Apple retail stores now sell the iPad Air Typo keyboard. The accessory maker Typo Innovations officially announced the news on Wednesday. The device is also sold through Apple’s online store.

Apple Stores To Sell To Keyboard Case For iPad Air

This announcement comes right after Typo agreed with Canadian-based BlackBerry on a settlement. The whole purpose of the settlement was for BlackBerry to keep Type from selling the device for iPhone products because of the similar design used for BlackBerry.

Typo Keyboard case for iPad

The Typo Keyboard case for iPad features built-in autocorrects technology. It also comes with an adjustable stand for a more comfortable experience. The official press release for the accessory highlighted specific features like an ultra thin keyboard measuring at an impressive 5.5 millimeters thick. It also comes with full-size keys for an experience similar to a laptop.

The keyboard connects to the iPad tablet with a magnet. Users have a choice to operate it connected or separately depending on their personal preferences. The new case also has a special proprietary friction hinge allowing it to adjust to almost any angle.

Although overall iPad sales have been falling for the past quarters, the device is still considered one of the top tablet computers on the market. The new Type Keyboard will only enhance that experience.

Apple recalls Beats XL Speakers

In other Apple-related news, the tech giant just recalled Beats XL speakers because of potential fire hazards. At press time, the recall does not affect any other Apple or Beats related product.

Consumer Product Safety Commission reports the tech giant received a total of eight complaints involving overheated speakers. One of those reports claimed one of the user’s fingers was burnt operating the device. Apple customers who purchased the speaker can send the device back to Apple, and the company will pay them back with cash or give them a store credit.

via: MacRumors