Touch ID Stops Working In App Store On iOS 8.3

Apple released iOS 8.3 this week, pushing several upgrades out as part of that update. However, the update also brought out a nasty surprise, as the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 doesn’t work as well as it did before the update.

Touch ID Stops Working In App Store On iOS 8.3

Apple pushes out iOS 8.3

Some owners of the listed devices are reporting that the Touch ID sensor no longer works in Apple’s App Store, reports Joe Rossignol of MacRumors. There are numerous complaints about the issue posted in all the usual places, like on Apple’s forum, Reddit and the discussion forums on MacRumors.

Although the issue involving the Touch ID sensor appears to be pretty widespread, it isn’t affecting all owners of the affected devices.

Touch ID bug just an annoyance

Whenever Apple releases an update to iOS, there are always bugs and problems that go along with it. In this particular case, the Touch ID sensor is disabled in the App Store, which just means that users have to enter their password with each and every purchase.

According to MacRumors the Touch ID problem is happening whether or not Touch ID is enabled for App Store purchases in the settings. Apple will probably have to push out another update, i.e., iOS 8.3.1, to fix the bug.

This is by no means a huge issue because there is a simply workaround for the Touch ID sensor not working. It is an annoyance for those whose devise are affected, however. In the past though, iOS updates sometimes would cripple devices, causing random reboots and other problems of the like. You may remember when iOS 8.0.1 trashed the Touch ID sensor and Wi-Fi connectivity, so Apple had to push out iOS 8.0.2 to remedy the problem quickly.

The good about iOS 8.3

Once Apple gets the issue with the Touch ID sensor fixed, iOS users will undoubtedly be pretty happy with the update. Siri has gotten a new, more lifelike voice, for one thing. Apple has also added more diverse emojis. And users don’t have to enter their passwords to download free apps.

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