GoPro Records Amazing Engagement Figures On Instagram

GoPro Records Amazing Engagement Figures On Instagram
Image credit: iMedia Connection

Camera maker GoPro is in a league of its own when it comes to generating engagement through public posts on social networks.

Although the company’s performance is strong across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, it is Instagram where GoPro is far ahead of the competition. The Engagement Leaderboard shows how many engagements were generated by major consumer electronics brands across a variety of social networks in April 2015, writes Doug Schumacher for iMedia Connection.

Strong performance across social networks, Instagram particularly impressive

The brand has a strong following on Instagram, with over 4.5 million users receiving their posts, and GoPro is also more active than the other brands. However GoPro managed to generate a staggering 18 million engagements on Instagram last month, whereas many brands would be thrilled if they got that many monthly impressions across the gamut of social networks.

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The Zuum Subject Analyzer allow us to hone in on how GoPro manages their content on social media. Zuum aggregates activity across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and splits it into a series of posting and engagement calendars, and also into top content themes and posts.

While only 22% of GoPro’s posts happen on Instagram, the network generates the biggest proportion of impact. The next chart shows that GoPro recorded a spike in posting volume on April 22, but engagement numbers were consistently high over the course of the month.

gopro social media
Image credit: iMedia Connection

GoPro consistently delivers content which fulfills brand promise

The fact that the brand’s top Facebook post was a video should not be surprising given the fact that GoPro is a manufacturer of high-quality, compact cameras, but it should also be noted that the vast majority of the brand’s content is attention-grabbing.

The success of GoPro in driving engagement on social media could be down to the fact that the company consistently delivers on brand promise throughout its activity, and it could be argued that it does so better than any other company in social media. By publishing content which appeals to its intended audience and inspires them to capture their own video and images using the company’s products, GoPro drives consumer engagement.

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