The Islamic State [Full Documentary]

You absolutely must find the time to watch the VICE News five-part documentary on ISIS – It’s 42 minutes and dated but still relevant.

H/T Joshua M Brown, The Reformed Broker

The Islamic State [Full Documentary]

Published on Sep 15, 2014
What’s it like to live under the rule of the extremist group known as the Islamic State, or ISIS? WSJ looks at the situation in Raqqa, Syria, through the eyes of two activists — and through the lens of ISIS propaganda videos.

After conquering large swathes of Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State is now tearing up the near century-old map of the region and drawing new boundaries.

The ethnically mixed city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq was captured by the Kurds in mid-June, in the first days of the Islamic State’s advance. Outside the city, VICE NEWS interviewed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters from Turkey, Iran, and northern Iraq, who are defending the new frontier of Kurdish villages from fighters from the Islamic State-held Sunni Arab villages only a few hundred meters away.