Apple Inc. Planning To Make Watch More Real-Time

Apple Inc. Planning To Make Watch More Real-Time
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The Apple Watch OS 2 will be a major change from the current OS in which a user cannot step out of the house without their iPhone. Apple plans to make watch the even more real-time by introducing two features internet connectivity independent of the iPhone and push-capable complications, says a report from Apple Insider.

Making Apple Watch more real-time

At present, the Apple Watch is compatible with the iPhone and cannot be used separately. However, with the update, users will be able to check the weather and other features when they are near a Wi-Fi hotspot even if their phone is left at home.

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Also third-party developers will be able to develop apps to run independently on the watch and can also refresh their own app data, uploading running stats in real-time or alerting users of critical weather conditions. Third-party complications are a good opportunity to make the Apple Watch more popular. Complications help users quickly interact with the gadget.

Developers generally fetch data for their complications by refreshing an API endpoint every 5 or 15 minutes to get the latest updates. However, the iPhone maker wants the data to in the form of a timeline in order to make sure that the data in every complication is up to date even before the display turns on. Another option is real-time push notifications, which, though they require the connected iPhone for now, the capacity to receive push notifications in a complication opens up a range of new possibilities, says the report.

Making the Apple Watch more relevant

Even though there have been claims that the Apple Watch is not what it was expected to be, the company has announced some escalation in Apple Watch sales. The Apple Watch was one of the most-anticipated products, but a recent survey shows that many of users are not happy with the gadget. As per a report from Forbes, this is primarily due to the lack of apps compared to other smartwatches on the market. The lack of apps and issues with tattoos and security are also cited as reasons for the watch’s declining popularity.

Therefore, complications that show real-time environmental data such as air quality for those who live in large cities, make smart use of geo-fences to enable parents to check if there child is at school, etc. have the potential to save time and energy, says the report. Such updates have the capacity to turn the watch from a convenience to a lifeline.

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