Google Fit Now Estimates Burned Calories

The Google Fit app for Android just received an important update that includes a useful calorie counting feature. The app was specifically designed to help users track their fitness and health-related needs. Unfortunately, Google Fit didn’t include the useful feature until recently.

Google Fit Now Estimates Burned Calories

A look at the updated Google Fit app

The app now includes the ability to configure traveled distance and the number of calories burned. Users just input core stats like gender, weight and height, and the app will do the rest. It also features a handy widget that can be pinned to the phone’s home screen and serves as a reminder of the user’s activities. The app update is also available for Google’s watches.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the update is the fact that the app is no longer incompatible with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Some Samsung owners using Android 5.0 ran into trouble with the app’s activity detection feature. It caused the heart rate sensors on the phone to be active at every moment. Google then marked the app incompatible with select handsets. The updated app fixed the issue, and it is no longer listed as incompatible with the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6.

The appeal of the Google Fit app

Google Fit is a popular app for serious fitness fans who want to keep track of their health and helps users track their fitness activities, including walking, cycling and running. Users meet set small fitness goals in increments and receive recommendations for new goals based on performance. It also enables users to connect third-party gadgets and applications to store all their fitness data in one central location.

The official Android blog offered more details about the big update in a post. The blog added that there is a new way to look back at a user’s fitness history. They just scroll through the timeline to see activities grouped by days, weeks or months.

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