Apple Patents Viral Ad Form That Tracks Social Media Users

Apple Patents Viral Ad Form That Tracks Social Media Users

Apple was just granted a patent for a technology that could bring about a new form of viral advertising. It is a system that tracks media content or ads through various means, such as text messages, emails and social media. According to the patent’s details, the system stores a user’s name, age and address.

Apple wins a patent that could help advertisers

It is important to point out that Apple is not introducing an advertising product. Apple’s focus has never been on advertising products; it has kept a major focus on creating tech devices and apps rather than advertising. However, Apple has been taking the initiative to enhance the advertising business. The iPhone maker has already done two things to change the advertising business landscape.

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Apple Patent Social Media

The Cupertino-based tech giant is set to launch an ad blocker in its Safari web browser for mobile users so iPhone and iPad users can block pop-up ads. It also plans to expand its iAd mobile advertising service to even more countries. So Apple may not be getting involved in the advertising business directly, however, that does not mean it can’t improve advertising for mobile devices or social media outlets.

Apple may or may not use the new patent

The patent could prove beneficial for its iAd service. The system would make it easy to gather data on users who share content with friends. The patent could prove to be a useful tool for advertisers to better target the right demographic. Business Insider reached out to Apple for more information, but the company has yet to comment on the matter.

Apple Patent Social Media

There is also the possibility the tech giant could do nothing with the patent. Apple files many patents, and many of them never make it to an actual product. Just because Apple designed a patent to track users does not mean it will use it.

via: BusinessInsider

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