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iPhone 6S Photos In Rose Gold Color Leaked Online

An official announcement on the next iPhone is still a fair few months away, but rumors are already swirling.

As is always the case with Apple, the internet rumor mill is in overdrive even though an official announcement will not be made for the foreseeable future. Following on from the rumors and supposed leaks, the first photos of the next edition iPhone have supposedly leaked online.

Photos received from unnamed source

9to5Mac received photos from an unnamed source, reportedly showing the iPhone 6S in rose gold. In the three photos the next-generation iPhone can be seen in a new colorway, which had previously been suggested by trusted Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo from KGI Securities.

Previous reports claimed that the rose gold iPhone was designed to match the colorway of the Apple Watch Edition. Despite the fact that such a colorway would certainly prove popular with a certain sector of iPhone fans, it would be very easy to change the color of the device in Photoshop.

Apple to introduce a dual-camera system?

Once you have stopped marveling at the new colorway, the most obvious change is the introduction of a second camera. Rumors that a dual-camera system would be introduced for the iPhone 6S were first heard at the beginning of the year, although commentators have since come to believe that such a change would be unrealistic.

Although it is theoretically possible to introduce a second camera, analysts believe that Apple’s propensity to play things safe means that it is unlikely to introduce such a rare system to the iPhone. Instead of adding a camera, it is apparently more likely that Apple will increase the pixel count on the iSight camera. Recent reports claimed that the company is considering introducing a 12 megapixel module, which will also feature reduced pixel size.

The fact that the photos do not reveal anything about the internal components of the iPhone 6S further raises suspicions that they might be a fake. Although you cannot tell from these photos, previous reports have predicted that the new iPhone will boast a new sapphire crystal glass display, 2GB of RAM and maybe even Force Touch technology. The introduction of Force Touch would allow users to interact in new ways with the iOS user interface.

iPhone 6S rumor mill only just warming up

It is far too early to be drawing any conclusions as to how the new iPhone will differ from its predecessors. Reports from trusted analysts are more likely to correctly predict some of the changes than a series of photos from an unconfirmed source. The general consensus is that these photos are fake, and should not be used as a guide to what changes Apple is planning for the new iPhone.

The iPhone rumor mill looks set to increase in intensity in the next few months, building up to an official Apple announcement. It is thought that an announcement from Cupertino will be forthcoming around September, if Apple sticks to its usual schedule of product announcements. Until then, sit back and enjoy the steady flow of rumors and reports from a variety of sources, be they reputable Apple insiders or completely unconfirmed anonymous sources looking to contribute to the inevitable buzz around a new Apple product launch.

Keep your eyes out for more rumored updates to the iPhone.

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