Burton Malkiel Talks Asset Allocation With Consuelo Mack

Burton Malkiel Talks Asset Allocation With Consuelo Mack

Financial Thought Leader Burton Malkiel and online investment advisory service pioneer, Mitch Tuchman explain why they have teamed up at Rebalance IRA to offer retirement portfolios of low cost index funds that automatically rebalance with a human touch.




This week on WEALTHTRACK we are highlighting another service that combines low cost investing, automatic rebalancing and the human touch.  It’s called Rebalance IRA and there are two major reasons I am focusing on it.  It has two legendary financial thought leaders on its investment committee, with impeccable credentials, whom I have had the privilege of interviewing over the years. They both help develop, oversee and set policies for the portfolios offered to Rebalance IRA clients.

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One of them, Charles Ellis has been a highly respected investment consultant to pensions, endowments and governments for decades.  He is the author of numerous investment books including the classic Winning the Loser’s Game.” and “The Elements of Investing”, co-authored with his good friend and fellow financial legend, Burton Malkiel.

Professor Malkiel is also on the investment committee and is one of our guests this week. Malkiel is an emeritus Princeton university economics professor and author of the classic, A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing now in its 11th edition.

We’ll also be joined by Mitch Tuchman, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Rebalance IRA, which he launched in 2013.  Rebalance IRA is a low-cost, investment advisory service for accounts of $100,000 on up.  As its name indicates, it is specifically for retirement accounts and it automatically rebalances their portfolios.  It currently has nearly $300 million under management. 

Before that Tuchman founded MarketRiders, the first online investment advisory service for do-it-yourselfers. It now oversees about $4 billion in accounts. 

For many years, Tuchman has also been a technology entrepreneur and consultant to numerous Silicon Valley companies.

Malkiel and Tuchman will explain why they have teamed up to offer retirement portfolios of low-cost index funds with automatic rebalancing.

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How to keep a cool head when the financial news turns scary? Two professors who study the markets and investor psychology will have some advice. Harvard’s David Laibson specializes in behavioral economics, while Princeton’s Burton Malkiel, is author of the investment classic, “A Random Walk Down Wall Street”. Also joining us will be Tom Petrie, on

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What motivated former software entrepreneur, Mitch Tuchman to get into the investment business and develop an index-based, rebalancing model for retirement accounts? It turns out he had a very personal reason.


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