Jeff Gundlach Presentation At 2015 Sohn Conference

Jeff Gundlach Presentation At 2015 Sohn Conference

It is one thing  to pitch an idea, it is quite another to suggest using 100 to one leverage for that investment. But then again Jeff Gundlach is not a typical investor. The go getter who left TCW a few years ago, has built up one of the most respected bond firms in the country and attracted tens of billions in investor cash. Gundlach’s reputation has continued to soar along with the success of his DoubleLine Capital, and he is arguably on par with Bill Gross as “The Bond King”.

Jeff Gundlach recently suggested that a popular trade, short German bunds, should be done with 100x leverage. Is that what the bond guru will speak about today? Or will Jeff discuss gold, fed policy, Apple, bubbly food stocks or housing? One thing that makes Gundlach such an exciting speaker is that he can articulate so many topics within economics and finance so well. And it is anyone’s bet what Gundlach will discuss at the Sohn Investment Conference this year.

On that note stay tuned and let us hear what Jeff Gundlach will talk about.

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Jeff Gundlach at Sohn Conference


Mutual shares – horrible commute with bond guys. Money supply figures on Thursday night we are introducing a bond guy. Jeffrey Gundlach. Joking that he is trying to get a loan out of leon Cooperman.. joking that negative interest rates are awkward. Borrow infinite amounts at negative interest rates.

Mondrian artwork balance devils fork picture you can’t figure it out it is the bond paradox now.

Non figurative painter. Wow who knew he was an art buff

Reductive painiting and hemingway I can’t stand to think of my life is going so fast and yet I am not living it.

All fed all the time. There is a lot of back and forth eschers house it is a merry go round. Buy bonds in greece if you want yield. You want 10% without risk. I got 75 billion to back you up how can we have.

Hourly earnings and fed funds target, this is highly correlated in his mind.

CPI in Europe is calculated different than here in the US Nominal GDP he seems to think we are close to a bottom in rates. Rates have bottomed said it 3 times now four.

High yield bonds do not do well versus treasuries when fed starts raising.

COV light loans- investors are comfortable with these type of loans, We don’t believe that we think it is silly Christi joke.

Treasuries start to roll pique in 2018 19.

We have a couple of years of run rate but I don’t own HY bonds in a rate rising environment.

Stars and stripes PR 8’s of 2035 triple tax free munies.

Pension obligation bonds 17% return but not tax free look to Puerto rico.

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