Parents Use Apple Watch To Send Baby’s Heartbeat [VIDEO]

Parents Use Apple Watch To Send Baby’s Heartbeat [VIDEO]
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Instead of sending a picture or a seemingly outdated text message, the couple recorded their baby’s heartbeat with the Apple Watch and sent it to friends and family.

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Distant family members notified of new arrival

The new mother reportedly held her Apple Watch Sport against her baby’s arm. Although the Watch is bigger than the baby’s wrist, the pulse detector still managed to record the heartbeat. After the information had been stored on the Watch, the family could then send it to family and friends, and those who had an Apple Watch themselves could even feel the heartbeat through their Watch.

The event was filmed by the couple and can be found on YouTube, where users have said that it is touching, in a weird kind of way. The delighted new parents later said: Our first child was born and we used an Apple Watch Sport to send his heartbeat to our distant family members. It was a really awesome experience that we couldn’t have done without the Apple Watch.

Innovative use of Digital Touch

As far as the world is aware, this is the first time that the Apple Watch has been used for this function. The influence of technology continues to encroach on every aspect of our lives, right down to childbirth. It’s a matter of personal taste whether the first thing you would do to your newborn is to press a piece of technology to its wrist, but these particular parents seem happy to do so.

The ability of Apple Watch users to share their heartbeats with each other has been met with derision in some circles, but now we have seen how the feature can be used to touching effect. The Digital Touch feature of the Apple Watch sends a series of vibrations onto the wrist of the user, recreating the beat of the other person’s heart.

Digital Touch is also used to send notifications to users. Apple says it allows users to communicate without words, but so far critics have called it an unnecessary gimmick.

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