino. It is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. Now I really worry Aquino may be dragged to face criminal charges in the International Court of Law.

    China herself is a victim of Japanese atrocity committed during World War Two. 70 years on, there is still no real repentance from the Japanese people.

    Aquino has clearly forgotten about the hundreds of thousand of Filipinos murdered by the Japanese soldiers in Manila during World War Two!

  41. “China isn’t 100% right, but in a sense they are”

    in what sense are they right?? They are the furthest away from all other countries competing for that area.

  42. Ok! US sit back let Red China Dog takes the South China Sea where trillions dollars of goods pass through/yr. Let China build it’s military outpost and intimidate ASEAN countries + US allies. Let Red China Dog take Asia like it took Tibet by force and killed million of people + monks. This wild dog should terminated cuz it carried rabies else it causes havoc in Asia. What about US allies + our interest? China-man! you’re too greedy little man.

    Only tyrant behave like this & does not care about international law and order. Like Adolf Hitler took Europe by force during WWII.

    Joshep Stalin China’s comrade took Eastern Europe after WWII. Your emperor Mao invaded Tibet in the 50. Polpot kill millions of its people.

    Now, China do the same sh!@# in South China Sea despite international objection. Just like German in WWII is correct comparison.

  43. China is doing exactly what U.S. was doing under Teddy Roosevelt Presidency 1904.
    Roosevelt who took to heart of the “Monroe Doctrine” who uses naval power as instrument of U.S. foreign policy in the Caribbeans and Latin America.
    Thus coined the phrase of “Gunboat Diplomacy”. Fast forward to 2015, China is following the blue print of Monroe Doctrine in South China Sea. maybe should called China’s Monroe Doctrine.
    Calling China the new Nazi is calling kettle black. Are we so perfect without a guilt? If you believe that, I got news for you…
    We are biggest environmental polluter of the planet. We also holds the title of world’s biggest arms dealer. We fought wars in every continent, every corner on earth with exception of South Pole, Antarctica.
    We are feared, its not the same as loved.. Are we that much better than China or Japan?

  44. China isn’t 100% right, but in a sense they are, the USA should stop meddling in other affairs that don’t belong to them and sit back quietly for once and put their pride aside, or else in the future novels they will be known as the ones who ruined the world.

  45. Philippine is American Troll, and they speak and behave like American, unfortunately they are not. Screaming around that they are being bullied and yelling for American assistance, is not going to resolve the issue. They accused the Chinese of ruining the reef, which is nothing compared to Philippine’s fishermen damaging their own reef by more of their 50% ocean area. The last episode is comparing China with Hitler, which is not a fact but jerking off statement. China is very itchy to teach the Pepino, they are just waiting patiently for the right time…… it will be a very loud yelp. LOL

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