BlackBerry Ltd, AT&T Come Together To Host Mobility Forums

BlackBerry Ltd, AT&T Come Together To Host Mobility Forums
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BlackBerry has collaborated with AT&T to host mobility forums in New York, Houston and Chicago in the coming weeks. It’s free to register, and the events will include experts from the companies discussing ways to counter certain mobility challenges, according to CrackBerry.

A must-watch event for BlackBerry fan

Along with this, the audience will be provided with information regarding BlackBerry’s latest enterprise server, BES 12, and methods for businesses to ensure safe enterprise mobility through various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Moreover, people will be provided with an interactive experience of the BlackBerry Classic and Passport, which have been created to enhance the productivity of workers.

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In addition, the events will focus on the strategies devised by BlackBerry for enterprise and the government mobility and several enterprise applications. Further, BlackBerry will introduce enterprise solutions and other business applications, while AT&T will share information about device deployment, application solutions and end-user support systems.

Continues turnaround efforts

Apart from working extensively with mobile carriers, BlackBerry is making continuous efforts towards improving its image in the market. As part of such efforts, in 2014 the company launched the BlackBerry Classic and Passport phones, which have been quite successful. Moreover, the company plans to release four new phones this year. The BlackBerry Leap has already hit stores in the selected markets, and a “slider” phone is due to be released soon. The “slider” will feature a touch-screen display and a QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry CEO John Chen has claimed that though the financial condition of the company has recovered significantly, the firm still needs to register real growth. The company’s sales declined in the latest quarter. Nevertheless, it reported a profit of $28 million, surprising Wall Street analysts. Looking into the future, the CEO is planning to recruit local talent and has indicated that BlackBerry should be recognized as a software company. Also the company is looking to concentrate its efforts on the security and privacy segments and is planning to build the safest communication channel. The smartphone maker expects to benefit from such efforts and has claimed that the main aim is to make people safer.

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