Royal Baby Was Born Days Before Official Announcement: Russians

Royal Baby Was Born Days Before Official Announcement: Russians
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A pro-Kremlin Russian newspaper has claimed that the royal baby was born several days before her birth was officially announced. The newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda quoted many Russian women expressing a similar opinion. Some even suggested that a surrogate gave birth to the royal baby while the Duchess of Cambridge was only wearing a fake pregnancy belly.

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The baby was ‘at least 7-10 days old’

Kate Middleton gave birth to the royal baby girl at St. Mary’s Hospital in London on Saturday. But the theory emerging from Russia suggests that Kate “looked too beautiful to have just given birth” when she came out of the Lindo Wing. One woman told the Russia newspaper, “She gave birth three days ago. They reported it only now. Look at the baby – she does not look like a newborn at all.”

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Another woman said that there was nothing that could help a woman stand up just five hours after giving birth and leave the hospital on her own feet. Even if the birth was ridiculously easy, women want to sleep for several hours. Another said that the royal baby was “at least 7-10 days old.” Yet another woman went as far as saying that it was a surrogate who gave birth, not Kate. She claimed that Kate Middleton was wearing a fake belly.

Royal baby named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Olga Perovskaya, a Moscow-based gynecologist, described Kate’s appearance as a “heroic deed.” Russia conspiracy theories aside, the royal baby has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, according to a tweet from Kensington Palace. The name honors the baby’s great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth and her late grandmother Princess Diana. The daughter of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Elizabeth, Charlotte, and Diana were among the most favored names by bookies for the royal baby, who is the fifth great-grandchild of Queen Elizabeth.


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  1. Depending on who the women were on the social ladder and where they lived. My Great Grandmother was on bed rest for 18 days after giving birth in 1923. No complications, just how it was done in a small city when the mother was married to a Veterinarian and had family in the same town for help at home.

  2. We aren’t really supposed to take this seriously, right? The only woman quoted who actually got a name said nothing disparaging. The rest is made up bull to provoke.

  3. hey yeah Lois! Great point ;) But my comment of 1923 as based on the fact that today naturally medicine is safer, childbirth is easier and we have advanced, therefore it should not come as a surprise that she walked out in perfect condition only a few hours afterwards! Forget 1923 and carrying the water… in 1989 when I had my eldest… the nurses forced me to be up and walking within minutes of giving birth- for medical reasons it’s encouraged I guess- but even since 1989, childbirth has become an ordinary task, no pain, no suffering… and good Lord- I woulda killed for an epidural back in my childbearing days LOL Now I’m a grandmother and I’m super jealous of how easy my daughter-in-law gave birth! I was all like preparing her for this massive devastating crap- she came out of the hospital only a few hours after my granddaughter was born… not a single complaint! I was like “what kinda f-ing magic pills did they give you??” LOL Hell, she was eating a sammich while they were cleaning the baby and all.. But yeah, you totally brought up a great point- my grandmother had my dad in the 1950’s – 53 I think- and being a southern farm family in the US, my beloved and gentle gramma gave birth to my 13 pound dad, stood up and said ‘I gotta get supper on the table’! Can you imagine?Women today are so weak… though as a society we have advanced in so many ways..not ALWAYS good ways I guess lol Now imagine, you are from a royal family with unlimited resources, you’re not thinking about ‘getting super on the table’ 5 mints after giving birth- you’re thinking ‘I gotta get my hair did’ LOL
    you said ‘creek’ and ‘washing’ would I be correct to assume you are also a southern gal? lol :)
    Blessings and peace…

  4. It’s a shame that Russian women will say that, because a lot of Russian woman is a surrogate mom.They need to see the baby bum of Kate when she is still not giving birth.

  5. Women in 1923 ………………………….. are you kidding me, they were carrying creek water to do their washing the same day they gave birth.

  6. Her belly is hidden behind the blanket. Just one quick shot where it could be seen, and think this time bigger than with the first one, which is typical.

  7. My 8 lb newborns and I had 4 of them, did not look like a week old baby at birth, just saying.
    By a week old, most of the newborn redness was gone.

  8. I would not have wanted the world to be expecting me to come out and wave at them hours after giving birth, but I see no deep dark secret issues here for them to keep the birth a secret for days. She gave them 5 minutes and went back to bed, I hope.

  9. My neighbor gave birth at midnight after a two hour labor – no pain meds – and came home the next day looking like she spent the day at a spa. Not even a belly. Some people just have the right combination of good genetics and good self-care.

