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Apple Watch Named Best Smartwatch By Consumer Reports

The Apple Watch has not been out for a full month yet, but that has not kept it from receiving accolades. Consumer Reports recently named the stainless steel model of the Apple Watch as the best smartwatch on the market today.

Consumer Reports magazine tested the watches for durability, ease of use, and readability in low and bright light. The top ranking watch received a score of 71 out of 100. The lowest score was 30. More details on smartwatch rankings are available to CR subscribers.

Apple Watch ranks high in quality

The publication tested a total of nine watches, including the Pebble Steel (ranked number 3) and the Moto 360 (number 4).

The durability test included a scratch-resistance test, and the Apple Watch in stainless steel performed the best thanks to its sapphire crystal face. The Apple Watch Sport has an Ion-X glass face, which kept the score lower. It should be noted that the Sony SmartWatch 3 failed Consumer Reports‘ (scored the lowest rank at 8) test, even though the device was billed as water resistant. The device’s removable charging door could be the culprit behind the water resistance issues.

Apple Watch’s water resistance test

In the water resistance test, Consumer Reports used a depth test chamber that can pressurize to simulate depths up to 230 feet. The magazine explained that they submerge the watches in the water right before checking them immediately for proper functionality. The report further explained the process:

We submerge the watches, then check them for proper functionality immediately upon removal from the chamber, then again 24 hours later. The stainless-steel Apple Watch passed the test on the first try. The first aluminum Apple Watch Sport we put through our immersion test seemed fine when we took it out of the tank, but we experienced problems with it 24 hours later. We then tried two more samples, which showed no problems, so the Apple Watch Sport passed our water-resistance test.

It should be added the Apple Watch is water resistant, and not waterproof.

Apple’s new smartwatch presents an exciting new venture for the tech giant and its CEO Tim Cook. This wearable is the first new Apple product to debut in the market since 2010’s original iPad debut.