US Forcing Russia, China And Iran Into Eurasian Military Alliance

US Forcing Russia, China And Iran Into Eurasian Military Alliance
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It is important to keep in mind that Russia is not acting in a vacuum. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s belligerence over the last few years is not entirely about whipping up a nationalist fervor to improve his political fortunes. As Pepe Escobar points out in a recent Op-Ed on Zero Hedge, it’s also about U.S. foreign policy in effect forcing Russia, China and Iran into a military alliance against the West.

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Russia selling Iran S-300 anti-aircraft missiles is a game changer

Russia’s decision to sell the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system to Iran is clearly a game-changer, and reflects changing geopolitics and the new world order. Jane’s Defense Weekly has been saying for years that Israel would have great difficulty penetrating Iranian airspace, and that will certainly be true soon. Keep in mind that following the S-300s, Iran will almost certainly be offered the yet more sophisticated S-400s, which China is already slated to receive.

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Escobar explains the implications of Russia’s decision: “The unspoken secret behind these game-changing proceedings actually terrifies Washington warmongers; it spells out a further frontline of Eurasian integration, in the form of an evolving Eurasian missile shield deployed against Pentagon/NATO ballistic plans.”

Eurasian military alliance

A possible glimpse of the future was offered at the Moscow Conference on International Security in April of this year.

Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier-General Hussein Dehghan, unabashedly stating that Iran wanted BRICS members China, India and Russia to jointly oppose NATO’s eastward expansion, and calling NATO’s missile shield as an existential threat to their collective security.

At the same conference, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan noted that their military ties are an “overriding priority”, and Iran and Moscow also emphasized that they’re working together in their push towards a new global order. 

NATO versus Russia/China/Iran

The battle lines are becoming more clearly drawn between NATO and Russia/China/Iran, so it’s not surprising the three nations are cooperating more than ever before. Of note, Iran is an observer at the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and is virtually certain to join the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) within the next year or two.

Given Russia is providing S-300 systems to Iran and S-400 systems to China, and developing the S-500 systems, which can supposedly intercept supersonic targets, it’s clear the current NATO /U.S. military domination is at least threatened.

On a related note, despite its small fleet in the area, China symbolically announced joint naval exercises with Russia in the Mediterranean last week.

More over, as Escobar points out, this “budding military Eurasia integration is a key subplot of the New Great Game that runs parallel to the Chinese-led New Silk Road project.”

He argues that this Eurasian military alliance was almost inevitable given Beijing is confronted by U.S. and allies encroachment via the Asia-Pacific; Russia by encroachment via Eastern Europe; and Iran by encroachment via Southwest Asia.

This means the multi-vector Russia-China-Iran strategic alliance is a reality for the foreseeable future. And despite whatever may occur with the nuclear negotiations with Iran this summer, ‘Iran is bound to remain — alongside Russia — a key US geostrategic target.”

Moreover, it is clear Moscow and Tehran have easily identified the U.S. government’s hidden agenda of using a “rehabilitated” Iran to sell oodles of oil and gas to the EU, undermining Gazprom’s dominant position.

Pentagon Long War prosecuted against enemies, fabricated or otherwise, all across the “Muslim world”

Some years ago a RAND report described U.S. Middle East policy as the “Long War”. It boils down to the fact that the U.S. will continue to support the Saudi Arabian-led Gulf Cooperation Council “petrodollar racket” no matter what in the interest of containing Iranian power and influence.  According to Escobar, the U.S. “diverts Salafi-jihadi resources toward “targeting Iranian interests throughout the Middle East,” especially in Iraq and Lebanon, hence “cutting back… anti-Western operations”; props up al-Qaeda — and ISIS/ISIL/Daesh — GCC sponsors and “empowers” viciously anti-Shi’ite Islamists everywhere to maintain “Western dominance”.”

He points out that the idea of the Long War was first formulated several years ago by the Highlands Forum, a right wing linked Pentagon think tank. Of note, the RAND Corporation is a major partner of the Highlands Forum. Moreover, notorious Long War practitioners such as current Pentagon big wig Ashton Carter, his deputy Robert Work, and intelligence chief Mike Vickers are now in charge of the “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” Obama administration’s military strategy.

