Jay Walker Meets Albert Edwards: The Risk Of Economic Collapse

Jay Walker is curator and chairman of TEDMED, the health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED organization, whose online talks have been watched more than one billion times.

Dedicated to “unlocking imagination in service of health and medicine,” TEDMED is a global, multi-disciplinary community of leading doers and thinkers from all walks of life and every sector of society. Jay is also Executive Chairman and Lead Inventor of Patent Properties, Inc., a public company that is developing a voluntary, private-enterprise solution to diffuse more innovation through the U.S. economy in a way that is simple and affordable for all. A serial entrepreneur, Jay is the founder of three companies that each serve more than 50 million customers.

He is best known as the creator of Priceline, which created a new level of value for the travel and hospitality industries. Priceline has grown into a business with a $60 billion market cap, second only to Apple computer on the S&P as the company with the highest 10-year compounded growth rate. Jay is the world’s 11th most patented living inventor.

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Jay Walker

Jay Walker: The risk of economic collapse

Jay Walker the risk of economic collapse. Thinking 1930 or worse. 10- 20 trillion could be knocked off its perch with a small budget. 10- 20 grand and some smart people. Pitching TEDMED he is on the board. Science and tech have unleashed 10 super*forces include synthetic biology 3 d printing software revolution everything is a dual use technology. Will launch new industries. We can launch weapons that can kill people with precision from afar.

Jay Walker: Creating fear and panic

Immobilizing people can create panic. This guy is spreading how to create panic. Cheap bio-weapons drones and social media that is all it takes. It can happen overnight. This guy is spreading fear. Says drones are for real cheap and dangerous. In 1993 a guy built a bio*reactor.   Made 20 pounds of anthrax but they couldn’t deploy it properly they used sarin gas instead. Why did anthrax fail? They ordered it and their language was so bad they ordered it incorrectly. Thousands of black swans are coming where will they land? Fear and Panic, think about it how fast will social media turn things into hysteria. Civil society keeps a lid on most of this stuff. Who is going to be the voice of reason to keep people settled. We can stockpile and share a lot of this information it can be disseminated readily.

We can communicate to the public.

Some scientific research will help.

We have to admit that we have not done enough to fight against this potential disaster.