  10. well, I beg to differ on the C-sections. I had 4 of them, last one as recent as 5 years ago and I stayed full 4 days in the hospital (3 different states, not the same hospital). However, I know for a fact that Eastern European countries keep women 5-7 days regular birth, 10-14 days C-section in the state hospital (different times for private hospital).

  11. I’ve seen plenty of babies that looked rather well hours after being born, and not looking newborn. I’ve seen plenty of women that looked like they never carried! My firstborn looked all smooth and pretty, and I was very small, nurses wondered if I was the mom…lol.

  12. Maybe Russian women don’t have the medical care we have in the US and England but Certainly women around the world have given birth and been up and working the same day. I was photographed an hour after giving birth for a magazine and looked absolutely fine with no heavy make up of fussing! Have they SEEN and 8 lb newborn? they look a week old at birth. if it was an easy delivery they look just fine in a few hours. This kind of “propaganda” only makes Russia look medically out of touch and horribly out of date in their knowledge.

  13. This story is nothing but a bunch of crap. For the last decade if nothing is wrong with mom and baby they kick them out the same day in most U.S. hospitals. I think Russia needs to enter the 21st century. Women with C-Sections stay a little longer but not 3-4 days. That went out in the 70’s here.

  14. She was showing all the signs of a pregnant woman. Her face was fat and bloated, her eyelid area and cheeks were puffy, she looked tired, pale and her eyes were saggy. I believe she carried the baby herself, but I also believe that the Russians are probably right and that she DID deliver the baby a few days before the public debut. no leftover baby belly? no problem. All women are different in what their bodies do after giving birth.

  15. First, there are some kind of women who look prettier after giving birth. Second, it isn’t her first child. That’s why this time was easier for her to move. What’s refer to the child, I believe she was a newborn baby, because when my sister’s daughter was born, she also has plumb cheeks. Most baby girls are plumb. When I was a child, I was a plumb. If this article isn’t false,, it isn’t our business.

  16. Are you kidding me right now?this is not 1923…women push the baby out faster and much easier in this generation! and they generally go home right away unless a csection is involved! They will not risk their royal bloodline with a surrogate! And it’s amazing how great a womancan look when she has a personal team for makeup and hair! she is expected to look beautiful AT ALL TIMES afrer all- representing the most powerful royal family in the planet! As to the lil princess not looking newborn, i disagreelooks dont change too much ib a week specially for large babues..

  17. I agree. she had a surrogate. Kate wasn’t about to go thru all the sickness she went thru the 1st time. that’s why the brother didn’t stick around. he knew it was a sham.

  18. Having had six children myself, I can tell you that it is absolutely possible to be up and around after 6 hours or so. Especially if Kate got a decent night sleep the night before birth. With my first, I went home 12 hours after birth wearing my levis jeans from pre-pregnancy (size 2). I didn’t even know I was supposed to take time off. With my second, I was also home in 12 hours feeling good. After #3, I was a bit more tired, but still home in about the same time period. By the time baby #5 and #6 came along I needed a good 48 hours of sleep. You have to realize that Kate had a beauty team and she only emerged from the hospital for mere minutes to show off the baby. Likely she went home and went straight to bed while someone kept an eye on the baby. Almost anyone can look glamorous after birth if they only have to make a brief appearance and they have a beauty team team behind the scenes making her look wonderful while somebody else rocks the baby to sleep nearby. We won’t hear in detail about the sleepless nights, crying baby, exhausted mom. It will all take place quietly behind the scenes and thank goodness. I’m tired of our American famous folks who think we need to hear every nasty detail of their lives. Go Kate!

  19. Afarin l think there is something seriously wrong with you as seem to be going off on a tangent. Women give birth and are up on their feet after a few hours all the time. As far as you saying the Duchess of Cambridge has no class she has more class than you will ever come into contact with in your lifetime.

  20. It is difficult to accept the truth even when it is staring one in the face because of the mind control that is being used against the public. The media is doing a great job at getting the average person to believe whatever the few at the top want the sheeple to believe.



  23. I had 2 c-sections and was walking less then 3 hours of each of my c-sections. Less then 24 hours later I was released from the hospital. Stupid Russians.

  24. my daughter in law, had her baby at home, they rushed to the hospital, checked the baby at 6 am, and was home by three, so this is just bs! leave to the russians to come up with stupid stories

  25. When my wife had our son everyone was amazed at how he looked. He did not look like a new born he looked several months old he weighed 9 lbs 10 ounces . In his newborn pics he looks nothing like his siblings did at birth, they all had that squishy new born face with mottled skin, he looked like he had his hair combed and looked straight in to the camera with clear focused eyes. Her baby was over 8 lbs so the face will be fuller than most newborns.

