Tesla Motors Inc Model S Collides With Mazda 6 In China

Recently, Tesla with its deliveries beat has given investors a chance to cheer up and the Street to remain confident on its stock. Tesla was in the news recently in China but for the wrong reason, as during a test drive, a Model S ran into a Mazda 6 in a collision that was described as spectacular.

Questions over “test drive”

Pictures of the accident suggest the crash was very serious, but there were not any injuries, says a report from Car News China. The driver and the passengers of the Model S were reported to have gotten out of the car unharmed, but there was no confirmation of the same in the Mazda, says a report. However, nothing is on the news, so it can be assumed that no one was hurt in the accident.

According to the reports, the shortest distance between the location and the nearest store is around 300 kilometers in Shanghai, which raises doubts over the type of “test drive” the Tesla Model S was performing. There are good chances it could be an unofficial one.

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One can, however, rely on the safety and reliability features of the Model S because by the images, the accident appears to be a serious one. Not just Tesla, but all modern car manufacturers design cars that absorb the impact, saving the lives of the passengers inside. Pictures from the accident site confirm that, in this case, the Model S also absorbed the accident shock waves.

Tesla safety features deserve praise

Neither Tesla nor Mazda has issued any statement about the accident, which is quite in line with the practices of a broader industry that decides to remain quiet on such incidents. However, the situation is embarrassing for both Tesla and Mazda, and they would like to deviate the focus from the accident.

Companies are responsible for integrating safety features in their cars that can prevent injuries if the car crashes, therefore, there is no point in blaming either Tesla or Mazda. Rather, Tesla should be praised for its commitment to customer safety.

China has not been a smooth ride for Tesla so far. But the Palo Alto-based car maker has set up charging stations already, including the supercharger, which is a good sign suggesting the company is making progress in the country.