iPhone 7 Edge Concept Merges Apple With Samsung

The iPhone 7 continues to be the center of fantasies and rumors, and unfortunately the web will always be chock-full of rumors about the next iPhone. Artists love to make renderings of what they think the next iPhone should look like, and frequently they come up with renderings that draw some features of Samsung’s Galaxy line into the iPhone.

Coincidence? Probably not.

iPhone 7 Edge Concept Merges Apple With Samsung

iPhone 7 Edge?

Apple will probably never in a million years make the iPhone look anything like Samsung’s phones, but that hasn’t kept artists from dreaming. Phones Review featured an artist rendering for what they call the “iPhone 7 Edge.” Of course the name is a play on Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge, which features a slightly curved display.

In this artist rendering of the iPhone 7 Edge, the edges are curved in a manner that’s similar to how the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge looks. The sides are meant to display notifications. The concept comes from designer Hasan Kaymak.

Of course if Apple does make the iPhone 7 look so similar to its Galaxy S line, Samsung will probably drag the company right back into court and seek a ban on the handset. But the fact that they love to sue each other back and forth could certainly bring a new lawsuit if there are so many design similarities.

iPhone 6 also seen in iPhone 7 design

Of course any iPhone 7 rendering should have some echoes of the iPhone 6 and other previous iPhone models, and this particular rendering does as well. In this case, the artist removed the antennae lines on the back of the casing, which many probably expect Apple to do as well because many complained that the lines just don’t look good.

The artist also moved the speaker hole and made the iPhone 7 even thinner than its predecessor with a thickness of 6.9 millimeters. If Apple does manage to get its phone down that thin, let’s hope it does something about the Bendgate fiasco that troubled buyers of the iPhone 6 Plus, which bends easily when carried around in a pocket.