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Apple Inc. iPhone, iPad Scam Cons Woman Out Of £250

One woman in the United Kingdom became the victim of a cruel scam when two con artists offered a “deal” that supposedly included an iPad, laptop, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. She was tricked into paying £250 for all four items but ended up with two bottles of liquid.

The con-men approached the woman on Wednesday night at a location near Picadilly Square. The woman reported the incident shortly after she got home.

Inspector Phil Spurgeon offered general words of advice: if a deal seems to good to be true, chances are, it’s not real.

One man scammed Apple’s iPhone repair service

Apple products are of high value, and it is not uncommon to find some folks using the products to scam others. In fact, one fraudster used a loophole in Apple’s iPhone repair service to his full advantage. His elaborate scam involved purchasing second-hand phones for a cheap price, then sending them back to Apple to get a brand new phone. The man would then sell the new phone for a profit.

Although he took the time to check a few of the phones against the national phone register to find out if the devices were stolen, he still failed to question where the used iPhones originated.

Details on the scammer

The alleged fraud master Edward Hornsey reportedly returned 51 iPhones to Apple. Forty-five of those devices turned out to be stolen. Police discovered that his bank account had over  £27,000 in it, and his bedroom had used phones everywhere. His bad deeds were discovered when one of the phones he purchased turned out to be a stolen item. Thanks to Apple’s care system loophole, Hornsey was able to get by.

Hornsby allegedly ran his elaborate scam right out of his bedroom. Officials said he even used his home address and a registered home phone to run the scam. All his earnings also allegedly went straight to his bank account. Edward Hornsey has been in jail for six months.

Source: Manchester Evening News