Apple Plans To Quadruple iTunes Match Song Limit To 100k

Apple Plans To Quadruple iTunes Match Song Limit To 100k
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Apple Music is a revolutionary streaming service that puts a wide selection of music at your fingertips across your favorite devices. The service will become much more exciting after the integration of iTunes Match, for which now the iCloud song store limit has been raised from 25,000 to 100,000 songs.

On par with Google Play Music

Apple executive Eddy Cue publicized on Twitter in response to the numerous questions about how Apple Music will integrate with iTunes Match. Cue also added that all Apple Music subscriptions will include iTunes Match.

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As per Apple’s website, Apple Music will match and upload any owned songs, which enables a user to access them anywhere, similar to iTunes Match. If the Apple Music catalog doesn’t offer a song or album, one can buy it from any other source and upload it to retrieve it from anywhere along with all the tracks the service already offers.

A unique combination of Apple Music and iTunes Match with the new 100,000 song limit brings the company’s assistance up to par with Google Play Music, which enables listeners to upload maximum of 50,000 songs alongside a large music catalog as a part of its subscription service. Google offers a free upload service, but iTunes Match charges an annual fee that cost $24.99/ £21.99 / AUD$34.99.

Apple Music on Sonos speakers

Additionally, the executive informed consumers that the Beats Music app will be updated to allow users to transfer their playlist to Apple Music. However, it still remains unclear if such users will also enjoy the three-month free trial or if the company start charging them from day one. The new music service will be launched with iOS 8.4 at 8 AM Pacific on June 30.

In separate news, Apple confirmed the availability of Apple Music on Sonos speakers. The iPhone maker told Buzzfeed that it is working to get its music service on the connected speaker system by the end of this year. Prior to this there was no news of a partnership with the popular internet-connected speaker system despite the fact that Beats did support the speaker system.

Apart from Sonos speakers, users can also use a connected Apple TV or Airport Express for streaming audio from their Mac, iPhone or iPad. Also the service can be streamed over normal Bluetooth protocols to wireless speakers.

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