Apple Watch Edition Vs. Two Strong Magnets [VIDEO]

A video of an Apple Watch being placed between two extremely powerful neodymium magnets is trending across the web. The video shows what happens to the watch when the magnets come in contact with each other. After getting smashed, the watch still shows some sign of life.

Apple Watch Edition Vs. Two Strong Magnets [VIDEO]

Commendable performance by the gold Apple Watch

The video comes from TechRax, a YouTube user who has a knack for destroying expensive gadgets, especially those with an Apple logo. Last time, he uploaded a video showing the Apple Watch Sport being smashed, but this time he selected the Apple Watch Edition, which costs around £8,000 or $10,000. TechRax earns money from the YouTube views he earns, but there are good chances that the vlogger ends up with a loss for this clip.

In the experiment, the Apple Watch was put on a table, and two magnets were moved closer to each other with the help of wooden poles until they attracted each other, smashing the watch between them. The camera captured the spark that gets created when the two magnets hit each other.

TechRax said, “It’s completely crushed in the middle and we’re going to try and pull this watch apart.”

As shown in the video, the screen of the watch is completely smashed, but the rear side stayed strong and was disfigured only minutely. The blogger said that the watch, particularly the gold version, showed good performance. TexhRax pointed out that there were a few scratches on the gold case, and when charging the watch, it made a “ping” noise, indicating that it was still charging and suggesting that something inside the watch is still functional and can be repaired.

What happened with Apple Watch Sport?

In recent times, YouTube has become a favorite destination for videos showing expensive goods, especially Apple products, being smashed by putting them in blenders, dropping them from a height or stuffing them in a lava lamp.

The blogger’s test of the Apple Watch Sport, which comes with a price tag of $349, involved dropping it from a height of just under four feet (1.2 meters). The Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X glass display was crushed when it was dropped directly on its face.

In a separate test, the repair specialist in Cardiff showed that the 38 mm sapphire screen did not sustain any scratches after being rubbed with sandpaper, keyed and hit with a hammer.