  26. She had it fast and no epidural. 12 hours is enough to have rest. My last labor was 24 hours of slow tiring labor and very hard delivery no epidural, and I was discharged from the Birthing Center in 4 hours. I filled out all the paper work myself before the discharge. I’m a single mom, I have no support team with me, no friends or parents in this country. I was so nervous about baby’s stool being black on the first day, that I took him to his pediatrician about 10 hours after delivery. It was my second day without sleep then. And the pediatrician said I looked good, radiating :)))

    I’m Russian, by the way, and to me it sounds like some kind of provocation. If we, Russians, are strong, why would we expect a British to be weaker and drop after having a baby? There is a lot of provocateurs around there. “One woman”, “another woman”… it sounds ridiculous. I don’t trust that original article.

  27. To Add: Nurses have you walking at birth centers. It prevents blood clots so you have to walk several times a day. It was easy to walk. I didn’t even need heavy pain medicine. I took 2 Motrin! With my c-section baby it was very different though! It took MONTHS to heal and move like normal!

  28. I looked decent after giving birth to my 5 year old daughter. We had a 4 hour labor and natural birth. I walked and was up and down. The only thing the bleeding; they use very large sanitary napkins at first. I am sure she had a lot of sanitary napkins. She probably had a professional team do her hair and dress. She walked to the car and then went home. I went home the next morning with my daughter walking up and down as normal. 2 weeks later or so we even went Trick o’ Treating and I was already back down to my original dress size before pregnancy.

  29. Odds are that with all the stalkers waiting on the outside of the hospital the baby is much safer at home with all the guards and the family can afford a private doctor and nurses. Put on a pretty face for a couple minutes even if you are miserable then collapse in the car and in the house. I could smile and wave even if I had just had a c-section.

  30. Oh puh-leeze! She had a realtively short labor, she had a professional team there to make sure she looked good because everyone expected it, and she is strong, active and athletic. Plus she is used to making a big effort to ensure she keeps up appearances, just as she did when she was pregnant and suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. That is her new career and she does a brilliant job at it. Whoever made this drivel up needs to start using their brain a little more – if they can find it.

  31. If she had natural childbirth with no drugs, it’s common not to be as exhausted. My first thought after seeing her was maybe they gave her a blood transfusion (with her own stored blood) after birth to strengthen her. I did this after my 2nd was born due to blood loss. I felt so much better afterwards. Also, there is a window after birth where the hormone levels haven’t come down yet and the Mom still feels OK. She probably went home and crashed.

  32. They may have wanted a period of privacy before announcing to the world. I would. Did they ever officially say the baby was born May 2?

  33. I agree with what many are saying here. I was up and walking minutes after giving birth. I was only in labor for 2 hours with one of my daughters and just a bit longer with the 2nd. My babies were in the correct position and had no markings and signs of stress, etc. It just makes me sad that people have to be so jealous and ugly about such a beautiful and positive event. The baby’s birth date is too significant for anyone to be lying about it, not necessarily to all of us, but to tradition. Only wishing to best to the new addition!!

  34. Staying in bed make riskier getting a blood clot, and a good delivery is amazing for women surprised at how good they do feel. It is fatiguing,true, but the decision to go home has many considerations of what support the woman has. I would not worry about Kate not having the help she needs.

  35. Even with professional makeup and hair,you can still see the circles under her and Williams eyes.Like they had had a really long night.Just look at the picture when they first came out on the steps of the hospital.

  36. There’s been lots of speculation on a surrogate. They have the money and power to do whatever they want in life (and in death). Never underestimate these people as much as they underestimate the masses.

  37. Guess I was a baby at 21. I stayed in hospital 7 days. Only wore house shoes for a month. I felt horrible, my mother stayed 1 month with me. Of course, that was 54 years ago and times have changed,

  38. After my second child i was up and had make up on and looking great within hours! I wanted to go home but because i am a heart patient they would not let me. I did have extremely easy births though, first labor was 4 hours, second was two.

    It is possible.

  39. After my second child i was up and had make up on and looking great within hours! I wanted to go home but because i am a heart patient they would not let me.

    It is possible

  40. i was up minutes after i gave birth and while i might not have looked quite so slender, i felt amazingly well and went home after only less than 20 hours. my labor was only 3 hours as well. my baby looked absolutely PERFECT and did not look like the typical “newborn” like my other two did. i think people like to start rumors.

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