Block Adware On Popular Download Sites Using AntiAdware

Downloading programs from the Internet is a normal task we do, but the annoying part is that sometimes the download might contain adware which is unnecessary and can sometimes harm the computer. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just download the required program/software without any annoying stuff? That’s where AntiAdware, a userscript, will help you.

Adware and crapware are bundled by many popular sites like Sourceforge, Adobe, Softonic and many others, and it is done mainly to increase the revenue of these sites. Users, if alert, can uncheck the option so that the adware is not installed, but there’s no general procedure to stay away from this problem. Sometimes unchecking the option from the site does the trick, while sometimes canceling or clicking on the back button is what is required.

Using AntiAdware Userscript

There are many tools to remove and block adware, but a simple solution is to use the AntiAdware userscript, which aims to protect you from installing adware in the first place. Basically it’s a nice little way to avoid installing unwanted applications while downloading from approximately 40 different sites.

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The list of supported sites include:,,, softonic, sourceforge, sendspace, ziddu, several Google domains, Adobe’s Flash player and Adobe Reader pages and many others.

This userscript, once installed, will hide the checkboxes from most of the sites so that any bundled offers or adware is not downloaded with the required program. It will help you directly download the program and no other crapware.

If you are using Firefox, then you will need to install the Greasemonkey extension for the browser before installing this userscript. Google Chrome users will need to install Tampermonkey before installing this script.

Click here to read more and install this script.