Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect From Samsung?

Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect From Samsung?
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Samsung has two extremely important mobile releases imminent in the next 12 months, with both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 expected to achieve a significant following. Both of these will be particularly important products for Samsung, as the Galaxy S7 will be tasked with standing up against a revolutionary iPhone 7, while the Galaxy Note 5 has the job of carrying on the excellent reputation of its predecessor.

Galaxy S7 to battle iPhone 7

With Apple expected to release the iPhone 7 at some point in 2016, quite possibly at a relatively early juncture, it is already being rumored that the Galaxy S7 will reach market at an earlier date that would usually be expected. According to, the announcement might even occur in December 2015, with a release date to be set in January 2016.

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Although it is extremely early days with regard to knowing what will be included in the Galaxy S7, already rumored specs are extremely impressive. If specifications come to fruition that are anywhere close to the initial murmurings then Samsung will have a phenomenal device on its hands.

RAM rumors

Most notable of the early rumors is the idea that the Galaxy S7 will be driven by 6 GB of RAM. No mainstream smartphone has ever had such a weighty quotient of memory previously, and this would suggest that Samsung is going to pack the Galaxy S7 with some extremely impressive specs.

Processor and chipset

In accordance with this, it is suggested that the Galaxy S7 will be a true octa-core device. Although Samsung advertises the existing Galaxy S6 as an octa-core handset, in reality the smartphone is powered by two bundles of quad-core processors. With the Galaxy S7 featuring this unique technology, it is also expected to be clocked at 3 GHz, and will surey pack a punch. Based on these early specifications, the Galaxy S7 could be as much as twice as fast as the previous iteration in the series.

Samsung is also expected to continue with its own proprietary Exynos technology with the release of the Galaxy S7, despite reports emanating that Qualcomm House sold some of the issues which led to Samsung dumping its Snapdragon processors for the Galaxy S6.


Screens will be central to the Galaxy S7 if recent rumors are to be believed. This would seem to be an entirely natural notion, as Samsung has particularly emphasized the quality of displays in its products in recent years. Thus, this could very well be a 4K resolution smartphone, and it is also expected that the third version of the Galaxy S7 will be much more prominently available in this generation of the smartphone.

It has also been suggested that Samsung may include its unique foldable screen technology in this smartphone, and if this is the case then it would finally see an innovation appear which was demonstrated back in 2008.

A 20-megapixel camera sensor with a rotatory system, and advanced Touch ID button, sophisticated retina scanning, fast, wireless charging technology, and possibly a 256 GB version of the smartphone are all likely improvements from the current generation.

Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5: What To Expect From Samsung?

Galaxy Note 5 improvements and upgrades

The Galaxy Note 4 was superbly well received in 2014, as Samsung continued to strike the right note with a series of tablets. So the Korean corporation will want to keep up the momentum when the Galaxy Note 5 is released, and this will mean that the electronics giant will need to deliver a particularly outstanding device.

With the Galaxy S7 possibly arriving earlier in the year than the previous iteration of the series, it is possible that the release date of the Galaxy Note 5 will also be put forward. This is excellent news for consumers who cannot wait to get their hands on this particular Samsung release, although it will put pressure on the Samsung supply chain and engineering and designers within the corporation.

Note Edge variant

Samsung will also place an increasing emphasis on the curved mobiles, and we could see a specialist Galaxy Note Edge phablet with two curved edges. This would be an upgrade on the existing Galaxy Note Edge, which effectively represented Samsung tentatively dipping its toes into this particular pool.


This is expected to be a particularly impressive mobile device, with recent rumors suggesting that Samsung could produce a 6-inch Ultra HD display for the Galaxy Note 5. This would represent an increase in actual screen size, and also the resolution of which the device is capable. UHD delivers 2,160 x 3,840 resolution in pixel terms.


Samsung is also likely to continue its push to include its own proprietary processor technology in the Galaxy series with the Galaxy Note 5. Although Qualcomm is currently attempting to get its Snapdragon chips back into Samsung flagship smartphones, it would seem to be rather too early for this process to begin with the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung will surely opt for an Exynos processor for this generation of the Galaxy series, and it could be one that previews the octa-core Galaxy S7.

Wireless charging

Aside from outstanding resolution and processor power, this will probably also be a mobile device that introduces wireless charging to Samsung’s phablet range. This is a feature that is included in the existing Galaxy S6, and it is one that Samsung is likely to wish to deliver in the Galaxy Note series. This may be something of a challenging technical undertaking for the engineers within the Korean corporation, but it is probably a problem that will be solved before the release of the device later this year.

Samsung will also significantly improve the camera in the Galaxy Note series, with Apple being strongly linked with a professional-standard quality snapper in its iPhone range. So expect a 21-megapixel offering with enhanced optical image stabilization when the device is released.

It will be an exciting year for fans of Samsung and consumers of Android technology with two outstanding releases expected from the Korean behemoth. Whether the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 can live up to expectations remains to be seen, but according to early rumors the corporation is certainly attempting to satisfy the appetite of consumers.

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