Funny Tesla License Plate Spotted In Sweden

Not content with benefiting from the electric motor that powers the Tesla, the owner decided to rub his adoption of electric vehicles in the face of fellow road users, fitting his Model S with a license plate which reads “LOL OIL.” The plate became a subject of discussion among members of online messaging board Reddit, while one 9GAG user claimed to have found the same plate in Vancouver, Canada last year.

Smug license plate stokes online discussion

While a number of users were content to laugh at the plate, others pointed out a variety of flaws in its humor. “It’s ironic because oil has gone into the production of almost every single component of this, and all vehicles. The tires, the plastics, the transportation, and general production. I think “LOL GAS” would be more appropriate,” wrote one user known as Izmar.

His sentiment was echoed by many other comments, giving way to a general consensus that a “LOL GAS” plate would have been a better choice for the Tesla.

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Tesla owners more likely to fit custom plates?

Other users wrote about similarly witty license plates that they have seen attached to Tesla cars, such as “LOL GAS” or “NO GAS.” While owners may wish to point out their non-reliance on fossil fuels, some commentators were quick to point out that unless the electricity used to charge the batteries comes from renewable sources, they are still in fact contributing to global warming.

Some comments spoke to the fact that many Tesla cars have been fitted with custom plates, and an unofficial survey reveals that most of them reference the fact that Tesla vehicles are electric. There are no official figures regarding the prevalence of custom plates among Tesla owners, but it appears that they may be more prone to sending out a message to the world using their license plates than owners of traditional gas-powered vehicles.

One Reddit user was less than impressed, claiming that “if these cars attract the type of people who put seemingly smug sounding plates on them, then I’ll be burning fossil fuels for a while yet.” Surely there must be a team of researchers out there who are willing to contribute to the huge number of scientific studies in order to investigate the matter more thoroughly?