Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd Unveils A New Smartphone Brand

Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd Unveils A New Smartphone Brand

Qihoo 360 Technology, a Chinese internet security company, unveiled a new smartphone brand without the actual devices during an event in Beijing on Wednesday.

Qihoo 360 new smartphone are not yet ready

The attendees of the event are expecting Qihoo 360 to show the actual smartphones for its new brand, but it didn’t happen. The company’s chairman Zhou Hongyi explained that the new smartphones are not yet ready, although the prototypes work fine.

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Hongyi said he was not yet satisfied with the achievement of Qihoo 360 in developing the new smartphone. According to him, the company needs more time to develop the smartphone to ensure it’s competitiveness in the market.

“Our smartphone should have been available three months ago. Our prototype works fine, but it lacks highlights to stand out from competitors, so please be patient with us,” said Hongyi.

Qihoo 360 to sell three smartphones models

Qihoo 360 and Coolpad, one of the biggest Android smartphone producers and the first to launch a 4G in China formed a joint venture last year. The Chinese internet security company invested $409 million to its joint-venture with Coolpad to make new smartphone models.

Qihoo 360 will be selling three smartphone models with metal cases under its Qiku brand and Coolpad’s Dazen brand. Hongyi did not provide additional details about the smartphones and the schedule of its availability in the market.

“Several years ago when I made phones, my biggest issue was I was in a rush, and I wanted to conjure up a mobile phone in three days and push it out on the market in a week. I’m learning from the experience this time,” said Hongyi

In 2012, Hongyi tried to enter the smartphone market by partnering with Alcatel and Haier to sell customized handsets.

Qihoo 360 is one of the several companies that are trying to enter the booming smartphone market in China. The company wants to take advantage of the opportunity to make profits from millions of Chinese consumers expected to upgrade their old feature phones.

It is imperative for Qihoo 360 to produce a unique smartphone that would stand out to compete with the big players in the Chinese market Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, Apple and Samsung. The competition in the smartphone market is very strong. Smartphone manufacturers need to differentiate their devices to attract customers.

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