Apple Inc. Watch’s Heart Rate Sensor As Good As Mio

Apple Inc. Watch’s Heart Rate Sensor As Good As Mio

The performance of the heart rate sensor app on the Apple Watch is almost in line with that of the the Mio’s dedicated Alpha monitor, claims Mac and iOS developer Brad Larson. The comparison was done on the basis of raw data extracted from HealthKit after a recent run with both devices.

Almost similar results

The data shown by both devices was almost same, even though the Alpha showed some of the sharper peaks, says the expert. Both wearables run on optical sensors that use reflected light to gauge blood flow. According to Larson, the sensor on the watch collected readings after every 5 seconds while in workout mode, slowing after every 10 minutes in regular use.

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Apple was recently in dispute when it confirmed that the watch might measure inappropriate data for those with tattoos as it uses optical technology. There was a support page developed to show that the ink, pattern and saturation of some tattoos can make it difficult for the watch to read.

Some users were unable to use the watch in its full capacity unless they disabled the wrist detection feature, which depends on the heart rate sensor. If a user with a tattoo decides to switch off the feature, then they will have to buy a separate tracker to get an accurate heart rate.

Apple Watch an attractive piece of gadget

Recently there have been many reviews of the Apple Watch, and all of them zero in on the fact that the watch is a thing of desire. For the reviewers, the watch perfectly fits a fashion statement. The watch is not just a time teller but can perform a range of activities. The iPhone maker has announced time and again that it is a new way to interact with important, timely information, ensuring that the user will never miss a call with the powerful vibration produced by the watch.

The Apple Watch offers an option to receive a call from the iPhone rather than chatting from the speakerphone on the wrist. Almost all the reviewers say that Apple fans should go and get this watch, which is beautifully designed and very useful, but those waiting for the second and the third versions will surely benefit consumers as the gadget will definitely be much improved with additional features by the time they are released.

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