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  1. Because china owns more dollars than us (in the form of debt). If one goes down, the other follows. That is why china is working with russia in order to define their currency with gold

  2. Because it is the WORLD Trade Organisation: many American companies have employees whose bonuses depend on them doing trade with the WORLD.

  3. The USA is against Russia, period. I can not blame Putin for joining armed forces with other counties, probably because he knows it’ll be the worst World War to come.

  4. Yeah, because its better to have Republicans who wage wars against everything that moves. “their wrong actions will doom us all into a bloody battle very soon” No, that will be if in the next elections Americans vote for Republicans.

  5. It is so funny to read your comments. So much passion! So much fire! Why are you getting so involved in this storm within a cup of water? There is a great quotation by Marcus Aurelius: “Do what you must, the future will take care of yourself.” Well, it’s not exact translation from Latin, but it’s the best I can do. I, probably, the oldest guy here. Let me assure you, when you live long enough, you understand, how fleeting, how short your life is. Spend it on making yourself and those you love happy, enjoy yourselves. Don’t get annoyed, upset. Forget Russia, China, the whole planet Earth! Solar system will die pretty soon in astronomical terms! Earth and the whole humanity will die even sooner. When you will be 70 you will realize, that your life was just a dream within a dream! Harry and deliver some fun and happiness to yourselves, your loved ones. Tomorrow your child could be killed in car accident, like my daughter! Or you may never come back home from work. You are wasting your time arguing, which country is better, or who will start next war? Listen to old man. Treat yourself to some happiness and throw all the trash that upsets you out from your life. Remember, the asteroid that will eliminate life on Earth is on its way already!

  6. Please understand not all Ukrainians are against Russia. The main Russia haters are the Western Ukrainian Nazis who fought for Hitler in WW2 and also were responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of their fellow Ukrainians as well as Jews. The decendents of these monsters are who rule Ukraine today. Russians and Ukrainians are of the same blood, from the same roots and the same traditions, no two languages could ever be closer. A significant number of Ukrainians are Russian citizens and have lived there for generations. Ukrainians and Russians are brothers. Please remember that Stalin was a Georgian who murdered over 20 million people in the Soviet Union…he was not a Russian!

  7. rodgerolsen just ignore Vince, he is just an angry interwebs troll. Check all of his comments in other discussions, he is half Russian half Ukrainian one day and then suddenly he is an American contractor. Next month he will member of Navy Seals…..

  8. That’s a good analogy Aghrab (house infested with pests). I wish we knew the right answer of how to get rid of those types without hurting the rest of the population…..
    At the end of the day, we all need to learn how to get along with each other without abusing each other. If we don’t, it will end badly for all of us.

  9. Hi Bazooka Joe,
    Thank you for your understanding. About the current situation in Iraq, I agree with you that the West’s interference in Iraq has caused the current chaos in that country. Yet we need to remember that these crimes against humanity and murders were already there. What West has done was to open the can of worm.
    Before West taking Saddam out of the equation, all these atrocities were still there yet well under cover and no way the media could have the necessary access to project the real pictures.
    I agree with you on not trying to be the police in the world and this notion is ideal.

    Bazooka Joe, middle east is like an old house infested with pests. Although this house has some very decent people living it it too , yet when we turn every carpet over or open every cupboard we see the creeps and crawlers.

    If we ignore the decent people still living in this house and say; “well that is their problem and they should deal with it, not us”, … it is understandable. So long as;
    a_ those people are able to either stop the spread of infestation out of their house on their own or
    b_ we just raise a big concrete wall around that house, containing the pests inside or.
    c_ for fear of infestation spreading into our home we do something about it and help them.

    There may be other options too but what would be the most pragmatic way? I really don’t know.

    However , if

  10. I disagree The leadership in both countries sucks.Obama and Putin have strange veiws on everything.This is based on how they were brought up.Obama is more to blame than Putin as he does not know how to look at Russias veiw at alll.Putins Glory to Russia at all costs is not going to work in long term reality.Lol i think both are Mentally Ill.

