Twitter Users Come Forward To Support JK Rowling

Twitter users supported JK Rowling after she was targeted for online abuse following the general election results. Thanking her supporters, she said on Twitter that the good words remind her of how big the world is and that there are more decent people compared to the ones who are not.

Personal line “crossed”

A slew of criticism flew against Rowling after it was revealed that she donated £1million to the campaign for a “no” vote on the Scottish Independence referendum. In 2008, Rowling donated the same amount to the Labour party.

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On Twitter, Rowling was addressed as “a traitor” for her political views, and she blocked some abusive Twitter users whom she thought were supporters of the Scottish National Party. However, Rowling did mention that she replied to other “really nice SNP supporters” discussing with them that how much they align politically.

Previously, Rowling had said her personal line was breached by some of the abusive comments. “It isn’t always fun being a famous woman on Twitter, and I believe in standing up to bullies,” she wrote.

Rowling finds support on Twitter

Addressing her 4 million followers on Twitter, Rowling revealed the abuse she faced on the platform. She said one of the abusers talked about “racial purity,” which according to her was a little “Death Eatery” for her tastes.

One of the followers, Steven O’ Donnell, said there could be disagreement with Rowling’s political views, but if anyone feels the need to send an abusive message, they should read all the Harry Potter books. Gillian Bryant, under the handle @gillypance, said to Rowling that she should not go anywhere because she is much too valuable on Twitter.

While there were some who said Rowling should leave Scotland, there were others around the world who invited Rowling to live with them. Rowling posted some pictures of Canada, Spain, Peru, Italy and Maui, saying that if she leaves Scotland, the climate would be something that she would not like to repeat. She said that bullying has never made her nervous, but when people are lovely, she gets emotional.

The SNP won 56 of 59 seats in the Thursday elections and has become the third-largest party in the U.K. now.