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Apple Inc. Music To Feature Social Network For Artists [REPORT]

Apple’s rumored Beats-inspired music streaming platform will probably be called Apple Music and feature a social network service for artists. The service is predicted to be launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference on June 8. Along with this, the company will probably introduce iOS 8.4, iOS 9, OX 10.11 and the latest Apple TV features in the conference, according to 9to5 Mac.

Similar to Ping

Similar to Apple’s Ping service, which was shut down, the forthcoming Apple Music is expected to be a social network-oriented application that will allow musicians to create their profiles on the platform. Using these profiles, the artists would be able to share music samples, photos, videos, concert updates and even content from other musicians. However, unlike Ping, users will not have their own social network profiles on the service, but instead, they would be allowed to comment and like posts from musicians through their iTunes account.

Artist Activity is expected to be an essential feature of the rumored Apple Music service, but users of the streaming service can also choose to switch off the feature in their music apps if they do not intend to view updates from musicians.

Apple Music service won’t be free

Citing sources, the report says that in iOS 8.4, the Music service will be highly linked with the restructured version of its music app. Moreover, iOS 8.4 users will be allowed to disable updates from artists through an “Artist Activity” switch present in the Restrictions Settings menu.

Further, the Apple Music service could be quite similar to the present Beats Music app in a way that it will display most of the playlist, curation and organization features of the existing music application. Besides iOS 8.4, Apple Music will eventually be available across all iOS, Android and Mac devices, but initially it will be introduced as a free trial version. It has been reported that the iPhone maker is petitioning music labels to get rid of free music streaming platforms, which suggests that, going forward, the Apple Music service won’t be free.

We won’t have to wait much for the answers as Apple’s WWDC keynote is scheduled on June 8.


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