Latest Sighting Of Tesla Model X In California

The latest in a stream of sightings has produced photo evidence of the Model X out testing on the streets of California.

The regularity of the sightings has raised suspicions that the test cars might actually be sent out as a kind of cheap and effective marketing stunt in order to stoke interest in the new Tesla model.

Latest Sighting Of Tesla Model X In California

First time Model X has been seen from the front

Previous sightings of the all-electric crossover vehicle only revealed how the back end looked, with the photographer claiming that the new car looked like a Model S but with a squashed nose. This time around the car can clearly be seen from the front, snapped by an onlooker as it drove around Los Altos.

Tesla covered the car in the customary layer of white camouflage, but that could not hide the obvious design cues taken from the Model S. However the pug nose reported by the man responsible for the previous sighting was not on show.

The latest pictures were posted by a VWVortex forum user who goes by the name of hushypushy. He pointed out that the left rear door appears to be a little offset. An added bonus of the photobombing Nissan Leaf that can be seen in the background is that it gives us a reference point for the size of the Model X.

New model a long time coming

In the photo it appears that the Model X is a lot bigger than the Leaf, but previous photos have led observers to believe that the two vehicles are of a similar size.

Details about the long-awaited Model X are thin on the ground, but Rus believes that three variants will be made available. The first will feature a 70 kWh engine, with more powerful 85 kWh and 100 kWh variants rounding out the range. Two on board motors will give the car all-wheel-drive, and it is predicted that the Model X will be able to run for 230 miles without needing a charge.

The Model X was first revealed over 3 years ago, when Tesla CEO showed off an early prototype. Over 20,000 people have put down a $5,000 deposit for one of the new cars, which features falcon-wing rear doors and space to seat 7.

Highly anticipated release

Tesla fans are holding their breath for the eventual release of the vehicle, which has suffered numerous delays. However it now appears that Tesla will start delivering the cars in Q3 of this year, good news for both customers and investors.

The next important step for those on the waiting list is to configure the final set-up for their cars. Musk has promised that this date will come in July, allowing customers to choose interior and exterior colors for their vehicle, as well as configuring any extra features that they may desire.

However excited future owners may be about the configuration date, it is the delivery date that most concerns investors.

Tesla continues to divide the investment community, polarizing analysts into distinct camps. The company has had to make significant investment in its factories in order to be able to build the new model, and some analysts are worried that the Model X will not sell in high enough numbers to recoup the company’s dwindling cash reserves.

Although fans of Tesla are keenly awaiting the arrival of the Model X, it is the cheaper Model 3 that will make or break the company.

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