This Week In Activism: Gran Tierra Energy; Casella Waste; Wesco

This Week In Activism: Gran Tierra Energy; Casella Waste; Wesco by Stock Pucker

The Sohn conference today and SALT conference tomorrow has us on our heels this week. Thus, we’re a little late with TWIA this week – and it’s a little light by past standards.



Michael Mauboussin: Here’s what active managers can do

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  • Silk & Sons has joined the “iPass Shareholders for Change” in its activist stance against iPass. It changed its 5.8% stake from passive to active. More here.
  • Mangrove Partners owns 7.5% of Atlantic Power and is pushing the company to split itself up, but will settle for capital returns – i.e. special dividend.
  • Sarissa Capital got the CEO and founder of Ariad Pharma ousted. He’d been there for 25 years. Sarissa will be leading the search committee for a new member.
  • Starboard Value got a win at LSB Industries, adding 5 members to the board. LSB also said it was exploring options for putting its climate control business in an MLP.
  • Macellum and Barington Capital put together a presentation on Children’s Place. They own just 2% of the company, but think the retailer could get sold give the valuation.

New campaigns

  • West Face Capital went active on Gran Tierra Energy with a 9.8% stake. More on our thoughts here. We also have the presentation that West Face put together – email us if interested since they’re trying to keep it out of mass circulation.
  • JCP Investment is now active at Casella Waste with a 5% stake. They’re pushing for #corpgov changes, including addressing the dual class structure. Our thoughts.
  • Atlantic Investment went active on Wesco, the industrial supply company. It owns just over 5% and hasn’t laid out any plans capital allocation is the likely focus. More from us.

Interesting activist reads around the web—

  • Lipton’s latest on Activism: Maybe you should settle, WSJ
  • Bigger activist get bigger results, Reuters
  • Activist rattle the cages of 19 big companies, USA Today
  • Jana Partners’ Barry R. has a different take on BlackRock’s activist diss, NY Times

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