Woman Dumps Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Inc. Devices In Bath

Woman Dumps Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Inc. Devices In Bath
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A Japanese woman has found an innovative way to revenge on her cheating partner. When Twitter user @foolishnessfly2 learned that her boyfriend was seeing someone else behind her back, she decided to hurt him where it hurts the most. Her partner was an Apple fanboy, amassing all the products that the Cupertino company releases and taking pride that he owned every overpriced gadget designed in Cupertino.

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Those Apple devices were collectively worth thousands of dollars

The scorned girlfriend got a sweet revenge on her boyfriend by dumping his entire collection of Apple devices in the bath. The collection included two MacBooks, an iPad, a couple of iPhones, an iMac, and accessories – all soaked in soapy water. All these Apple products were collectively worth thousands of dollars. On top of that, she knew how to add insult to injury.

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She then took photos of the drowned Apple products and tweeted them for all to see. She also sent the photos to her lying lover. At the time of writing this post, her tweet was retweeted 15,900 times and had over 10,000 favorites. Her cheating boyfriend learned it the hard way that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Was she too harsh in destroying her partner’s Apple collection?

We all know that a gadget’s contact with water causes it a painful death. This Japanese woman put her boyfriend’s prized Apple collection into a watery grave. Even leaving his devices in uncooked rice for two days is unlikely to help him much. Twitteratti has given a mixed response to this women’s way of taking revenge. While some said that destroying her partner’s Apple collection was harsh, others supported the woman.

Some Twitter users called it “the best revenge.” One of them said, “Haha, makes you think twice about cheating on your significant other.” Twitter user @babysdoc voiced in favor of the woman’s methods, saying “You go, girl!” Most of the other comments were in Japanese, and Google’s translate button was of little help.

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  1. DEVVVV, in all this time you’ve been telling people not to buy BB Shares, the people buying them have made money. You should avoid giving stock advice as you are clearly wrong a lot. Just like you claiming MOBL was a buy… Makes me wonder if you should be part of the SEC investigation with Mr. Faucette…

  2. Profits were due to Revenue being higher than operating costs. That’s how every business generates profits.

    How’s your prediction on MOBL going for you? You sure screwed up on that one, didn’t ya.

  3. Interesting so what you’re saying is that you were one of the first few to get let go…

    Chen has yet to do anything of the sorts and has done an excellent job at proving you naysayers wrong, by shoving profits down your throat.

  4. Yes they did as I had friends in Waterloo that lost their jobs because of the way BlackBerry operates. And besides John Chen is doing a good enough job at defaming BlackBerry they do not need any extra help

  5. Well Apple in Japan as well as in China are very popular. Is Blackberry almost non existent in foreign countries? I know in Canada a lot of my sons high school friends has not even heard of BlackBerry.

  6. I think we should hear the guy’s side too. Maybe she got dumped. Who knows. In any case, the woman should be sued or pay the guy back. This is an insult to all AAPL shareholders!!!

  7. Well look at the reporters bias sprinkled throughout the report , so amateurish . The woman should’ve just left him , rather than destroy all of his belongings . They weren’t married. Completely immature response.

    Fyi many of the devices can survive water exposure after just drying it off afterward.

  8. I don’t know if the reporter went to journalism school. If he did, he didn’t get his money’s worth or he was goofing off when journalistic ethics and the distinction between editorial writing and reporting was covered.

  9. Her only hope is that he backed up everything to the cloud; limiting her liability to the devices.
    Otherwise; between the devices and intellectual property therein; she is potentially fried.
    If it’s gone; I hope he has the sense to realize this.

  10. “…taking pride that he owned every overpriced gadget…”

    What evidence have you that he considered them overpriced, or is that your own envy driven sour grapes?

    This publication is overpriced. And it’s free.

    Simple vandalism isn’t even funny or clever.

    But I hear he got his own back by leaving her Porsche in the short stay at Tokyo airport. Apparently it’s still there, but it costs more to collect it than to buy a new one.

  11. She is liable for destruction of the devices; as well as all destroyed personal records, photos; and communications. These are items of value, intellectual property, and valuable documentation. Theft and destruction should not go unpunished; and if this guy does not go after her is a total Pu$$y!

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