iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S: what’s the difference?

iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S: what’s the difference?
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Apple has an extremely busy 12 month period ahead, with two potential iPhone devices earmarked for release. It is increasingly expected that Apple will release an upgraded version of the iPhone 6 in 2015, and may name this the iPhone 6s, with a revolutionary iPhone 7 to follow during 2016. But what can we expect from these two devices, and when precisely will we be able to get our hands on them? Here is a rundown of the latest leaks and rumors related to these two iPhone handsets.

iPhone 6s specs

The iPhone 6 was a hugely successful device for Apple commercially, and it certainly makes sense for the corporation to build on its outstanding sales during 2015, rather than completely reboot the iPhone series. With this in mind, the iPhone 6s is expected to be an update of the iPhone 6, similar to the iPhone 5s which was released during 2013.

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So Apple is in something of a quandary with regard to the iPhone 6s, on the one hand needing to pack it with new features and specifications to significantly distinguish it from the iPhone 6, and at the same time knowing that it must hold some functionality back for the iPhone 7.

The latter of these problems is likely to be solved by the simple fact that the timeframe which Apple has to work with for the iPhone 6s will be inadequate to include some of the features that it is currently developing. And Apple will probably be diverting a significant amount of resources, even at this juncture, to producing an outstanding iPhone 7, which will truly grace 2016.

Recent reports suggest that Apple will stick with a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch display for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus respectively. Whether the consumer electronics giant will be working on a new design for the iPhone’s 6s to ensure that the size of the device can be somewhat reduced has not been established, but this is certainly a possibility. In accordance with this concept, It has been suggested that the LED will be slimmed down to 0.4mm from the 0.6mm of the iPhone 6.

Apple is also expected to bump up the RAM in the iPhone 6s, after the previous iteration of the device was somewhat criticized for its paltry 1GB. It has also been suggested that this handset will feature LPDDR4 memory; the speedy RAM which was first included in the Samsung Galaxy S6. Expect 2GB of RAM as standard.

Features and release date

After Apple introduced Force Touch technology in its recent Apple Watch release, this is also expected to debut in the iPhone 6s. However, the consumer electronics giant may hold back wireless charging for its next generation iPhone 7. Apple is also expected to ditch the 16GB version of its flagship handset when the iPhone 6s releases, with the 32GB model becoming the bargain basement version of the smartphone.

Reports have emanated in the last 24 hours which suggest that Apple could consider bringing forth the release date of the iPhone 6s to September, but the most likely date remains October in most analysts’ eyes.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S: what's the difference?

iPhone 7 specs

When Apple releases the iPhone 7 in 2016, it will be all about creating an entirely new iPhone generation. The iPhone 7 will be an elite device aimed at rebooting the iPhone concept, and will likely feature several new revolutionary features. With Apple playing its cards close to its chest as usual, the precise identity of this functionality has not yet been established, but there has been a range of speculation regarding what Apple may choose to include in this flagship smartphone.

New features

Firstly, as mentioned previously, Apple is likely to include wireless charging in the iPhone 7. There was some speculation earlier in the year that this could debut in the 2015 edition of the iPhone, but this now seems unlikely. This would be a very welcome feature for Apple fans considering that the battery life of the series has been criticized previously.

In line with this, we are certain to see improved battery life in the iPhone 7, although this is expected to be achieved via software and hardware innovations, rather than by including a larger cell.

Another revolutionary feature which has been linked with the iPhone 7 is voice unlocking. This would be an interesting piece of functionality intended to improve the security of the device. Voice recognition is becoming increasingly popular, with Microsoft strongly pushing the concept with its Cortana personal assistant and Xbox One video games console.

The iPhone 7 could also be the first ever 256GB smartphone released by Apple. This would represent a doubling of the maximum storage quotient available in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Additionally, if Force Touch technology is not included in the iPhone 6s, we can be absolutely certain that it will debut in the iPhone 7.

With Apple currently emphasising the health-tracking functionality of its mobile devices, it has also been suggested that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof. This would make it a more obvious companion to the Apple Watch, and allow Apple to market it more readily at athletes. Waterproofing would also make the device more convenient to use on a daily basis, without having to worry about rain or other forms of precipitation.

Camera rumors

It has also become a persistent rumor that Apple is about to do something spectacular with the camera of the iPhone series. This is most likely to debut with the iPhone 7 in 2016, and this could be a smartphone that offers phenomenal photographic capabilities. Both a dual-lens professional standard snapper, and a unique periscope design have been linked with the iPhone 7, as Apple looks to significantly improve the camera in the iPhone series. Sapphire glass and a revolutionary form of aluminum may also feature.

With Apple yet to confirm either the iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, the release date of this device is still difficult to predict precisely. Some analysts have suggested that it could hit the stores as early as April 2016, but a later release date seems more likely. If Apple tries to integrate as many new features as possible, it could even hold the device back until October 2016.

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