  11. You make a good point Aghrab…… so (and I am not asking to try to trick a specific answer out of you, I honestly don’t know the answer…) how/when did Islam go from the benevolent religion that it was waaaay back in the day (i.e. during the crusades, when the Christians took over Jerusalem they killed and enslaved scores of people and were very brutal – when the Muslims took it, they were the opposite. Other examples of when Muslim armies took over areas they gave the local inhabitants a good deal of freedom to continue their ways as long as they didn’t mess with the Muslims).
    As far as the leadership of countries – yes it is horrible but in my opinion a number of those countries are not ready for a democratic style of government – just look at Iraq. it took a strongman to hold the various parts together (and no, I do not agree with how he did it) but are they (Iraqis) better off now than they were before we did regime change on them ? I think a majority would say no.
    So, what the answer ? heck if I know…. I guess if I did I would be “the man”. I do think if there is a way for us to stop being the worlds policemen we should. We get yelled at for not doing anything, then get yelled at when we do because we “did it wrong”.

  12. I am an american contractor. i have lived and worked in russia and Ukraine. I much prefer Ukraine. not xenophobic, paranoid, with a marked inferiority complex, and narcissistic as in russia. In Ukraine they are open to new ideas, welcoming of other people and much like Americans in that regard. You are a russian troll, that masquerades as american. you mention North Korea, remember that is one of the few friends Vlad has anymore, besides the Castro brothers and Maduro in Venezuela and lying trolls like you, you make the same accusations about Ukraine that commies made about Poland 25 years ago. and you are the same as those lying POS’s

  13. I should have realized that you are from Ukraine. That explains your biased and unrealistic view of Russia.
    Selling your allegiance to the US and EU for a couple of billion dollars in grants and loans doesn’t seem to have worked our too well for you, so I guess you need Russia to take the fall for your total failure as a country.
    You must be desperate by now to find a country that gets less respect than Ukraine. Don’t worry, there is always North Korea to make you look good.

  14. we can see all the friends Russia has, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, etc. None of Europe is standing with Vlad on Friday. as for China; China has no friends, China has interests, to paraphrase Disraeli. China looks at Siberia and Far Eastern Russia as a large mineral and energy deposit. with the growing number of chinese illegal immigrants into siberia and far eastern russia, soon the chinese will out number the russians and in siberia and far eastern russia many russians would prefer to be part of China. but China will have all the benefits of ownership and none of the liabilities.

    You continue to spread the lies about Ukraine; from a man that has no first hand experience. i live and work in Ukraine, i went with 30 of our employees to the Maidan, (our folks were ethnic russian, russian/ukraine mix, and ukrainian) and I saw and experienced your “coup”. You just continue to lie and deceive and suck up to your god putin. you have all the veracity of Obama with none of the charm.

  15. You make the common mistake of thinking that the whole world is on our side and everyone hates Russia. Unfortunately for us, that is far from true. In fact, our constant lying about Russian tanks and troops and the increasingly incontrovertible evidence that the US was behind the coup in Ukraine has caused so many people in Europe to take Russia’s side that the UE countries are planning to put together a propaganda agency to counter the pro-Russian opinions. You may have read all about it over the weekend. It was widely reported.
    Outside of the EU and North America, Russia has at least as many friends as the US. You might have noticed that those signs carried by people in the Middle East say “Death to America”, not “we hate Russia.”
    China neither considers Putin’s behavior abysmal nor worries about the world’s opinion of him, and much of the “rest of the world” agrees with China’s attitude.

  16. When I was in Russia in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the defense budget was about equal to what they spent on Moscow police. The Russians naively thought the cold war was over and had no intention of wasting money on armaments that could be better spent on medical care, highways and other infrastructure.
    It took them years to realize that the US would never let the cold war end, and they didn’t start spending on defense again until NATO expanded right up to their borders and American politicians started making constant speeches about “containing Russia”. Initially they were somewhat confused, but eventually realized that they would have to defend themselves against American aggression. They realized that America’s idea of the New World Order was “American gives orders and everyone else in the world takes them.”
    Unfortunately for the US, the Russia leadership is good, certainly more competent than the clowns we have had in Washington for the past couple of decades. The Chinese leadership is equally competent and Iranians are poor, but not stupid. They have decided not to sit still and let the US steamroller over them, so we have a new cold war.
    We caused it. We started it. We are stuck with it, and our opposition is very, very competent.

