New iPhone 6 Case Recharges Using Electricity From Radio Waves

A new iPhone 6 case takes charging technology to a whole new level. Ohio-based company Nikola Labs just unveiled a new phone case that converts RF signals into DC power that can extend the phone’s battery life up to 30%.

Nikola Labs also confirmed the case will launch a Kickstarter campaign for just $99. The cases will ship in about 4 months. The website further describes their technology. It efficiently converts RF signals (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE) into DC power with a proprietary energy harvesting circuit. The process results in energy that wirelessly powers other mobile devices. The best thing about this phone case is the fact it constantly keeps the phone charged as long as it remains on the phone. Users won’t have to stand in the vicinity of antennas or other special charging devices to work.

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Improved technology charges iPhone 6

It is reported smartphones waste around 90% of their energy by simply pushing out the ambient radio frequency needed for a mobile connection. This new charger was designed to change all of that by recapturing energy and using it to power the phone battery.

The new iPhone 6 case also features sleek protection, battery life extension, RF-DC converter and RF harvesting antennas. Consumers who want to know more can sign up on the official website.

A closer look at the phone case’s technology

Tech Crunch also reported Nikola Labs technology works passively and harvests the energy produced by a phone connected to a network. Nikola Labs wants to bring the product to the market within a year in a partnership with the Ohio State University –  where the technology was developed. At press time, the technology maker has yet to reveal more detailed plans.

Phone case technology presents some exciting possibilities. The Nikola Labs iPhone 6 case is just one example of how future technologies can provide major improvements just working with basic accessories.