Apple Analysts Provides New iPhone 7 Info

An Apple analyst has made some predictions about the forthcoming iPhone 7 which will make interesting reading for fans of the company. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo been speaking out on the subject of Apple’s forthcoming flagship smartphone, and has provided some particularly interesting indications about what the iPhone 7 will look like when it is released later this year.

Kuo shared his insight and opinion into the Apple mobile in a note which was distributed among clients of KGI Securities. Since Kuo has been very successful in the past with predicting the direction of Apple, his latest remarks have attracted a good deal of attention from Apple-following blogs and websites.

Apple Analysts Provides New iPhone 7 Info

Series 7000 aluminum

One of the most interesting aspects of Kuo’s predictions is that Apple will be heavily influenced by the Apple Watch when the iPhone 7 is released. It had been predicted previously that Apple would utilize the same Series 7000 aluminum it uses for the Watch Sport’s case, and Kuo has now confirmed this impression.

It is expected that Apple will choose to utilize this sophisticated form of aluminum in order to mitigate problems with the device bending that have occurred in the past. Even casual followers of Apple’s fortunes will remember the ‘bendgate’ scandal, and thus Apple will be hoping to avoid any such damaging headlines when the iPhone 7 is released. It is notable that the Series 7000 aluminum has been reported as being 60 percent more durable than the previous form of aluminum which was utilized in the iPhone 6.

New color options

Kuo also suggested that Apple will tweak the color choices available to consumers when the iPhone 7 is released. In particular, it is predicted by the analyst that Apple may opt for a Rose Gold option when it releases the iPhone 7. This would then add to suggestions from the Wall Street Journal, which were published earlier this year, which suggest that Apple would launch a pink iPhone 7 when the smartphone hits the stores.

Size alterations

It is also asserted by Kuo that the iPhone 7 will be somewhat broader and taller than the iPhone 6. Kuo suggested that the iPhone 7 will be 0.15 millimeters wider and taller than iPhone 6, and that the device may even be 0.2 millimeters thicker. This would certainly be a departure from the recent iPhone ethos, with Apple having previously possessed almost a mania for producing ever more sleek designs. However, the slightly larger iPhone 7 may be necessitated by the fact that Apple needs to include larger components, possibly including a more powerful battery.

iPhone 7 Concept
Image source: Studiomonroe, DeviantArt

Force Touch

However, perhaps the most exciting innovation for Apple fans is the inclusion of a Force Touch display. The integration of this new technology in the iPhone 7 is hardly a surprise, as it was a natural progression from the earlier released Apple Watch, in which the technology was included for the first time earlier this year. However, now that Kuo has confirmed this particular aspect of the Apple smartphone, there will be excitement among possible iPhone 7 consumers about the introduction of Force Touch to the iPhone range.

The inclusion of Force Touch in the iPhone 7 would mean that the device was able to decipher how hard users are pressing the device, as well as where. This was already a popular aspect of the Apple Watch, but the more complex and feature-packed device that is the iPhone 7 should enable a large amount of new uses to be designated and included.

iPhone 7 Release date

In his report on the iPhone 7, Kuo also stated that he expected the unveiling of this device to occur in September. This would mean that iOS 9 would be included in the smartphone, as the latest mobile operating system will debut at around the same time in all probability. Certainly Kuo’s forecast for the handset is always worth paying attention to, as the KGI Securities analyst has an excellent track record for predicting previous elements of iPhone releases.

With Kuo having made these prognostications recently, the make-up of the iPhone 7 is really coming together. There have been a raft of previous rumours about the Apple handset, and these can now be combined with Kuo’s predictions to form a strong impression of how the device will look when is finally released.


Firstly, it is expected that Apple will include a brand new A9 processor in the iPhone 7, with an upgraded 2GB LPDDR4 earmarked for the device by many analysts. The 2 GB of RAM which would be included in the device would represent a doubling from the iPhone 6, and this is something that Apple observers are particularly pushing for after a slightly sluggish iPhone release last time out.

It has been suggested by some sources, including Expert Reviews, that Apple could include a 256 GB storage version of the iPhone 7 when it is released. However, analysts believe that this would result in the iPhone 7 being more costly than previous iterations of the device, and so Apple may instead opt to keep the premium model of the smartphone at merely 128 GB.


Additionally, a lot of gossip has focused on the camera which will be included in the iPhone 7, with Kuo suggesting that Apple could include a 12-megapixel snapper. Previous reports from ValueWalk have focused on code included in the iOS 9 operating system which suggested that the iPhone will be able to support front-facing cameras capable of shooting 1080p video, and shoot 720p video at 240 frames per second. This suggests a much more powerful front-facing camera in this edition of the iPhone than in previous Apple smartphone releases.

Elsewhere, it has been suggested that Apple is working internally on a professional standard DSLR camera, along with a unique periscope design. With the iPhone 7 release only a couple of months away, it can be said pretty categorically that it is now unlikely that either of these rumours will emerge in this next version of the handset.

But Apple fans can look forward to an outstanding iPhone 7 device in early Q4, with pricing expected to range from $820 to $1,050 for a non-contract handset.