  17. Dear Shankar. Have you ever lived in Iran? I know Iran very well as I was born there and been forced to leave my home. It is not the matter of supporting Israel and it is more to expose the Islamic regime of Iran and its true intention to expand its influence in the Middle-East.

    You may not know Iranian Mullah’s that well but I do know them well enough. Mullah’s are rootless murderers. Only when they go (toppled), the world may have a chance to see what they have done to their own people. There are mass-graves of innocent people in Iran and the regime killed them in pure cold blood only because those innocent people have raised their voice and asked for their basic rights/freedom. Now, do you really want to allow this regime to expand its tentacles outside of its borders?

  18. Dear Bazooka the problem is not Sunnis or Shias. The problem is “Islam”. For 1400 year, Islam has expanded its influence not by peace/ reasoning and rather by pure terror and murder. Without creating fear, Islam could not survive till now. Unfortunately, terror and dictatorship style of ruling are integral parts of the Islam and have roots in its origins. I am not trying to disrespect Islam , what I ask you is to look into history and see how Islam has managed to conquered some countries.

  19. Birds of a feather will shoot together.Putin has started an arms race again.20 years from now these new weapons will be scrapped resulting in more Russian poverty.America could start up star wars program to counter.Somebody is going to run out of money.

  20. China Russia alliance will be more a marriage of inconvenience. They may get together for a temporary cause and then break away once the cause disappears.

    As for Iran and Russia, they are competitors in the oil market and may not form the best pals.

    Unless these three nations form some kind of axis of power to pillory the world with their muscle with some common understanding, there may not be a whole lot of common ground for them to come to an understanding and work together.

  21. These moves by China and Russia are a reaction to the US openly moving to a prompt global strike, i.e. first strike, policy. They are desparate. The article emphasizes NATO and the European alliance. NATO is 75% or more paid by the US, so the claim of an actual alliance is illusory. US, almost by itself, is promoting a new order, such order to be determined by the US as the future comes to pass. The US is not acting on behalf of an alliance. It has become a lone nation attempting to control the world. That kind of tyranny never lasts. Humans would rather die than live like that.

  22. Some of the suppositions the author makes are correct but he fails to account for the Iranian support of insurgent islamic movements. there is strong support in Iran for the islamists in the Caucuses; namely Chechnya and Dagastan. this will come back to haunt Putin in a big way. as for China. China has no wish to be too closely allied with Putin because they do not want to incur the fallout from the Putin’s abysmal behavior to the rest of the world. China trusts Putin in the same manner as dealing with a poisonous snake. for an alliance to be effective, there has to be trust. there is no trust here because neither Iran or Putin can be trusted.

  23. I think what you mean is the fact that the US supports terrorists funded by our allies Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries (thanks Bush) Shia Islam isn’t the problem…… Sunni Islam is.

  24. May sound naive. But why are we so much against Iran? Is it just because they are antagonistic to Israel? Is there no need for Israel to set their house straight? What is the political mileage we gain by unconditionally supporting Israel?

    To the extent I know, Iran is probably the least dictatorial and most democratic regime in mid east. They are against ISIS and are siding the regimes that fight against ISIS.

    I get a feeling, it is time US seriously revised its policy in middle east

  25. We should stop Israel and Saudi Arabia who are sponsoring, supporting Terrorism in the Middle East. Iran is fighting terrorism in the Middle East.

  26. Appeasing the Iranian regime will lead the world into a very big disaster. Our world is already into chaos and very soon the fruit of these thoughtless appeasements are going to be harvested.

    The targets of the Iranian regime are; Saudi Arabia and Israel.

    The US democrats have created a dangerous situation by dragging the nuclear talks so far and the result is a nuclear Iran “ready for attack”.

    The world has lost its focus on fighting the terrorism and the state terrorism has won the battle.

    Wanting it or not, we are heading for a messy war and the civilized societies will be paying for their lack of determination in stopping Iran.

    The US democrats wanted to avoid the war by all means, yet their wrong actions will doom us all into
    a bloody battle very soon.

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