Home Battery By Tesla Motors Inc Can Charge iPhone 952 Times

Home Battery By Tesla Motors Inc Can Charge iPhone 952 Times
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Tesla Motors’ Powerwall home battery can prove to be quite convenient in a number of scenarios. To put it into context, Popular Mechanics employed GE data to figure out the efficiency of the largest Powerwall battery. According to the results obtained, a 10 KWh battery can charge an iPhone about 952 times and a regular flip phone 2,000 times before running out.

Powerwall battery highly efficient

Already a huge success in the market, the battery can power a whole house for almost eight hours during a power cut, considering that an average house consumes 30 kWh per day. Moreover, this 8-hour backup also depends on the different devices that a person is likely to use at home, such as TV, Wi-Fi, etc.

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Being highly efficient, the largest edition of this Tesla product is capable of generating 10 KWh, but such a luxury is fairly expensive and comes at a cost of around $3,500. But given the power that these batteries can store, this could overall be a worthwhile expense.

Moreover, such a battery is proficient in charging a laptop ,2000 times and can power a Wi-Fi connection continuously for 60 days. Besides, it can either run 30 loads of laundry or dry four loads of laundry in a single charge. Also Tesla’s battery allows a user to enjoy 10 hours of window A/C cooling in the summers or could power a space heater for more than six hours when it’s freezing outside. Further, a fridge can keep running for 50 hours, and an electric furnace can remain functioning for about an hour.

To sustain entertainment needs, Tesla’s battery can run an old tube-style TV for 130 hours and a LCD or Plasma TV for about 50 and 30 hours respectively. Apart from these, a user can make 4,000 margaritas or brew 30 pots of coffee by using 10 KWh of power. Further, when it comes to lighting, the Powerwall battery can support a 60-watt incandescent bulb for 170 hours and a 60-watt CFL for about 520 hours.

Tesla battery already popular

Launched on April 30 as a new product line from Tesla, the Powerwall battery has been quite successful so far. The EV carmaker already received 38,000 orders from homes and about 2,500 from businesses for its new product. As per Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, the company is already sold out until the middle of next year.

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