Tesla Motors Inc Tests Model X For Key Safety Features [VIDEO]

Tesla Motors Inc Tests Model X For Key Safety Features [VIDEO]
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The Tesla Model X was spotted being tested to validate its safety features, including the new autopilot software. A new video suggests another effort by the company to test its new model, which is soon going to be launched in the market.

Tesla Model X put to rigorous testing

In a video posted on YouTube, a prototype version of the Model X was shown to be deliberately crashed by a test driver. This marks the third captured attempt to road test a disguised Model X on the roads of California.

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Before this, a video depicted the vehicle undergoing various acceleration and maneuvering experiments in the dock area of San Francisco. In this, one of the tests, namely, the straight-line acceleration test, closely resembled the one done on the Model S earlier. In addition, another video posted in the past featured a short test drive of the Model X that provided a close-up of the car and a few more snapshots to deliver more information about the forthcoming Tesla product.

The Model X, which was first showcased through its concept design in 2012, is expected to signify Tesla’s efforts in SUVs. In its prototype version, the vehicle displayed large windows, and its appearance was quite similar to the BMW i6, though the Model X’s distinctive feature was the “upward-swinging falcon-wing” side doors.

Autopilot to be a key attraction

Further, Musk stated that manufacturing the Model X in the best possible way remains one of the major goals of the company. Also the CEO emphasized creating the finest look for the vehicle that appeals to women. The autopilot option is expected to enable 90% hands-free driving, which is going to a defining feature in giving Tesla an upper hand over other pioneering electric automakers.

About the autopilot option, Tesla, during a conference in October last year, claimed it aims to further build out the autopilot hardware, which, coupled with new software updates and digital control of motors, brakes, and steering, will aid in preventing crashes from the front and sides. Also the program is expected to assist in developing a variety of other safety features. However, the autopilot software seems to be completed by now as the company was reported to test it last month.

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