Google Play Now Allows You To Pre-Register For Apps, Games

It looks like Google is allowing Android users to preregister for upcoming games and applications on the Play store. Once signed up for the service, the users will receive a notification as soon as the desired app or game is available to download.

Preregister: pros and cons

The new feature will allow developers to measure public’s interest, so they can also choose not to post their content if interest is low. If a user has preregistered for a game or an app, he or she does not have to buy it, and one can unregister anytime.

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One of the advantages of preregistering is that it enables developers to convince customers that their apps will be released in the Play store. Moreover, it avoids a situation where customers are left speculating about release of the products that are launched on other app stores. The exclusive launch of Twitter’s Periscope on iOS is one such example.

However, since the feature does not include any release dates or price specifications, customers will not know when an app is eventually released on Google Play store. Another disadvantage of the feature is that it does not provide any information regarding device compatibility, so users will not know whether an app will function on their device or not.

Google planning new privacy features

Terminator Genisys game is the first to feature the ‘preregister’ option that allows developer Glu Mobile to inform the public that the game is coming soon before it is actually released. The game’s landing page displays all the relevant information including an introductory video, screenshots and a description.

Separately, Google is reportedly looking to facilitate users with greater control over the apps they download from the app store. Supposedly, a user will be able to restrict app’s access to the data stored on the phone, including images, contacts, camera, etc. It is predicted that the new privacy features will be revealed in the upcoming I/O conference later this month. The internet giant is also expected to announce its new operating system, Android M, at the I/O conference.