Tesla Motors Inc Is Run By ‘Mr. Tesla,’ Thinks Texas Politician

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Tesla made utmost efforts to get a bill passed by the Texas legislature, but eventually it failed. The house turned the bill down that would have allowed the electric automaker to sell cars directly to consumers. Also there is little hope for the bill ahead, considering the politicians there have a lack of knowledge about Tesla, according to a report from BGR.

Tesla run by Mr. Tesla?

Texas is not the only state where the EV company is fighting to get things right as far as direct sales are concerned. The company wants to sell cars directly to consumers but is facing a tough fight from influential auto dealers’ lobbyists, which are looking to safeguard their cash cows.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote a letter to the “people of New Jersey,” after which the state decided to revoke its direct sales ban in March. However, Tesla is fighting the war in almost every state and is looking get bills passed to continue its direct sales model.

Texas state Representative Senfronia Thompson underlined the challenges that the company is facing in the state and around the country, according to Autoblog. “It would have been wiser if Mr. Tesla had sat down with the car dealers first,” Thompson said. The statement from Thompson suggests that Tesla is run by Mr. Tesla, who is dead now. The EV company named after late inventor Nikola Tesla is actually run by Elon Musk, and there is no Mr. Tesla.

Tesla not allowed to display logo in Texas

Texas is not an easy state when it comes to owning an auto dealership, and since Tesla is adamant at selling cars to consumers directly without involving any dealerships, buying a Model S in the state is a tough nut to crack.

As of now, Tesla stores cannot convey prices to onlookers, and neither can they conduct any sort of test drives, purchases or leasing options for potential buyers. According to Autoblog, the company is even not allowed to display logos or get service appointments.

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